The Princess and the Vampire King

The Princess and the Vampire King

By:  Eileen Sheehan, Ailene Frances, E.F. Sheehan  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when the king of vampires on Planet Earth and the heir to the throne of Planet Kurr fall in love? Jessica was raised on earth and had no idea she was the princess of the planet Kurr and heir to its throne until she is captured by the evil flesh eating Dragos and then rescued by Jack, the king of the vampires on Earth. Unbeknownst to Jessica, Jack has been guarding her for most of her life from the shadows as a promise to her deceased father. Over those years he grew to love and desire her. Now that he’s so close to her, he struggles to subdue that love and desire, while Jessica pushes to bring it forth.

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35 Chapters
Chapter One
The harsh shrill of the quarter hour whistle brought me back to reality like a crisp slap across my face.  I was still in that horrid room with those horrid creatures awaiting a fate too horrid to imagine.Horrid… was that the best I could do? This place was beyond horrid.  It was so bad there was no description for how bad it was. My mind was fuzzy. I needed to focus.Those creatures, what were they?  They went beyond horrid to look at, horrid to be around, horrid to interact with.  My brain would not function properly. I could come up with no word to equal what they were. I gave up. Horrid would have to suffice.I smiled to myself.  What did it matter what word I used to describe what was happening?  Was it really that important?  In the not too distant future I would become a nothing, a thing of the past.  What I thought and the words I enunciated with would mean less than they already d
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Chapter Two
When I finally roused enough to force myself free from the sweetest slumber I can recall in my twenty-four years of life, it took a bit of struggling to remember where I was.  I sat up on the bed and swung my feet over its edge.  They barely touched the floor.  I didn’t recall being so small in it before, but then, I’d been pretty messed up with drugs and injuries.Injuries.I remembered my ribs and felt for the bandage beneath my tunic.  It was gone. I pulled the tunic up to inspect more closely.  Searching the cave interior with my eyes, I was disappointed to find no mirror. I checked myself out as best I could without it. There was no sign of any damage that I could see, nor was there any pain!  How had I managed to heal so quickly? It had been quickly, hadn’t it?  I couldn’t tell, since I’d lost all concept of time.I made note that my rescue was the second miracle to happen since I’d bee
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Chapter Three
“Will you listen to the demands she makes?  Does she know who you are and just doesn’t care?” L’oana said.Her cackling filled the cave.“Quiet!” Jack snapped.I spun at L’oana.“I know he’s a vampire,” I said. “I saw with my own eyes.”“That doesn’t frighten you?” she asked.“Of course it frightens me,” I replied, “I’ve been nothing but frightened by one thing or another since those vile, scaly creatures abducted me, but I still need… no… I deserve to know what’s happening.”“She’s got courage, Jack, I’ll give her that.  Who is she?” L’oana purred.“I told you,” he replied.“You told her wrong,” I stated firmly.Jack turned to L’oana and ordered, “Get out.”“I’m crushed,&rdquo
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Chapter Four
Jack left me alone to think while he finished the preparations for our departure.  The more I absorbed what he’d told me, the more questions accumulated in my mind. I needed to know more about where we were. L’oana told me something far different and believable about our location.  I’d been a student of metaphysics for some time now, so I knew full well that there were dimensions on earth; which was why L’oana’s explanation was so easy to accept.  I also knew and understood that earth wasn’t the only planet with humanoid life on it. Humanoid, not lizard-like! It’s just that I didn’t expect to be told I was one of those humanoid alien species and I’d teleported back to my planet that was apparently overrun with the lizard-like Dragos.When he returned, I let loose with a slew of questions.  He was surprisingly patient with me and answered them as best he could.  He didn’t deny the various dime
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Chapter Five
It felt fantastic to be out of the cave and using my lean muscles to walk along the hilly path that bordered the forest.  Had I not known better, I would have sworn I was in the Adirondack Mountains enjoying a good excursion.  The air was cool and crisp, as it should be for a mid-fall day. The sun seemed a little brighter than on earth.  I questioned Sergeant Org about this and he explained that the sun emitted rays on Kurr that were slightly brighter because, unlike people on earth, the residents of Kurr refrained from using inventions that polluted the atmosphere.  Earth would consider Kurr behind the times in many ways, but they were merely eco conscious beyond man’s comprehension.We walked along a well-worn path through a forest of tall pine trees mixed with oak and maple trees. We hadn’t gone more than a half-mile before Jack raised his hand to signal we stop while putting his finger to his lips for silence.  I’d been so busy a
