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Meet Avatia Hilton, 21 years of age who looks like a typical teenager for any guy walking down the street. A simple girl from a simple background. Then meet Dreidan Vaughn, 30 years old. Country's number one billionaire and head of the Italian Mafia. Feared and respected by everyone. Known as the beast continent-wise. What happens when in a rush for a 20 million dollars contract, he almost knocked down Avatia, the girl he judged as a kid and instead of apologizing to him as he expected, stuck her tongue out and walked away? That was the beginning of their journey of a love like no other.

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Chapter 1
Hello guys and thanks for choosing to read this book.First things first, this is my work. My imagination. My time. My everything. So please, no negative comments.And well, the second things is, I'll kindly need your support if I'm to continue. I'm counting on you all to vote and share my story. It makes me feel better knowing you like the story. Thanks.___________________________________Avatia's POV"Oh mom, seriously?" I asked my mom. God. Why do moms always have to oppose to their children's demand. I can't believe my mom wants me to stay at home on a Monday morning and miss my interview simply because she needs help with the packing. Yes, we just moved into this new quiet neighborhood. It's quite nice and the view is everything but I'm not missing my interview."But mom, Draya says the interview is today. I can't miss it. I'd help out when I come back.
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Chapter 2
Avatia's POVAs soon as I got home, Kendal, my only cousin who just happens to be gay enveloped me in his usual bear hug. On any other day, I'd be happy to see him, but not after that horrible encounter at work. I just wish I never helped in the first place. "My baby girl doesn't look so happy, tell me, what's wrong?"I knew he was going to read my body language and tell what was going on, but that's just how Kendal is, so full of emotions. He was good at reading people. "I'm fine Ken, I'll just go up stairs and freshen up. Where is my mom by the way?""First of all, its Kenny, Ken and Kendal sound so boyish." He said and I rolled my eyes, he wasn't sane at all. I mean his name is Kendal but he was bent on changing it to Kenny cause to him, it sounded girly. "Are you done rolling those beautiful eyes of yours? "I just nodded, not in the mood for all his drama."Secondl
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Chapter 3
Dreidan's POV  "Mr Vaughn, Gareth signed the deal. He wants to meet you personally in two hours time." Roberto, one of my workers informed me. Actually, Roberto is the only guy in the crew I can call a buddy. Not friend. I have no friends. That asshole, Gareth. I Thought he wouldn't sign it."Good. Get my car. The black Lamborghini." Living the kind of life I live isn't the easiest thing on earth. Knowing I have a lot of enemies wishing to have my head being fed to their dogs for breakfast. I know going back to Italy was the best thing to do but how could I possibly leave knowing I still had to finish with the clubs. I got up and got the files I needed him to sign. I can't get 20 million dollars from him without his signature on this documents. And to think he lives far from here. I get into my car and start speeding. I don't want to be late.Screech!!!!!<
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Chapter 4
Avatia's POVI got home to find a note on the refrigerator. Mom's not home. Draya's still at work so I call Kenny. It rings for about 9 seconds before I hear his cute voice on the other end."Baby? You missing pretty Kenny already? "I know he's all smiles so I don't roll me eyes. There's NO ONE like Draya and Kenny. They're my best friends. "Dream on Ken, anyways, do you have something doing? You could come over, I'm home alone." I fight the urge to sniff as I remember the reason I'm home. I just lost my job."You're at home? Aren't you supposed to be working or stuff like that?" He ask and I just can't hide my feelings so I start crying. "Hey munchkin, don't cry. I'm on my way, okay? Just hold on, I know what's going to make my baby sister happy. I'll be there in a bit." And he hangs up.He cares for me as if I am his real baby sister not just cousin. I just can't st
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Chapter 5
