The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter)

The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter)

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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This book is a Standalone, you don't have to read the first two to relate to what happened, though I do recommend it. Book Three of the Bloodlust Series “Is this some kind of joke?” Kiara asked frowning in confusion, waking up in the familiar podium where she once grew up watching people die in front of her as she herself fought for her own life. “I don’t know, but I don’t like this” Richard said from beside Kiara. The two were trying to process how they even got here to begin with. People around them started coming to their senses as they woke up inside the podium. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Bloodlust Games, The final chapter” ************************* Re-entering the Bloodlust games was never an option in Kiara’s life. But when revenge is on the line and both she and Richard are forced into them, they have nothing to do but survive, for it was either play and live. Or die…

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“Welcome to the final level of the Bloodlust Games” she announced walking through the podium where Richard and Kiara rose from under ground. The woman had them both standing on specific circles to rise in front of their audience. The people who had come from all around the world to watch them fulfill their task. The games had become popular enough that almost everyone had heard of them. It scared both Richard and Kiara, though the two made sure not to show anything to both the audience and hosts.They both knew that in this place, they had two options. They would either play or die. They knew that like the back of their hands, having watched so many other contestants die trying to pass the levels of these games. The two dreaded each task they had to take, but they knew that they had to go through with each of them.“The final task is simple. Both of you would be provided a gun, each of your guns would have a single bullet and the bullet would be used
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Chapter 1
Nikolay: “Shh baby girl, mommy is asleep” I whispered to my little daughter who was in my arms. The two of us entering my and Kiara’s bedroom as to surprise her for our anniversary. “But we are going to wake mummy up anyway” Lia whispered and I chuckled kissing her cheek before I put her down on the edge of the bed beside Kiara who was still asleep. Her head on my pillow where I left her this morning, the woman had been asleep in my arms when I woke up and wanting to surprise her. I slowly got out of bed and let her lay on my pillow, having been awake till almost four in the morning with our four months old son, she was barely getting enough sleep as it is. I slowly set the present I got her down on the nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed beside her and Lia, slowly leaning in to kiss my beauty’s forehead in her sleep “good morning baby girl” I softly ran my hand over her arm and Kiara slowly stirred awake to look me in the eye making me smile. H
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Chapter 2
Kiara: I smiled walking out of the bathroom to find a white simple dress hung on the closet’s door and white converse shoes under them. Raising an eyebrow at Nikolay’s choice of outfit, I nodded and dried my hair with my towel deciding to leave it to dry giving its natural curls. Nikolay liked my hair better that way anyway. I put on the underwear Nikolay left me on the bed. Yes, my beloved husband decided to choose my WHOLE outfit today and that also included lace white panties and a matching bra. It was a new set too. The man was really going all out today with whatever he was planning and in all honesty, I wasn’t complaining. I was always amazed by how he expressed his love to me and found it impossible to compete with, no matter who stood in front of me. Who the couple were or who the man was, no one on Earth could compete with what Nikolay does to me. The love he shows me, the love I have for him. He used to tell me that I had entered his heart and settled in th
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Chapter 3
Nikolay:“Love, I do think that we need to start heading home” Kiara said looking at me. She was laying on her stomach on top of my chest, her eyes staring into mine as a smile made its way to her lips. I smiled and ran my fingers through her somewhat messed up hair. Our earlier events having reflected on both her hair and body which was now filled with a few love bites which I left on her.“Indeed we do, but I’m currently more comfortable with you being here in my arms. The two of us just being together, nothing and no one to disturb us. You know, us going home would mean interacting with people, going back to responsibilities…”“Nikolay! The guests are literally coming for OUR anniversary!” Kiara scolded tapping my chest and I laughed.“Not an issue, the family can host them. They can come up with some excuse that I decided to surprise you, or that we travelled. You know…”&ldquo
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Chapter 4