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Chapter Six
We may have been out in the wilderness, but it seemed as if the entire world obeyed Jack’s command to stand still and be quiet.  From what I could tell, not one bird, not one rabbit, or rodent, or even an insect made a move or a sound. We all waited with anticipation for whatever it was he was warning us about to show itself.Jack, on the other hand, had no intention of waiting to see what was rapidly making its way through the trees in our direction.  He scooped me up into his arms, like I was nothing more than a bag of laundry, and leapt into the air.  I sucked in my gasp of shock as we rocketed into the tree tops.  I could feel his flesh wrap around my nails as I clung to him for dear life while he perched on the top branch of an enormous sycamore tree.I buried my face into his chest and closed my eyes as tight as they’d allow.  I’d always had a fear of heights.  I couldn’t remember ever being on anything that b
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Chapter Seven
To all of our relief L’oana grew tired of the pace we were forced to keep –partly because I wasn’t a superhuman and partly because the men were stopping often to listen and observe- and went on ahead. We walked in relative silence.  I, for one, reveled in the break from her taunting, whining, and bitching.  I still hadn’t figured out why she was even with us, but then there was a lot about what was going on that confused me.I used my time of silence to contemplate and absorb all that had been told to me.  Both Jack and Sergeant Org were adamant that I was the heir to the throne of Kurr.  I wasn’t sure what that entailed, but it sounded pretty important. In fact, it had to be somewhat important since my parents were killed and I was hidden in exile because of it. I’d been brought up to be comfortable hiking and hunting, but my body wasn’t prepared for the rigorous trek we were making.  The terrain
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Chapter Eight
Jack held vigil at my side until I’d finally regained control of my faculties and was able to stand. He held me close while I tested my legs for stability.  I rested my cheek against his chest and closed my eyes while I listened to the steady beat of his heart.  It beat at twice the rate of a human heart. I estimated two-hundred beats per minute. I slipped my hand through the front of his tunic and caressed his flesh.  It was warm and supple.  Pulling his tunic further from his flesh, I nuzzled my face like a kitten seeking comfort.“Where are the others?” I murmured. My lips tickled as they grazed his flesh.“They will take some time catching up with us. They both have about the same ability for speed, so I’m guessing they’ll reach us within an hour.  We can take that time for you to rest a bit. I feel your exhaustion,” he said softly.“Is that all you feel?” I couldn&rs
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Chapter Nine
I was forced to climb onto Jack’s back again so that we could all travel at a decent pace.  Jack was actually going much slower than we’d traveled before in order to allow for our companions, but it was at a speed much faster than it would have been had I gone on foot.  We traveled on ground instead of the tree tops until we reached the opening of a small cave that truly didn’t look like much. This unimpressive little opening in the hillside turned out to be a portal to the world beneath our feet.I learned from Sergeant Org that this was L’oana’s world.  It was a world full of illusions, tricksters, and evil doers.  This explained their reluctance to entering it.  He warned me to be cautious about speaking to anyone other than the three of them and told me of the many species of life that lived in the world below the surface world, including some of my own who’d managed to escape the chaos when the Mannador arrived
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Chapter Ten
We reached the inn none too soon for me.  Jack put me down just outside its door and I fell back behind Sergeant Org.  I wanted to put as much space between us as possible.  I could be mistaken, but I think I saw a look of hurt in his beautiful green eyes before they clouded over into an emotionless void.Sergeant Org offered me his arm and escorted me into the large public room. There were wooden tables placed strategically around the floor with a small counter in front of beer kegs against the back wall for the barmaid.“Why it’s a tavern,” I murmured with surprise.“That it is, your grace,” the sergeant explained. “These little inns all have rooms like this that double as a dining room and tavern.  We’ll grab a bite to eat and a pint of ale and then off to bed with you.”“That sounds good,” I replied with gratitude.The mention of food made me realize I hadn’t
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