A Plea of Catastrophic Times

A Plea of Catastrophic Times

By:  Ms. Anj  Completed
Language: English_tagalog
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Angelie is a college student from the slums of Manila who has always been certain of her intentions in life. She had her life planned out before enrolling in university. However, things spiral out of control and become monotonous when she is denied in the admission of her first choice university. However, this does not deter her, and she spends the next year becoming accustomed to failing herself. Eventually, events transpired and she discovered optimism during her second year in college. As she has made genuine friends, they embark on a path of intrigue in order to spice up their stay, which entails changing their NSTP subjects from CWTS to ROTC. They had no idea that tensions would erupt once they entered such an organization. They unearth secrets, secrets that would either destroy the organization as a whole or would destroy them individually.

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Do you, too, wonder when this pandemic will end? Do you despise officials who are insensitive to their constituents? Do you despise the military? Are you an anti-activist? Do you despise individuals you meet online? Simply by expressing your criticism on various social media platforms, you will be red-tagged as a member of terrorists or non-governmental organizations (NPAs)? Do you have a sense of hopelessness? Do you have reservations about your ancestors? Do you feel sorry for yourself? How do you establish your identity at this age? When everyone simultaneously feels powerful and hopeless? Hello, my name is Angelie Bayaban. I am an AB Political Science student who has only dreamed of contributing to the betterment of this humanity. The fact is, I want my name to be etched in the history books for how my voice was heard among the thousands of screams and cries of this cataclysmic age. During face-to-face sessions, our professors usually leave us with a message to love the process
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  “…BUONG MUNDO AY HUMAHARAP SA MALAKNG PROBLEMA DULOT NG PANDEMYA…” Napabuntong hininga ako. Kakagising ko lang at ito agad ang bungad na balita sa telebisyon. The world is getting worst and the days are becoming perilous. Kalian kaya ito matatapos? Ilang buwan na din ang lockdown na nagawa ng Pilipinas, nag isang taon na nga ngunit nahihirapan pa rin ito sa pagkontrol ng mga nahahawa ng virus.I pity my own country. This nation and the innocent people don’t deserve these scums enjoying their position doing nothing but complications and massive debt that will burden the Philippines for how many years. If only Filipino citizens are wise enough to pick the right leader for the position. “…if only I had the courage to protect my own country from those assholes…”  I bitterly smiled as I reminisce the memories that snatch out my courage an
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I was welcomed by an afternoon breeze. I got out from the school bus not minding how awful I look at the moment. The noon ambience of every province attacks with the feeling of familiarity. I closed my eyes as the wind blows on my face, the younger Angelie welcomed me, smiling proudly, wearing her signature intense look; teary yet can devour a whole dragon. It seemed like she’s rooting on me today; I guess I just have to give my all yeah? As I set forth onto the lands of Cavite. my eyes started to wander and immediately look for peas. "Peas!" I uttered like a cry baby and eagerly grabs her hand to join the crowd heading towards the big shed.It has a wide and huge bench made out of cement accelerating upwards. Oh darn, I knew I'm bad at describing things but hence it was like a huge shed with rows of huge cement to be sit upon."San tayo jel pupwesto?" asked Peas as other cadets are also owning their respective seats."sa
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I once had a companion, oh no, not that close but an online friend who told me to stop butting in my nose to someone else's life. To not cross the line. Unless you're ready to take responsibility.  I never once assess things as it is and I never once weigh crossing the lines could be this heavy. And who would know, just a day right after the firing event, this dreaded assessment would happen? He's sick and he does not ping his family about it. He is keeping it to himself, alone, suffering. I know, I must respect where he is coming but I just had to act unless I want to repeat such a painful past. I looked up his family members on F******k and miraculously I found it. I found her older sister on F*. I immediately sent her a message regarding Awe's sickness.  His sister immediately replied and assures me that they will give Awe with full care and assistance he needed. Hence, later at night, Awe told me he resents me fo
