The Alpha Heirs

The Alpha Heirs

By:  Izzibella Beau  Ongoing
Language: English
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What happens when two totally different people from two separate worlds collide? This is the story of Zach and Emily, their family, their friends, and what happens when the truth finally becomes known and love might not be able to save them. Welcome to West Lakes, a place where your friends and family might not be who they seem. This is a world where it's not the dark you should be afraid of, but what could be waiting for you inside of that darkness --- that's what should terrify you the most.

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115 Chapters
Chapter One
Zach stood still and watched the horrific scene unfolding in front of him. Jacob was whimpering over the lifeless body of their mother. Adam hovered over Rose, his mate of three years. Her eyes would never shine with excitement ever again. Their father, the alpha of the pack, had an eerie calmness as his eyes took on a midnight black coloring. Zach knew he was plotting and planning an act of revenge. Blood was everywhere. This was a massacre. The start of a war. Dread filled the once peaceful garden. The slamming of a car door wakened Zach from the nightmare that had haunted him for the past four years. Sweat rolled down the sides of his face as he shook the engrained, detailed memory from his thoughts. The sun was slowly creeping over the horizon as his tired eyes squinted at his cell phone beside him on the bed. The numbers read seven-thirty. "What the
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Chapter Two
The sun was barely making its appearance when Zach threw on his white t-shite, dark blue button-down to go over it, and a pair of faded jeans. First day of senior year. Exciting, right. Not.Zach walked down to Jacob's room, knowing he would sleep in until the last possible moment. There were eight bedrooms in the house, and most nights there were only two people sleeping there. Jacob took the room farthest from Zach's, stating, 'I like to have guests over, and at times they may be a little noisy.' Zach knew he wasn't talking about playing monopoly with Will and Anthony. It was more like Jacob and the cheer squad going horizontal. Zach knocked loudly three times on the door. Of course, he wasn't going to answer. Jacob was probably dead to the world after getting home late. He decided to go in, not knowing what or whom he might find. The room was a mess, but that was to be expected. And Jacob's bed was empty. A smack hit Zach o
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Chapter Three
Zach and Danny entered the student parking lot after eight. They still had time to meet up with everyone and get their schedules. Zach always tried to avoid the crowds. He hated when everyone stared wherever they went. It was like take a picture; it'll last a lot longer. Come to think of it; some girls had done that already when he and Jacob were together.Walking up from the parking lot, they ran into a few kids they had in some of their classes last year."Hey, Zach and Dan, what's up?" It was a kid they had in their honors English the previous year."Not much," Danny replied as they walked by. Such a man of many words.*Opening the front doors is like opening a jail cell. You know you're gonna be here a long time. *Zach opened the front doors of the school for him and Danny to go in. He glanced around and saw Alex and Madison hanging out, talking to several guys but probably waiting for the two of them. The girls looked pretty good today, not t
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Chapter Four
*Deep breath in, deep breath out.*Emily kept telling herself this as they got closer to the school. She didn't know why she was so nervous. She'd done this so many times before that she should be used to it.Aunt Maureen turned off the highway road, went through some gates, and back a paved entranceway. Off to Emily’s right was a parking lot, maybe the student parking lot.*Well no, duh, Em, that's what the sign said.*Her aunt pulled up to the front of the building and parked in the visitor spot. The school was red brick and had massive windows in the front looking into the cafeteria. Emily saw several students walking along the sidewalk and going in the front doors. There was already a group of kids congregating inside the front room.*Great, now I have to walk past a whole bunch of kids. Why couldn't things be easy? *"Well, here you are." Aunt Maureen turned off the car."Um, you don't have
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Chapter Five
Zach opened the door to Ms. Fredley's office and noticed a girl the secretary was helping. She had long brown hair that hung down her back in waves. A nice body from what he could tell from the back. She looked to be a little bit taller than five feet, with a slender build. He noted the girl was looking over the papers Ms. Fredley had given her.*C'mon, turn around so I can see your face. *Ms. Fredley glanced up after Zach got done checking out the new girl, and he cleared his throat to alert her someone had come in. "Zachary, how are you? I just had the privilege of having your brother in here a few moments ago." She grimaced about having to deal with Jacob so early on in the day. "So, what can I do for you?"The call of his name again pulled Zach out of thought. "Um, Paige said she didn't have my schedule and to check with you." He kept his focus on the girl ahead of him.The girl turned at the sound of his voice and smiled.*'Ours'
