Alpha King Special Soulmate

Alpha King Special Soulmate

By:  Ebunoluwa Ademide  Completed
Language: English
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(WEREWOLF SERIES) THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE Avery Lance is a sweet innocent girl that everyone believe can do no wrong. She is the last child of Alpha Lance. Avery has never been interested in romantic relationship and she prays to never meet her mate anytime soon. But fate surprises her by bringing her mate in an unexpected way. Will She Reject Him? Will She Accept and Love Him? ********* ALPHA KING AND THE WITCH Finally, Alpha King Sky found his mate. He ought to be happy right? Yes! But Alpha King Sky couldn't bring himself to accept his mate. Why? His mate turns out to be the child of the greatest enemy of Donia Kingdom. And he blames the moon goddess for pairing him up with such a mate. The Enmity between Donia Kingdom and Crescent Pack won't let the Alpha King Sky think twice of accepting his mate. But what Alpha King Sky doesn't know is the fact that there is a secret enemy who also wants the Donia Throne. Will he ever let go of his grudge against his mate’s pack? Will he ever accept his mate? Find out in the stellar alpha series!

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70 Chapters
THE ALPHA'S SOULMATE( Accept me my mate)EPISODE ONETHEME: Bumblebee        "Bumblebee! Breakfast is ready!" I heard my dad's voice behind my bedroom door. "I'll be right out dad!" I screamed as I wore my last piece of clothing. "Okay! I'll be waiting Bumblebee!" he said. I ran a comb through my hair quickly and packed it up in a bun. Bumblebee? Wondering what that means? Well you might find it funny if I tell you. But I will anyways. Bumblebee is a large bee. He likes calling me Bumblebee because he thinks I'm so sweet like a honey from a bee. And he also mentioned something about me bringing peace to our Pack.  I don't know too much, but I was born at war times, a time when there had been a Great War between our pack and two other packs. It was a fight for territories and who would be the strongest Pack in the country. But th
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Pack Affairs
 THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE(Accept me my mate)EPISODE TWOTHEME: Pack Affairs My mom reached out and place her hand on dad's to calm him down when he clenched his fist. "What's wrong with our pack?" I prodded. There was no response. Then I knew something was wrong when no one said anything. They all fixed their gazes on their plates. I watched my dad relaxed a bit and his expression softened. "Dad—" He interrupted me. "Our pack is fine." A half smile displayed on his lips. I wasn't going to buy his response. I mean, I know they are all hiding something from me! Something that has to do with our Pack! "Dad," I called him again. "Bumblebee it's not something you should be concerned about. And our Pack is fine." His response was too sharp and immediate. And I knew there was no arguing with him. I wouldn't dare pester him about it. So I let things sl
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A reserved club
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE (Accept me my mate) EPISODE THREE THEME: A reserved club (Avery’s Point of View) The drive to the club was cool. James fulfilled his part of the deal before we dropped by at Ava's home. Our Pack was fine but dad just wanted to partner with Black moon Pack to make our Pack better. James didn't say much and I knew he was hiding something from me. Maybe it's something I shouldn't really know, or concern myself about, so I dropped the topic. We finally reached the club after picking up two of Ava's friends too. "Let's have some fun kiddo!" James handed me a ticket with my name on it. There was a long queue outside the new club. "When are we going in James? Seriously? This would take a while," I grumbled and rolled my eyes. "Relax Avery, remember I am James Lance." He continued walking and we all followed him. He stopped when he got to the entrance. "Hi, I am James Lance" He shook hands with one of the bouncers at the door. "Hey Man! Good to see you
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My mate, I found him!
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE(Accept me my mate)EPISODE FOURTHEME: My mate, I found him! The waiter brought our orders and we all tried to make conversations over the loud music. Ava and her friends mocked a group of girls at the other end of the room because one of them had mistakenly spilled wine on her friend's dress while staring at James. I know my brother was handsome, it was easy for him to catch any girl. It was obvious Ava was jealous another lady was looking at her mate. And it took her extra effort to calm her wolf. "I'm all yours Ava," James bit her earlobe to calm her down. James shouted at the waiter to bring more drinks to the table. And after some minutes Shea screamed, "Who wants a fucking dance?" "Let's hit the dance floor!" Ava and her girls shouted. I shook my head when James offered to help me up. "I'll stay here." Ja
