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19-year-old Dolores Kirby is the typical broke college student, although she never imagined having to struggle like this; working odd jobs, classes and noisy roommates that partied every night. She dreams of the day when she will be able to afford a better life. A new opportunity arrives, to babysit a rich man's house and do some errands for a lot of money, more than she ever made by covering turns or working all weekend. Just a few rules to follow, like; don't go into the second floor, don't enter the study and don't be around when the owner is home. The easiest one and her world flips upside down, Liam H. Westbrook, her boss, suddenly turns up at his home and one look at him and Dolores is hooked, shot by cupids an arrow. He is older and so out of her league. But what Dolores doesn't know is that the attraction is mutual.

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O n e
There’s nothing about wanting to live freely. There’s nothing wrong with shutting the world, to forget everything, and just live. That’s what my life was, barely worries at all. I was lucky that I got two hard-working parents that gave me everything I needed or wanted. I was lucky I got a good childhood. I never worried about the little things. Life was simpler back then. No work, no school money, not worrying about my future. I didn’t know my priorities or even know which college I had to apply to. No one told me I had to stop being a child one day and suddenly become an adult. And yet here I am running towards another part-time job, to keep my tuition, my rent, and food money. I’m busting my ass at nineteen to keep my life afloat. I’m the child of both retired parents that can’t afford to play college with their only daughter, so now I have to fend for myself. I have to work and study at the same time hoping I can someday pay back my student loan, with a minimum wa
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T w o
I signed the next day and moved in a week later. Laid down on my bed with my phone to my ear, telling everything to my mom. It thrilled her I'd found this job, but most of all, she was happy I could afford college and have sufficient time to concentrate on my studies. "How's dad?" "You know how he is. He doesn't like retirement but is getting the idea." "Will visit next weekend," I promised and hanged up. Left most of my stuff back in the apartment. I paid for a taxi to bring my plastic boxes stock of clothes, a box of books, a suitcase, and my backpack full of toiletries. I required little. I would not spend a lot of space. I would focus on taking more credits this upcoming semester now that I had more than enough time in my hands. Read more
T h r e e
"So he let you into his private office?" "And gave me a computer to use." Her eyes expanded; they looked like mine for a small moment. I envied how exotic she looked, nothing like my pale complexion and regular straight frame. She was voluptuous where I was similar to a wall. "Was he as hot as he looks on here?" She had been staring at his pictures as we walked side by side. "Worse. I could hardly breathe," I fanned myself, exaggerating the impact. No, I felt short, even expressing how I first felt as my eyes fell on him. She made me tell her a second time, each word we exchanged, even the ones inside my head. "You're so damn lucky. I hate you." I was shoved to the side as her she puffed her cheeks. I knew she was playing, but I would be a little jealous of my best friend had the opportunity I was having. Living rent-less in a beautiful two-story mansion, a hell of a paycheck, and the hot boss. A very hot boss. "I just used it once. I bought m
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F o u r
I resolved to take a taxi. I woke up three hours later; the party had simmered down, a few bodies laid on the couch, and there were empty cups, bottles, and garbage all over the floor. Locking the door behind me, I walked down slowly. I rested my head on the door and fought with all my force to not fall asleep again. I hugged my bag pack to my chest and looped an arm around the duffel bag. "We're here miss." My eyes snapped open. I looked around me, confused. The driver looked at me, annoyed, even scrunched up his nose. Maybe because I stink off recreation all around me. I handed the cab fare and crawled out the door, and balanced myself all the way to the gate. I squinted my eyes, trying to figure one which number was which. I finally got it top open on the second try and started walking down the long path towards the house. I would have loved the view any other day, but today I was barely able to stay vertical. Both bags threatened to throw me to the floor.
