One Night with Blaze

One Night with Blaze

By:  R.C.BRIE15  Completed
Language: English
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#boyslove #bxb #lgbtqcommunity Blaze Arden Vaughn is an heir of a huge empire, an ace student of the medical faculty, very handsome, sweet, and nice. His name signifies fire but his heart is as cold as ice. Ace Daxton Anderson is a known 'one-night stand' guy and bi. A gang leader who won't back down from a gang fight and is not afraid to be bruised just to prove his point. They are both in the same university, having their own territory. They never knew of each other's existence. Until the day the Ice Prince fixed his cold gaze on the very hot gang leader on the field. "You want me that bad... your eyes were screaming it out loud..." Blaze announced with his challenging tone. A calm smile adorned his face, making Ace's jaw clench while their gazes locked. "I can smell your desire even from afar..." Blaze continued with a very subtle smirk, making Ace grit his teeth. "Who would are Blaze Arden Vaughn...the epitome of perfection...everybody's dream guy" Ace sarcastically responded, a smirk grazed his lips. His jaw clenched in annoyance not with Blaze but with himself. "So Ace Anderson, want to try, a Blaze Arden Vaughn for tonight?" Blaze smirked as he casually ask. A one-night stand offered by the cold and distant Blaze Arden Vaughn, just one night of pleasure… one night of curiosity.

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68 Chapters
Chapter 1 - nICE Prince
He walked gracefully with such confidence as if he owned the path walk towards the entrance of the medical faculty main building, wearing the usual official school uniform but his distinct elegance is undeniably overflowing even in just an ordinary outfit that everyone in the faculty was all wearing.    Several eyes are also following his every move as if he is a very famous superstar everyone is fervently waiting for what he will do next. The subtle attention from everyone around as they diligently watched every sway of his body as he walks, the moment his prominently long and thick lashes touches his pale skin when he blinks, the wind that gently blows his raven black hair, and every step he makes at the rough pavement captured everyone's earnest eyes.    His two hands are inside his pocket while he casually walks under t
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Chapter 2 - Ungentlemanly
After his long day at school, Blaze will be meeting his parents for dinner at one of the five-star restaurants in the city and he has the haunch of what it is all about.    Blaze's brow furrowed when he saw his parents at one of the exclusive and private tables with another couple and a girl of his age.    "Blaze..." his mom smiled sweetly before Blaze bent down to kiss her cheek while he casually patted his father's shoulder.    "We have guests" Blaze said but did not turn to look at the three persons at the table who had ready smiles for him.    "This is the Mendez family, I have invited them to join us tonight so you could get to know their daughter, Lisa" Bella cheerfully explained but her ey
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Chapter 3 - Nice Interest
"Blaze we will be the medical team for the Freshmen Initiation activity of the engineering faculty starting today" Kit informed, the instant Blaze gets inside the classroom.   Blaze just stared at Kit and slightly tilted his head without saying anything.   "Paul is already there, we will just catch up if you are ready" Kit continued while waiting for Blaze's response.   "Sure" Blaze casually responded with a shrug and with his usual raising of one brow before he turned around towards the door again.   Kit just quietly followed while Blaze just leisurely took a stroll towards the parking area.   "You can just hitch with me..." Blaze abruptly stopped in his t
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Chapter 4-Nice Trouble
Everyone, especially the freshmen, went back to the field after their much-needed lunch and short rest.    Paul and Kit were already back in the medical tent but Blaze is still nowhere to be found. Blaze left the two after they had their lunch and with what they were used to, they didn't ask Blaze his whereabouts.    "Repeat!" the head hazer shouted and everyone flinched in fear.    All the hazers ran around the field to facilitate the freshmen seeing the angry and grim face of their head hazer.    Ace Anderson is known for his hot temper and it is showing the instant the activity started.    Ace slowly walked around in the middle o
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Chapter 5- Nice to Try Me
The Freshmen Initiation activity ended and all the medical team has already left except for Paul, Kit, and Blaze.   Paul and Kit are stealing anxious glances at Blaze from outside of the tent, ready to leave, while Blaze remained casually sitting on the chair while looking at his phone, seeming to be waiting for something or someone.    They are only interrupted when the engineering group arrives. Ace's face was unreadable when he approached Paul while his group remained at a distance.    "Thank you for this day again Paul" Ace exclaimed while Paul looked so awkward and anxious which made Ace knot his brow while staring at him.    "You are welcome Ace...we'll go ahead...see you tomorrow" Paul hurriedl
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Chapter 6 - Nice Drool
Ace just remained gaping for a long time as he tried to understand what Blaze said while Blaze just continued to stare at Ace with his usually calm face.    "I can't make everyone's dream come true but I can…with your dream..." Blaze continued playfully and waited for Ace's response but Ace just continued to gape blankly at him without saying anything, making him impatient.    "You don't want to?" Blaze continued to ask with his raised brow.    Ace continued to gape like an idiot with his slightly opened mouth while Blaze is becoming impatient with waiting.    "Okay, it's a no..." Blaze huffed and unconcernedly shrugged before he stood up from the chair and started to walk past Ace. <
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Chapter 7 - Nice and Huge (18+)
"Haack...ackk" Ace coughed hard when he suddenly choked from his drool.   Blaze gaped in surprise when Ace suddenly was attacked with a hard cough that Ace's face became so flushed as he continued coughing.    "Don't tell me you are sick..." Blaze glared at Ace who is trying to recover from his constricted breath.    Ace survived the cough but not the embarrassment that he felt. He felt like an idiot and he wanted to smack himself if not for Blaze who is intently staring at him.    "You okay now? Are you sick?" Blaze suspiciously asked with his raised brow.    "I'm fine...and I'm not sick" Ace mumbled briefly and awkwardly while he hurri
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Chapter 8 - Nice and Hot (18+)
Ace paused and looked down and stared at his rock-hard erection and looked back at Blaze who was gaping anxiously at his dick. It's the first time that Ace saw Blaze's intense reaction other than his aroused look earlier and aside from his usual casual, polite, and calm look most of the time.    "I don't think I can take that..." Blaze turned to look at Ace's face while he tried to compose himself from the creeping nervousness.    Ace dazedly stared at Blaze while trying to understand what Blaze meant.    "Blaze.." Ace mumbled softly.    "You are huge, Ace...I can't take it... I'll be dead if you put that in...I never had anyone before… " Blaze glared at Ace, totally forgetting their earlier stea
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Chapter 9 - Nice Reminder
"Ace I made this especially for you..." a girl clung to Ace's arm while she handed him a paper bag that Ace just stared at without accepting.   "It's lunch, I know you will be hungry and tired later..." the girl continued while she pressed his chin to Ace's upper arm which Ace seemed to not mind.    Ace and his friends just remained quiet while staring at the paper bag that was being handed while she continued to casually hold Ace's arm with a sweet smile and a hopeful look on her face.    The exact scene Blaze had watched was when he passed by the engineering group who were resting on the bench under the trees. It's already midday and the freshmen together with the other hazers are taking a break when Blaze arrives.    Read more
Chapter 10 - Nice Activities
The next day was a nightmare for all engineering freshmen when Ace pushed everyone to their limits that a lot of students had already fainted before lunchtime.   Turner, Max, Lam, and Parker are just shaking their heads while they help with the activity. They would help as much as they could just to satisfy the head hazer who seemed to wake up on the very wrong side of his bed with his awful mood.    "We really need to do something with his mood" Max whispered while they assisted another girl who had fainted.    "How?" Turner desperately asked with a glare. They are all getting frustrated and Ace seemed to worsen every passing day instead of getting better.    "Lam, maybe you can talk to him..." Turne
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