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Mated meeting again
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE(Accept me my mate)EPISODE FIVETHEME: Mates meeting again        ( Avery’s Point of View)            THREE DAYS LATER The sun was shinning brightly in the blue skies. My wolf was raging inside, begging to be let out. We haven't ran in the woods in a while now, so I decided to give her a chance today. I really missed hunting games with James. "Let's have some fun princess," I muttered as I stopped in track right in front of a big tree. I came out of my clothes and hid them safely behind the tree. I shape-shifted into my wolf form, white fur replaced my delicate skin, my fingers changed to long claws and fangs replaced what had been a perfect dentition. I growled loudly into the sky before getting my limbs into full action. And that made my wo
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What do they say about dreams?
 THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE(Accept me my mate)EPISODE SIXTHEME: What do they say about dreams?            ️                       (Avery’s Point of View)            ONE WEEK LATER What do they say about dreams? The future belongs to those who believed in the beauty of their dreams. I have a dream, a big dream of becoming an engineer. I've always had that dream in my heart since I was a little girl. I strived to achieve it as I grew day-by-day. I wanted to break a record in Moonlight Pack as the first female mechanical engineer. What do they say about dreams again? All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. I was determine
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War Drums
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE(Accept me my mate)EPISODE SEVENTHEME: War Drums               Avery’s Point of View My eyes widen in shock at the sight in front of me. Warriors stood outside our home. I was confused for some moments. I recognized the emblem on the warriors outfits. They are men from the Blackmoon Pack. Why are they here? "Men of Blackmoom Pack there's no need to declare war. Our Pack only asked for Alpha Alex's help," Juan said. A man from Blackmoon Pack stepped closer. "Young Alpha we are not here for the contract." He's definitely not an Alpha because he bowed to Juan and my dad. "Then why are you here with your war men general?" James asked, annoyance clear in his tone. "We're here to take what belongs to us" the general answered. And the other m
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Blackmoon pack
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE(Accept me my mate)EPISODE EIGHTTHEME: BlackMoon Pack                         (Avery’s Point of View) It has been three days since I moved to BlackMoon Pack to take care of my unconscious Mate. The Pack house was bigger than my home. Beatrice Scott, the Luna of the Pack had welcomed me with open arms at first meeting. She revealed that Kayden had followed me to our home the night I fled from the club. I assumed that was when he found out I was Avery Lance. She told me alot of things about him. And she said that Kayden didn't stop talking about how beautiful his mate was and so she wasn't really surprised to find out that I was indeed beautiful like he had said. I met his younger sister, Katherine Scott who was pregnant. She was two years older than me. Kate helped me to know some t
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The concerns of a father
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATE PART TWO (The Alpha’s Mate and his Mistress)        EPISODE NINE    THEME: The concerns of a father               BLACKMOON PACK             (Avery’s Point of View)   The afternoon sun bathed the pack building in its warm light. Tiny specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of afternoon sunlight that slanted through the window. I stood there glancing out through the window, looking at the pack building that were visible to my eyesights. I watched until it was evening time.   I felt a hand snake around my waist and hot breathe flamed on the sensitive spot on my neck.   “Are you ready to go for a walk with me?” Kayden asked, kissing his way around my exposed neck.
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It’s not a big secret
THE ALPHA’S SOULMATEPART TWO(The Alpha’s Mate and his Mistress)       EPISODE TEN   THEME: It’s not a big secret.             BLACK MOON PACK           (Avery’s Point of View)  The moment we stepped out of the pack house, the cool evening breeze tickled my cheeks and I tucked my hands into the pocket of my sweatshirt to try to keep it warm. Everywhere was so cold as if it had rained earlier one but none of that happened. “Are you okay?” Kayden asked. “Yes.” I muttered in a sour tone. “Good to hear that. I want you to be fine.” Kayden smirked and I followed him down the porch steps. 
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