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F i v e
"What I wanted to talk about is this," he started showing me a two-page document with instructions. We sat at the small table in the kitchen area with a jug of fresh-pressed juice between us and Lin's presence in the background. For some reason, he had asked her to stay with the promise of dropping her home.  I sat straight as a board, listening to the words coming out of his mouth. It was simple, I was to live in the house and also work while I lived there. Some kind of assistant with a list of chores, supervising, and so on. My pay would be raised. I was mute, listening to all this. Fetching mail, dry cleaning, and keeping the house running like it had been since day one. It wasn't much to it. The staff already knew what to do. I just had to report any issue with Westbrook's office assistant, no longer Jameson. No, he had escalated higher and was now seated behind some desk doing actual work. He was proud of himself. I'd be t
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S i x
"He wants so to see you." I stopped the spoon in midair. I was sitting at the small table inside the kitchen when one of the girls came in with big eyes. I couldn't help asking, "Is he mad?" "Why would he be mad?" "No idea." I murmured to myself. Time to face the beast. I pushed my untouched food aside and ran to get a pad and a pen. He either was going to scold me or give me the stuff to do. This was going to be the second time we faced each other, this one, I was even more scared. Terrified really.  His study door was closed, so I rapped my knuckles twice before opening the door. "Kirby, come in."  He was on the phone with a frown on his face. A face that I had been searching the web for here and there. I closed the door carefully and stood beside one of the chairs in front of his massive desk. I watched him talk, the sensu
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S e v e n
"So your new boss called you out on a little party." " I was with Lin's cousin's mom." I hated when she did that. She likes to tease me about the bad things that happened to me. Here I am, finally able to spend a weekend with my parents, and all they do is mock and tease me about the things I want to tell them about. "He was out of line mom, I was just having fun and it was the weekend. You know I don't drink that much." "Oh, honey I know that," she continued folding the freshly dried clothes that were spilled on the bed while talking to me. "I think is decent of him to take care and worry about you." "Really?" Her laugh made me want to punch babies. "Maybe he was a little bit too harsh." "A little?"  How about a lot. "Oh honey let it go, I trust you and your dad trust you." I closed my eyes and exhaled slowly. She was right. I was ruining my visits thinking about what he said. Fo
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E i g h t
"Mr. Westbrook." I stood up so fast I stumbled, trying to regain balance. Still, he reached out just when I was about to topple down when his hand closed around my arm, pulling me into a straight position. "Sorry I'm so clumsy sometimes," I started muttering things while crouching down to lift the magazines, water bottle, and towel from the floor. "So its no longer sir?" The way he arched his brown made me gasp and feel suddenly thirsty, but looking down to my hands, my water bottle was empty, and the nearest one was inside the house. I opened my mouth to reply, but what came out was weird sounds, so I closed it so fast and hard my teeth slammed into each other, I could have easily chopped my tongue off. "Come inside Kirby, before you turn any darker." His hand was back on my arm, and he pulled me towards the house. I tried to turn around to get my towel, but his grip tightened, and I let him do as he pleased. He didn't let go until I was inside his study.Read more
N i n e
He stayed, he stayed in the city, I mean. I still did the errands, but they were fewer and fewer, and I was starting to get bored and felt trapped inside the massive home. I also saw Jameson come into the house while is stood at the door. I gave him the evil eye, and he knew why. Lin had been frantic and blue with questions about his whereabouts. Jameson had stopped returning calls and texts, no more visits, and definitely no more kisses. She was broken-hearted and had stayed away from me to mend her feelings, which left me all alone, well, the grumpy man in the study and me. If it weren't for Mr. Westbrook, I would have spoken my mind and some more. I wanted to know what sort of excuse he had come up with. In the meantime, I waited by the front door scratching the ears of the small mutt my boss kept.  "Kirby, what a surprise?" I heard the dark voice and stood up slowly, careful enough to keep my skirt in place and not
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T e n
    The view from my room faced directly towards the open sea. I saw how the blue-green of the water touched the sky blue on the horizon with scattered white fluffy clouds, the softest shaped ones I had ever seen. I couldn't help but gape at every single thing around me. The luxurious resort was enormous. On our arrival, a small cart awaited us in the lobby. With complimentary tubes of Champagne and warm smiles, a few members of the staff explained the tour. The thickly accented voices were friendly and welcoming. I think I saw a few blushes whenever Mr. Westbrook's attention turned to the female present. Even at night, the lights and flowers stand out through the rustic feel of the stone against the wood. The water of the massive central pool shone with the moonlight and ambient light around it. Tropical music blasted through the speakers in certain areas, and bars and small stands were explicitly placed around the room. We had been the las
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