Third Person Point Of View:“Is everything ready?” Lilian asked walking inside the office where Ian had been working. It being a while past midnight, she knew that she had a flight to catch in a few hours to go the States and she wanted everything to be ready. The games were coming very soon, they knew that time was ticking backwards, it was simply a matter of countdown.“Yes, the base is already open and ready with the games and simulators prepared. The system is here with me, and you should be in your room before anyone sees or notices that you are missing” Ian said looking at Lilian who smiled and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around him from the back. She kissed his cheek and looked at the screen on what he was working. The system that they have re-created, an image of Valerie. They had planned on using the system Louis had created before, but seeing as Kiara told both Nikolay and Sebastian about it. They knew that they couldn’t
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Chapter 5
Kiara:“Happy anniversary, princess” Timur smiled hugging me tightly. He cupped my cheeks and kissed my forehead. Nikolay had gotten so used to Timur spoiling me that he didn’t bother commenting anymore. Though he did sometimes get jealous, or more specifically, pretended to be as to get a kiss or for me to lay in his arms in front of everyone. Proving to everyone that I belonged to him, and him alone.“Thank you” I smiled at Timur who turned to face Nikolay who was smiling as he kissed Timur and Nikita’s son, Mikhail. The young boy was almost Lia’s age, a few months younger than she was. Yeah, when Nikolay teased at times claiming that the family was going to end up having a nursery, he wasn’t kidding. It was suddenly like we all decided to have children at the same time, though that wasn’t the case, anyone who heard of us giving birth or our ladies getting pregnant would think the same thing.“Whoever
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Chapter 6
Nikolay:“Are you okay?” I whispered to Kiara who has been sitting in my arms. She’s been quiet for a while now after the encounter with her mom and I knew that it was because the woman got into her head. I didn’t like it, but I knew that this wasn’t the place to do so. Especially after Dimitri’s words did more than just simply put her in place.“Yeah, but I wouldn’t mind leaving” Kiara said looking up at me and I smirked at her. She rolled her eyes and I chuckled before kissing the crown of her head.“Let’s give it another half an hour?” I said softly and Kiara sighed but nodded. She laid her head on my chest over my calm beating heart and I wrapped my arms around her. Taking her hand in mine, I intertwined our fingers and kissed her temple “she would eventually stop. She just needs to be put in place from time to time until she learns not to mess with you”“It&rsqu
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Chapter 7
Kiara:“Okay, now you can open your eyes” Nikolay whispered removing his hands from my eyes as we reached wherever he was taking me. According to him, it was a surprise and he didn’t want to ruin it by letting me see where we were entering, though I technically knew that we were in Florida. He didn’t want me to see the ‘surprise’ he has set for me.My eyes widened at the beautiful sight that was in front of me. We were currently standing in front of a window, inside what looked like a cottage in front of the sea. The room was soundproof hence why I couldn’t hear the beautiful sound of the waves. All you could see around us was sand and the beautiful ocean, the sunrise gave the ocean a beautiful reflection of orange, pink, and blue. The room was filled with candles and flower petals and on top of the bed, a single white rose laid in the middle of the bed. I turned to face my husband to find him smiling at me, clearly loving my r
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Chapter 8
Nikolay:“Fuck!” I hissed before collapsing over my wife who was completely drained by now. I had a hard time catching my own breath but after the sixth round this evening. Yeah, I couldn’t expect any less. Though we did stop to take a break, we even went to shower, but we somehow always managed getting back on this bed.I pulled out of Kiara knowing that there was no way the two of us would be able to go on for another round. My woman wouldn’t be able to walk out of bed if she tried to, not that I minded though. I loved cradling her in my arms, we both knew that she would eventually end up laying in my arms for long hours before she decided to want to try and walk only to fall after losing her balance. It was both cute and amusing and though Kiara would glare at me for it, I knew that she loved it.“Yeah, now I understand why you said that we wouldn’t be able to go to the beach today” Kiara teased and I laughed wrapping
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Chapter 9
Kiara:“Need I ask what my beauty is doing?” Nikolay asked wrapping his arms around me from the back. He laid his chin on my shoulder as I was washing the dishes after the two of us had eaten. I knew that there were maids coming to fix everything, but I couldn’t let the ladies do everything when I was just simply sitting in my husband’s arms.“Washing the dishes” I answered stating the obvious. I could practically see my husband rolling his eyes at me and I laughed turning my face to kiss his cheeks. He smiled, his beautiful dimple showing as I put the glass to dry before turning around in my husband’s arms, I was wearing shorts and his black shirt while he wore grey sweat pants and a white shirt.“And may I know why you’re not in my arms?” Nikolay teased and I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck as he tightened his around my waist. The two of us looking one another in the eye, our bodies relaxed a
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