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  I have been living like this the whole time. Push and pull towards every potential people I have met, whether online or in real life. I had interest yet I don’t dare to involve myself in such great responsibilities and obligations.And looking back, I had missed opportunities to love and to be loved. I cannot just afford them to have access to me, without me knowing their real motives. To manipulate me or to love me genuinely. Since childhood, elementary days, I am picked out of five other grandchildren of our grandmother on my mother’s side to attend and be a companion, acting like a real daughter to my Lola. I received all the obligations. I am so focused on how hard obliga
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Disclaimer: This is fiction. Unless otherwise specified, all names, characters, businesses, locations, events, and incidents in this book are either fictitious or based on the author's imagination. This story has absolutely nothing to do with anyone who is alive or who has ever existed. +++Our instructor in ROTC announced that Mayor Abueva is requesting ROTC unit 2 to be part of the event the city is commencing. She informed us that the event will be held first on our campus and we will escort the mayor along with the places of the city the mayor appointed to show its presence, para sa fiesta. The instructor didn’t push everybody to attend but to those who just wanted to have extra points and to those who are not complete in the attendance every Sunday. Pambawi lang daw sa mga kulang namin. So did us three enlisted our names to attend. Wala kasi kami nung first meeting. Tsaka palang kami nun nagpalipat pagk
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 Third person’s POV Napatunayan na naman ng isang tulad ko na malupit ang hagupit ng mga mababait. Loko-loko din to si Abe, ang bilis mainis  sa mga tao na bumabangga pagdating sa half-sister nya. Oo half sister nya si Ciek. may isang what you see what you get samantalang yung isa ticking bomb yet living saintly. Pfft. Hypocrisy. Ano kayang gagawin nya don sa babae? Sayang fiesty pa naman, type ko sana pero mukhang may makaka-una na. Papalayo na ako ng HQ namamataan ko na ang bulto ni Asterio. Kupal naman Abe bat ngayon ka pa nagloko?Madadawit ako neto ng di oras eh. Oh I need to buy time, para di mahalata. Sumaludo ako kay Asterio, habang sya’y nakangise sa akin. “At ease.” he said with a hint of happiness. Siguro pasado to, effective ata mga pinagsh-share nitong chain memes sa fb. “Pre, may kukunin lang ako HQ andon pa ba si Abe?&
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  A year of the pandemic, issues had risen and made all citizens feel rage, oppressed, fear, and all then injustices prevail. Politicians now moved their pawns on a chessboard. Ang daming nasasakripisyong buhay dahil sa mga abusadong nasa kapangyarihan. Kaliwa’t kanan ang pagkukundina at pagkritismo sa iba’t ibang social media platforms. Mga pulis na walang awang binaril sa ulo ang mag-ina. Mga kadeteng nag-aaral ng kriminolohiya nakapanig sa pagkitil ng mga pulis sa mga inosente dahil daw ginalit ito. Mga gago. Sa pagkalap ng maraming hate speech online, gumawa na naman ang hakbang ang mga nasa gobyerno. Nagpasa ng batas na patahimikin ang publiko. Youths who oppose the government red-tagged as terrorists. Many people are angered, likewise many turned to idolize the current administration. What the hell. ++ 
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 ++  I can’t distinguish how am I feeling when I just see first-hand the person I’ve been avoiding from the past. I am grateful yet scared. Sir Asterio leaning on the wall of the guardhouse. I mean, if that’s what is called. He is wearing a tight green army shirt and fatigue on the lower. He has these scrutinizing eyes as ever. “...you smell beer… we don’t accept a person who drunk drive going in here,” he said as I now a law violator. Beats me, there are who’s worst than me yet still enjoying their freedom and sipping from the taxes of every Filipino. “yeah, and you smelled like a mint chocolate, mind your distance or I might puke,” I replied and walkway past him. “why? You don’t like how I smell?” He sneered and equalled my pace as I head towards the office. “As far as
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  ++ Pagkatapos kong naayos mga gamit ko dumiretso na ako sa public cr. I have encountered a passionate individual kanina. Medyo marami na rin pero ang bali-balita kanina eh may inaasahan pa daw na dumating since ang simula talaga ng training ay hanggang weekend na lamang. I busied myself cleaning my body when a shriek of voice come after me. “JELLLLL IS THAT YOUUUUU?” I peeked on the curtain that only divides the whole shower area and there I saw peas peeking on me as well. We both laughed. Darn, I miss this lady. “Who knew that we could meet in a span of seven years here, naked.” I teased her and we both laughed heartily.  “With all those years I’ve been missing you.” Peas as she closed the curtain and resumed cleaning her body. I did too as I enjoy hearing
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