Avatia's POV The silence was deafening. We've been in this car for about 15 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore. "Where are we heading to?"Roberto looked at me for a split second before diverting all his attention to the road. We were heading downtown but I needed to know exactly where he was taking me too." 'Berto?""Downtown. " I could hear the 'duh' tone which caused me to roll my eyes. The only thing I'm good at."I know. Where exactly?" I didn't fail to emphasize my own 'duh'"Like I told you, I'm not kidnapping you. No need to be scared. " he answered like it was the most obvious thing.This guy. I just shut up and looked out at the amazing buildings of New York. I mean, back at Ohio we've got great buildings too but New York, its t
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Chapter 6
Avatia's POVAfter kissing mom goodbye, I walked out into the busy streets of New York, pulling out my phone and dialling Kenny's number. After a couple of rings, I hear a faint and lazy 'hello'."Still in bed lazy baby?" I asked as I looked around for an empty cab. "Forgot today's my first day at work in Mr. Black's mansion?"I could picture him shrieking. "Oh my gosh, my little baby Ava is gonna be working with the wicked weird dick.""Stop it Ken, don't talk about him like that, 'sides, we don't even know him that much." I tried to defend my new boss although Kenny was right. Mr Black is ruthless. I'll just try to think of him as a good person so I'll be able to focus on my work well."You don't know him be
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Chapter 7
Avatia's POV."So you stay here all day, alone?" I asked as I put some curry sauce in my mouth. This guy really is a cook.He walked over to the fridge and took out a can of soda. "Yeah, but not anymore, you're with me now." He said raising his eyebrows and wiggling them."Yeah, I'd be here. So, is Mr. Black married?" I asked eager to know more about the guy I couldn't get out of my mind."Are you for real? How can you ask if the boss is married? Don't you fucking read the mags?" He asked, purely shocked from my question.I scratch my forehead. Man I really don't know much about this. "Is he? ""Nope. Most eligible bachelor for 5 years straight. Now don't ask anymore questions about him. You should be a
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Chapter 8
Avatia's POV.I walked into the extremely quiet house the next morning sending a small smile to Leo."Hi Ava, quite early today." He greeted me back with a rather wide smile. "Boss is having his breakfast so you might just sit and wait for him to come.""Oh, I'd just go do my work." I said and turned to leave when I heard the clicking of shoes. My eyes followed the direction of the sound till the well polished shoe came into sight. I slowly looked up, eyes landing on a perfectly ironed and fitting tux. I felt too intimidated to look at his face so I just went on with a 'good morning.'"So you came? Thought you wouldn't." I heard him say. How rude. The guy couldn't even reply with a good morning too."Yeah, I came back, so you thought wrong." I retorted. This guy was bringing out the worst in me.The little scowl on his face turns to a full blown one. Good one th
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Chapter 9
Avatia's POVMy hold on Leo tightened. Why was everyone looking at me? Was my hair too messy? Or my lip gloss splotched on my face like a lollipop? "Leo? "I guess he realized I was scared. "Hey! Don't panic, you're new here, and Mr. Vaughn's just suprised."My eyes trailed back to Mr. Black who was now surrounded by a couple of girls in bras and booty shorts. He squeezed one of the girls butt while looking me dead in the eye. As much as I hated to admit it, it stung.I felt Leo gently pull me. "You look damn hot, girl, I'm glad you came.""I promised." I said, my eyes still glued to Mr. Black's hand on another girls ass.Leo led me to a group of men who looked at me like I was some kind of rare chocolate muffin."Picked a little one this time, huh?" One of the guys said. "Looks quite fresh."That got me. Was he for real? Talking about me like that
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Chapter 10
Avatia's POV.I heard the door bell and looked at the grandpa clock above the doorpost. Its exactly 15 minutes. Is this man some sort of perfect alien? He's so time cautious. I looked down at my extra large T-shirt with a hamburger picture on it and shrugged. Its not like I'm trying to impress him. I walked to the door and opened it."What do you want from me?" I asked with all the courage left in my heart.He didn't say a word, instead, he pushed passed me and made his way into my house. Such a brute.I folded my arms over my chest and repeated my question. He seemed to be staring at my boobs. Huh? And a pervert too.He ran his large fingers through his hair making him look sexier than usual. "I want you."I almost choked on my own spit. "What?" My inner girl w
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