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Hunter, Vampire, Witch, Werewolf. Mateo took a step back when he heard a beat. A loud beat coming from his heart. He gasped and lifted his right hand to his chest. He felt it! He felt his dead heart beating back alive! How long has it been? 500 decades? No. 1000 decades? No. It has been 2000 decades since he was born with a dead heart. A chuckle came out from his mouth and then he erupted into a burst of laughter with tears running down his face. Oh! How he waited for this day! It took him a few minutes to calm down before he looks up from the floor. He took a slow step towards the cold-eyed enchantress in front of him. The seductive figure was the one who had been busy slaughtering a few of his clans. He stopped in front of her and bent down to her ears. “Mates, you’re mine!”

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The Disease
At the bottom of the rocky hill was a medium-sized area of ​​grassland where several white camps were set up close to each other. There were several light balls floating over the camp that illuminated the area. There was another large camp in the middle of the other camps. Outside the camps, people in white and blue robes walked here and there with swords tied around their waists or bows and arrows behind them. The men looked handsome and the women were very beautiful. This view is so fascinating! But, what are they doing here? Why do they have weapons on their bodies? It makes sense if the men carried weapons to face any danger while on the way. But why do those gentle-looking women also carry weapons on their bodies? Who are they? At the main camp, a group of people stood around a rectangular table. On the table is a map and some parts of the map have been marked with an X. On the side of the red pen was a pair
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A Bad Premonition
“Ulrica and Quintessa’s team will attack the first barrier, Lingo. After that, Ingo’s team will attack the second barrier, Fulmort. Drusus's team will attack the third barrier, Moon. Finally, Militiades will attack the main base, the Tane Clan Palace. ” Carissa pointed to the area that had been marked in red on the map as she spoke. She raised her head and said, “I hope everyone is ready. Our target today is the Tane Clan. If something unexpected happens, we must retreat immediately. Do you understand? ” “Your Highness, what if the Royal Vampires show up?” Quintessa asked worriedly. Carissa replied coldly, “They won’t show up. I’m sure the Werewolves are keeping them busy in the North. According to our spies, the majority of the vampire armies had already been sent there to defend their borders. As power in the South has dwindled, we will attack it tonight. ” All four of Carissa’s subordinates as well as fellow fighters thought about h
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“Roar!” “Roar!” Stunned, Carissa watch as dozens of untamed dogs rush towards them from all directions all of a sudden. One of the dogs leapt into the air and pounced onto Carissa. Carissa pulled out her sword and swung it towards the oncoming wild dogs. Blood splashed onto her white coloured robe when the dog’s body was split into two. However, Carissa didn’t stop there as more wild dogs pounced on her. Militiades and his two friends were also busy fighting the wild dogs. Soon after, Ulrica, Ingo and therefore the remaining hunters joined them. The Tane’s family stood still and watched this scene smugly. They gritted their teeth in excitement and couldn’t wait for the wild dogs to tear the hunters apart. Quintessa swung her sword towards the 2 oncoming wild dogs and turned around to see Carissa, who was battling 6 dogs that were surrounding her. “Your Highness!” Quintessa
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Time To Hunt Some Souls!
PLAK!A loud sound of someone being slapped rang through the huge mansion.Carissa’s head snapped to the side as blood trickled down her mouth after receiving a solid slap on her face.She bit the inside of her cheek before looking up at the person who slapped her.“Insolent!”“How dare you look at me like that?”“How dare you bring those ‘ghosts’ to mess with us?!”PLAK!Carissa clenched her fist tightly when she received another slap on her face.If she wasn’t tied up, she would have surely landed a punch or two to this blood-sucking fellow.Tisiphone who had gained consciousness watch from the side with smugness on her face.‘Hah! You’re dead today!’The corner of Carissa’s mouth curled up. She glanced at Tisiphone with a tiny glint on her eyes.Even though Tisiphone had gained consciousness, she may not kno
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It's Quite Delicious!
Carissa jumped from the tree and approaches the unconscious vampire.She squatted and put her right palms on the vampire’s chest. Blue fire surges from her palms and spread to the vampire’s entire body. She watched with fascination as it turned into ashes.All of a sudden, a small sphere ball, like a bead, floats into the air and enter Carissa’s forehead before it disappears.Carissa’s eyes flashed blue and she felt her body become stronger.She stood up, smile wickedly before making her way through the forest and eliminated the vampires who still haven’t give up on searching for her.Although her senses of smell weren’t functioning very well because of the rain, she still could use her hearing senses.It would be better if she could smell her enemy but guess, hearing their movements are enough.The rain is quite nosy. But, Carissa had a higher degree of hearing senses.In half an hour, the a
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Captured Again!