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Chapter Six
That was weird. What the heck was that guy, Zach's, problem? Didn't he ever hear of common courtesy? Someone smiles at you, and you smile back. Emily took one step at a time, looking over her schedule and trying not to bump into anyone running up or down the stairwell. Her thoughts filtered back to the guy, she'd seen in the registration office.There was something about him. Like I'd seen him before. Like there was some type of connection. Maybe he resembles someone from my last school? "Oh, sorry." Emily reached out and touched the arm of the girl she almost accidentally smacked into on the second landing. The girl gave a brief nod, then continued walking.Nah, someone like Zach, I would definitely remember. But, what was it about him that made my whole body tingle. OMG, Em, you're thinking way too much into this. He was just a boy, and now he's gone. Emily opened up the door leading to
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Chapter Seven
Emily followed Zach as weaved his way through the science center. She could see into the classrooms as each door was a glassed entryway, most were filled with students which made her stomach spin even more. Instead of focusing on the attention she would get arriving at her first class as the new student, Em concentrated on the guy walking two steps ahead of her.What did I do to this guy that would make him act this way? We don't even know each other. He is either stuck-up, shy, or not freakin' interested in talking to me. Good thing he's taking me to this class because the science department is a maze of classrooms, labs, and teacher's offices. At the end of one of the halls, Zach stopped and opened the door for her to enter.Emily noted the classroom was quiet when they entered. Everyone turned to watch them, well, mainly her. There were only about fifteen other kids, but it felt like hundreds when all
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Chapter Eight
Why didn't I find a place she could sit beside me? What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I running from my 'supposed' mate?I didn't hear one word Mr. Warner has said since I walked in here. Doesn't every teacher use the same freakin' spill on the first day? Welcome to blah...blah...blah, this year we are going to learn about blah...blah...blah. Zach was trying not to look back at Emily or Paige.There's just something about her.'She's our mate,' his wolf said once again.'Yeah. Yeah. I get it. You said this before. Zach was once again having an internal conflict with his other-self. If he didn't know he was a shifter, he would begin to suspect he was going insane with having a wolf talking inside of him. He knew he had to speak with his older brother Adam or his father if he returned soon. There hadn't been any other girl who had made him feel and
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Chapter Nine
Danny, Alex, Madison, and Zach were all in PE class together right before lunch. It was always an experience when they were all together. Today they played a quick game of B-ball. Zach and Dan liked to show off their skills in sports. It was the wolf in them that wanted the competition.The girls tried to keep up, but the guys knew they wouldn't be able to. Madison bitched, and Alex kept looking at Danny as if she was in awe of everything he did. After they changed their clothes from PE, they met back in the gym to head down to lunch."Hey, where did Alex go?" Zach noticed her abrupt disappearance.Madison smirked like she knew something was going on. "Oh, I think she had to head back to our locker for something." Zach started to walk away, but Madison tugged on his arm. "C'mon, let's get a table before they are all taken."Like they had to worry. They'd sat in the same spot for the past three years. Nothing ever changed here, well, until this year. The t
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Chapter Ten
Zach dropped Danny off at his house, which was like five minutes from his own. Now he had the task of pulling up their never-ending driveway. His father wanted a piece of property that was way off the beaten path. So, he bought a house with a mile-long driveway that weaved in and out through the trees. The house sat on one hundred and fifty acres of woodland. So yep, you could say they were pretty secluded from the world.As Zach got to the driveway's end portion, he noticed Adam showed up on time. He wasn't outside, so he must have already let himself into the house. The front door was unlocked, so he must have gone through this way instead of the garage. Although technically Adam still lived at home, he didn't sleep or hang out there much. He was usually with the rest of their pack, the ones around his age. But he had full access to the house whenever he wanted."Anybody here?" Zach yelled into the empty hallway when he walked in. There was no answer, so the next bes
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