My Alpha's Mark

My Alpha's Mark

By:  JP Sina  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kacie is used to keeping to herself. She has been a slave to Ken, the Blood Moon packs Alpha for the past year. She has no dreams of escaping but as the abuse worsens she prays to the Goddess for a way out. Alpha Viktor is the Alpha of one of the largest packs and doesn’t want or have the time for a mate. When he sees Alpha Ken’s arms wrapped around her waist he sees red. Could the Moon Goddess be so cruel as to present his mate to him in the arms of another? !! Mature Content Warning: Not for readers under 18 !! Trigger Warnings: Sexual assault, physical abuse, and rape. If this isn't something you can read this isn't the book for you.

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152 chapters
!! Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and abuse in this chapter may be triggering. !! – Kacie – My name is Kacie and I’m a slave to the Blood Moon pack. Today, I turned 18 and I didn’t miss the way he smiled at me when he wished me Happy Birthday. My dull brown hair falls down my back in chocolate curls. I have round blue eyes and a small straight nose. I don’t bother with my looks but maintain the bare minimum to make sure I’m presentable. My memories from before I came to Blood Moon are gone, my memory stretches back to the day he brought me here. Alpha Ken Steward but I call him Alpha. He had short black hair, a massive build, and towered over me.  I
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!! Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and abuse in this chapter may be triggering. !! – Kacie –  I should have known better but the words tumbled from my lips. “No Alpha, I–,” I don’t get to finish my sentence when he slaps me hard across the face. Again. My cheek stings and tears fill my eyes. “DON’T TELL ME NO!” He screams. I can feel the heat of his breath on me and I drop my eyes to the floor. My tears betray me and fall with each blink of my eyes. My cheek throbs and I know it’s going to bruise. I force myself to disconnect and focus on the color of the flooring. “You are mine!” He growls. “You belong TO ME. You are NOTHING. You don’t get to tell me no, or voice your fucking opinion. I don’t care what you have to say. You belong TO ME.” He leans in and nips at
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!! Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and abuse in this chapter may be triggering. !! – Kacie –   I don’t want this. I need him to stop. Will he stop if I beg? “Please, Alpha.” “We still have time before they’re supposed to arrive,” he said. He pushes me down on the bed and the dress drops to the floor, forgotten for now. He leans down, reaches out and grips my thighs. He doesn’t look at me, his eyes are focused as he spreads my legs wide. “You’re so wet for me, aren’t you, Kace?” He asked, his voice was husky and low. I shake my head. Read more
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Viktor After Jake gets her into the car he comes back into the house. We're still in the kitchen where he left us. "Are we good? Or are we going to have a problem?" I ask him firmly. Any hint of rebellion and I'll fight him here on his territory. Exhaling he closes his eyes and looks up at the ceiling. When he opens his eyes, he takes a seat and signals for me to take mine. "What're you going to do with her?" the girl at the end of the table says boldly. I look over at her and decide how I should answer. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. I don't need any weaknesses. "She's my mate. I'll figure it out." "You just took my next Luna from my arms Alpha Viktor. I require something in return," he says to me with a smirk on his face. If I could I'd rip his mouth off of his face and skin him alive. "You've taken something of his sir, you need to give him something to replace it," Jake links me. "I can offer you, someone, in place of... your
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I wake up and head downstairs for breakfast at 7 am. I wish I could just stay up in my room and hide but Beta did tell me to come down for breakfast. I get downstairs a few minutes before 7 and ask if I can do anything to help. There are two women in the kitchen one is cleaning up and the other is cooking. The one cleaning has her back to me but the one cooking is beautiful. She’s got long luscious blonde hair and her makeup is flawless. She looks me up and down and pours batter onto the griddle. Looking down at me with her nose in the air. “No thanks, it’s just pancakes,” she says and flips a pancake. “Do you need me to set the table?” I ask quietly I need to do something. The other woman wiping down the countertops puts her towel down and turns to look at me. “No, Luna, you can sit down at the table. We’ll do all the work!” She says with a smile. She’s got her brown hair in a ponytail and her bright brown e
