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PART1&2 OF LOLA AND NIKO'S STORY. . . .Wives are for children and whores are for fucking. Learn to be both and you'll do just fine. . . ~Page 2 of the mafia rules as written by Eva Camilla Salvatore, wife of the previous capo dei capo of la Italian famiglia~ Lola is not your normal average teenage girl. She has always known that her family is part of the Mafia. A few days after her eighteenth birthday, she comes back from school and hear the most shocking news that leaves her frightened to the bone. She had been promised to the most ruthless man in the New York Family, the underboss and soon to be Boss, Dominicko Salvatore. And he is coming to collect what is His.

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112 chapters
Chapter One
"This is a bad idea and you know it" I said to my best friends Chloe and Lydia. How I allowed them to convince me that this was a good idea is beyond me.  "For the nth time you got to live a little" Chloe whispered.  "Yeah right, we'll probably get skinned, not if, but when we get caught." I reply in an equally low tone.  "People escape all the time Dee, no one's ever gotten caught, this route is the shit" That was Lydia. Read more
Chapter Two
I think I'm drunk, am not sure, I've never been drunk before, I suddenly understand the word buzzed. I feel confident, like I can have the entire word at my feat.       I've done like seven shots of different brands of alcohol, it's probably eight or ten I'm not sure, I stopped counting at three.  "Oh my God you are so funny Dee." Chloe said laughing so hard at something I said.   "Shall we have another round?" A girl asked Abby, I think.Read more
Chapter Three
         MY head hurts so so bad. I want to die. I'd just finished my math exam. My mouth still feels like I have a cotton but on my tongue. "Why again did I agree to go partying a day before finals? "I asked myself as I walk back to my dorm.        Lydia and Chloe already finished and submitted early, my guess? To go back to the dorms and sleep. It was my plan as well.      And opening the door I guessed right, Lydia was lying halfway on her bed the lower part of her was on the floor. And Chloe?? I can't say, her neck was in a really awkward positi
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Chapter Four
***      I don't know how to feel as I see the familiar buildings that lead to my home, can't really call it that, I mean a home is somewhere you feel save and happy. Right?       I should probably feel thrilled as we got closer. Aren't you supposed to feel boundless joy over going home and seeing members of your family again?     Chloe and Lydia always talk about how they missed their family back at the academy.Read more
Chapter Five
         I heard loud voices outside my room, someone was screaming like a banshee. I really don't want to know who it is.         After the delicious lunch with mama, I went back to my room. Throughout lunch mother seemed out of it. Like she was sad about something. I told her stories about the academy and about Lydia and Chloe.          When I asked what was making her distracted or sad, she smiled and covered it up. I just have a feeling it'd be something related to father. Was he cheating on her again? Or mistreating her. She wouldn'
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Chapter Six
     Last night as I walked away from the living room, I told myself that I wouldn't cry and that it wasn't true, it couldn't be true. I told myself That I'd be strong.     But as soon as I walked into my room and locked my door. The water works started coming. Loud sobs from deep inside me.  Because I knew, I just knew that it was true. I was getting married and there's no two ways about it.  So, I cried my heart out until my eyes closed and I slept off.Read more
Chapter Seven
"Good morning, Beatrice" Carlos said and I am reminded of his presence.  "Carlos, I didn't see you there" mother replied.  "I should get going. You two have a nice day." He said as he stood up and walked out leaving his cup on the table no doubt expecting someone to get rid of it.  "You wanted to talk honey?"  I snapped my gaze back to mother.Read more
Chapter Eight
"What is this mother?" I asked as soon as I saw her. Immediately I left my room I walked straight to the kitchen where I knew mama would be assisting with dinner.She froze for a moment before she slowly turned to face me. Like she's being preparing for this confrontation. "I'm sorry Lola. But it could not be avoided or prolonged for much longer" she said slowly. “Its not like its happening next week for God sake” “Actually dear, it is…” she drawled out Swallowing a lump in my throat I pinched the bridge of my nose “Next week? Next week?” I drew in a deep breath needing to yell. “are you people kidding me?” “I’m trying to come to terms with the news I just got, what? Two days ago? And now this? what’s with the rush?” “We cant keep them waiting any longer. You turned eighteen two months ago you know how things are” I burry my face in my palms. I refused to cry, I feel like I’ve being crying nonstop for da
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Chapter Nine
Now grandfather Alonzo and I walked arms and in arms to my bedroom on the second floor."You have grown so well in this two years Delores. Almost good enough to eat" grandfather Alonzo said just as we got to the second floor. Yuck! What do you say to that? "Er mmm thanks?" It came out more like a question. He chuckled, his walking cane making a tap-tap noise as we walked down the empty hallway.  “Answer me Dolores, did any of those little boys give you a hard time? Touch you? I would be happy to make them loose it” "Nothing I couldn't handle" Touch me? Weird. Glad we were already at my door. Wouldn't have to answer any questions."You are so special my dear Lola. So very special you have no idea" grandfather Alonzo whispered. "Grandfather Alonzo could you please tell my mother I decided to retire for the evening?" I asked, a sweet smile tugging at my lips. "Of course my dear" he said
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Chapter Ten
             Looking at the mirror I see a dark gray eyes, perfectly plucked eyebrows and pink painted lush lips. A perfectly beautified face.     My dark black brown hair was pulled into a slick bun at the top of my head.  My hair looks shiny like soft silk.Read more Protection Status