“Ugh!”She was still in a state of bliss when pain radiated from her chest and made Carissa spurt out blood from her mouth.She wiped her mouth and took a quick look at the unconscious Aischylos on the ground.‘It’s good that you’re still alive.’Carissa didn’t let Heidrich rest after his fierce battle. She needed to kill him fast.She was still speeding towards him when she saw a black shadow appearing above her.Within seconds, Carissa found herself inside a net that was held by four vampires.She was about to use her fire to burn the net when her power bounces back and hit her.“Argh!”Carissa clutched her burning hand with a pained look on her face.Not giving up, she tried it one more time but received the same result.She reaches towards her foldable-sickle on her boot when she heard a chuckle, “Give up. The net is embedded with magic.”
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Leroy Percival
Heidrich saw that the werewolves did not give him any response and sneered, “Fine, then. You should be prepared for your doom!”Then, he led the vampires back to a safe place to live to avoid the sun with Aischylos on his shoulder.After the vampires left, Carissa who was in the back, silently retreated into the dark forest. She needed to escape.However, her hope was crushed when she stepped on a branch and made all the werewolves turned towards her.“My good friends, it was nice meeting you for the first time. I have something important to do. We’ll meet again if we have the chance in the future. Bye!”Then, she sprints into the woods with fast speed. However, half of her speed was restrained by the net wrapped in her body.She had sprint forward for five minutes, but she didn’t hear any sound of the werewolves chasing her at all.Did that mean they let her go?With this thought, Carissa sl
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Little Prisoner
For a moment, there was a brief silence between them. None of them spoke, but they were staring at each other. No.More like, observing.Carissa found him attractive and Leroy too. However, there was no crazy heartbeat as gossiped by their mated friends.Leroy was annoyed by his own thought. He never thought of having a mate. He alone was enough.Carissa was the same, she doesn't need a mate as she believes she could have her own life.Both of them thought that having a relationship was too messy and having a mate is a weakness.They shiver when they recalled the smitten look on their mated friends. Their mated friends say that having a mate made their life feels complete and they were stronger together.If only Carissa and Leroy know how similar their thoughts are."You're not a vampire, why are your eyes red?" Leroy asked.Carissa rolled her eyes, "You are not a witch, why are y
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Werewolves Palace
Leroy took her back to the previous fighting place between Heidrich and the werewolves.The werewolves had set up a camp and were currently sitting in five groups. All of them were sitting around the fire, chatting and grilling meat that they hunted a few hours ago.Some even dared to take out bottles of hidden alcohol and drink openly.The atmosphere was lively. None of them cares for Leroy who was holding Carissa on his shoulder.As for Carissa, a small bubble from her nose pop out as she snored. Leroy went back to his camp slowly and made Carissa feel drowsy along the way.The fatigue from fighting all day beat her and helped her fall asleep in seconds.She was still dreaming happily when Leroy throw her inside his camp unceremoniously and woke her up."Ugh! Damn, Leroy! Can't you be a gentleman for a second? My back is broken!" she sat up and snarled at him.Leroy watched her rubbing her back and curled his lips. He
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Green Pill
As said in the beginning, there are 50 per cent vampires with 30 clans and 5 Royal Vampire Clans. 30 per cent werewolves with 15 pack and 5 Royal Lycan Pack. 20 per cent hunters with 5 tribes and only 1 Royal Hunter Tribe.At night, Carissa Katsaros who was the princess of the Royal Hunter Tribe allied with the 5th Royal Lycan Pack Prince, Leroy Percival.They attacked the 30th vampire clan, Isador Clan. Next, the 24th vampire clan, Neifion Clan, and the 14th vampire clan, Waldo Clan.The battles were fierce and bloody. Carissa and the werewolves were forced to fight with full force. They fought against the vampires as well as the wild dog’s rampage.At the end of the battle, Carissa’s team lose five elite werewolves. The rest of them were badly injured.At the beginning of the battle, Carissa told them that fire is the vampire’s fatal weakness. So, the three clans were burned to the ground after the battle and the clan lea
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