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Kacie After Alpha left I was able to walk freely through the packhouse. There were a lot of rooms in Alpha’s packhouse and there were a lot of wolves here. The she-wolf Angela came back a few hours later and glared at me as she made her way to the kitchen. I walked down the hall and bumped into Danielle, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” I repeated profusely. “It’s okay Luna, you don’t have to apologize so much. If anything I bumped into you,” Danielle says with a small laugh. I’m here to help get started lunch for those who want it.” She turns to walk away but stops and turns back, “If you’d like a tour, I could take you some time.” Not trusting my voice, I nod and clear my throat. “I’d like that,” I say with a small bow. “Okay! I’ll come to find you after lunch clean up,” she says before running to the kitchen. After lunch was prepped and Alpha was still out of sight,
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We both watch him walk out before turning to look at each other. A sly smile spreads across her face and I can’t help but look away. “I’ve never seen Alpha Viktor like that with anyone before,” Danielle giggles. “Like what?” I ask bravely. “He looked you in the eyes, and you guys were just floating in your own world for a few minutes,” she gushes. Gamma Jamie walks in and smiles at us. “Hey, again new sister! Danielle told me about the tour, can I come with?” Danielle looks at me, and I stare back at them. “Oh! Of course, I’d like that,” I smile. Excited at the thought that I might have just made two friends. “How many men have you been with, Luna?” Danielle asks me and I try not to let my fear show. “If you don’t mind me asking,” she smiles wiggling her eyebrows. Other than Diana, this is the first time I’ve b
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Viktor I know she’s come from an unhealthy household and that I should be more patient. When we got here I wanted to bring her to my room and ravage her. I wanted to claim her, mark her, feel her convulsing around me. When Alpha Ken let me take her home, I remembered letting out a breath of relief. I don’t know if it was because I was glad we didn’t have to go to war over her or the fact that I wanted her on my territory, in my house, on my bed. The sweet smell of chocolate had me seeing stars. Since we’ve arrived the smell of her has been intoxicating. Last night, I had to stop myself from barging into her room. Knowing she’s under my roof, has Flash going bat shit crazy. He demands I take her and it’s getting hard fighting him. This morning I had to deal with a few rogues at the border so I missed out on breakfast with her. Remembering Angela, I felt a twinge of guilt towards Kacie.
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Viktor I stride to my office, needing to get behind closed doors. When I get in I close the doors and walk to my desk. I look up to the ceiling and close my eyes as I unbutton my pants. It’s been a week since I’ve been buried in someone. Since we’ve found our mate, Flash has made it difficult for me to find comfort elsewhere. I growl as I envision Kacie tied and bound in front of me. I imagine her sprawled across my desk. Her hair spread over my desk. I drop my pants and grip my hard cock. I picture her legs spread wide for me, her folds wet, her heat dripping down her ass. I bite back a moan as I start pumping my length. My left hand grips the desk as I imagine diving into her wet warm lips. I imagine her body pushing up away from me, her head back, her eyes closed. I pump harder as I picture her legs wrap around my waist. I chase my
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Viktor “Touch me, master,” she says and I almost lose all restraint. I know she’s come from an unhealthy household and that I should be more patient. I wanted to bring her to my room and ravage her. I wanted to claim her, mark her, feel her convulsing around me. Looking down at her on her knees baited my wolf. She is an oasis in the middle of the desert. I swallow the lump in my throat and I want a drink. “Widen your legs for me,” I tell her. I watch her hands shake as she attempts to open her legs for me. I can’t tell if it’s from excitement or from nervousness. She obeys and Flash groans in approval. I can’t help but look at her in wonderment and fascination. I can feel my precum seep out of my arousal. I take a few steps towards her and I know she’s fighting the urge to look at me. I kneel down and watch her closely.
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