The CEO fell inlove with His Secretary

The CEO fell inlove with His Secretary

By:  Sunflowergen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Daniel's life hasn't always been easy. He failed in the bar exam, and his group of friends mocked him because he was the only one who isn't successful enough. Daniel's younger sister, Cassia- has always been hooked up to the youngest CEO- Stephony Marrius Falcon and when the opportunity arose as the Ceo is also hiring a male secretary. Cassia forces his brother to jumped at if. Cassia persuaded his brother Daniel to apply for that position. When he sought to be a secretary for one of the Philippines' sexiest and wealthiest CEOs, his life was turned upside down especially that CEO is falling... for him.

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11 chapters
I knew he is a handsome, the magazines and the citizens proved it all. He resembled one of Greek mythology's gods, Hades. With his formal and business suit I can say that indeed he got everything that every girls want and desire. I think sitting in front of him looks like I was being interviewed by Hades, the God of Underworld. As he watches my lips shake, he looks mercilessly at me."What makes you think you're the right person for the job?" His question was straightforward and simple, yet it required me to reflect on why I was qualified for the position for years. It feels as if my life has been blown to the wind, especially since I failed the bar exam, and I'm thinking all my worth disappeared and if I ever deserving to find a job. It shouldn't feel that way, but I couldn't helpmyself. I mean, failure doesn't mean I'll always failbut what I felt today is normal, and allowing discouragement to stop
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Chapter 1
I had no idea that accomplishments, no matter how great or tiny, could provide so much joy. I had no idea till now. My father's smile while looking at me, my mother's unexpected tears with a smile on her face, and Cassia's loudest voice that filled our house. I wish I can go back time and win all the time so that I could see their faces like this. The moment I ended that call after the HR. Manager called me , didn’t knew they were also awake that time and barged my room as they heard me ended the call with a smile. They even bought a lot of food and was delivered right after.This is my first day on the job as a secretary for the biggest company, and my first call comes at seven a.m. My family stopped the celebration at quarter to twelve. Cassia kissed me so many times, and she keeps talking about that CEO, which makes me envious. I awoke at four a.m. with one hour to drive there and another hour or minutes to wait to be on time. I
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Chapter 2
I returned my gaze to the large building ofStell. Falcon Entertainment, which I had never seenbefore in all the companies and buildings I hadvisited. This time, however, things are different.I couldn't look at every building I'd been to beforebecause of the many rejections and insults I'd received, but now I can.I turned around with a large smile on my face and the dried years are now vanished. This time is differentI can return to this building without anguish or rejection every day since it is the only place that has embraced me despite my life's failings.Indeed, after the rain, there is always a rainbow. This is my rainbow, this structure, and the boss who took me on. I've finally gotten a job!Indeed, it is because of their ability to look at each person's capacity rather than their degree or which school are you graduated. 
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Chapter 3
He’s mad, badly and I don’t have any idea why his mood changed like fire, from calm into engulfing flames. I hadn't seen his side like this in a month. I never saw him even shout to his worker. He was always calm and he had to close his eyes and took a deep breathes when something irritates him. I feel like I am not his secretary maybe merely just his invisible friend. He did all the work and my job only accepts call from his business partners, from talent managers, or any modeling agencies and so many more. Maybe that’s my work or maybe we were not yet has a fully complicated schedules. And in my notes, he only have one month rest because of the successful project.   And today I learned something from my boss that a quite person when gets mad he could explode and awake the dormant volcano.      He took deep breathes and looked at me, a little bit calmer now and when his eyes moved outside like his eyes turn quickly into ic
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Chapter 4
I took a deep breath and focused on the two giant Toblerone chocolate bars. When I walk into the house with a lifeless and with a swollen shoulder, they'll assume I'm just exhausted from work, and I want them to believe that. Cassia, Mommy, and Daddy were all engrossed in watching the news. They were completely unaware of my presence.   “Perhaps it's simply a hoax.”   Dad said maybe referring to that news.   “They deserve it anyway...”   My sister, Cassia whispered and my dad looked at her quickly. Cassia pouted and Mom laughed to it.   This amazing moment has made my heart melt. That’s why I will never get tired of coming home like this.   The room filled with laughter.   Martin Maleia , my father proves that love will never always about money. Mom also proves that her love will not depends on wealth. They preferred simple life away from
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Chapter 5
Maybe I was wrong when I said I didn't know why my best friend Julie and my pal Rico broke up. Maybe that's why Rico is still enraged because I was the cause of their breakup. I had no idea Julie used Rico to get away from me. I had no idea Julie had developed feelings for me. I didn’t know that Julie used Rico to move on from me. I didn’t know that in the first place that Julie develop her feelings towards me.   And I realized why men and women can't be friends for lengthy periods of time: one may develop sentiments while the other is unaware.   Maybe I didn’t want to fight back or depend myself to them because I know I am the reason why they broke up. I am at fault for being too heartless for not feeling her, for not looking her the way she looks at me.         I'm not sure if I'm just stupid, naïve, an idiot, or a heartless because I don't want to say anything because my words ar
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Chapter 6
 Behind my back, I can still feel his touch. Because the bar became crowded minutes passed, especially because the night is slowly staring to bloom. And when the people started to get tipsy, the music started high as never be the same, the song of Camila Cabello began to play. My boss was quick to protect me and relocate me away from the irresponsible individuals who went past us. “Careful…” He murmured and a little bit annoyed.   I looked at him, wondering if he was speaking to me or to someone who had accidentally bumped into me  Many individuals have called my boss when we passed them, and I had forgotten that he is the well-known young and bachelor CEO. He dismissed those people and continued walking toward my companion. Pauleen noticed and finally found me and raised her hand to wave at me, but it vanished as she noticed who
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Chapter 7
I couldn’t sleep because of what happened a while ago. After my boss has driven me home, I head to my room and open my laptop to see if anyone has been sharing photos and video from that bar. And I'm delighted to see that the social media is at peace right now, and that Korean movies are still trending.   I wanted to slam my head against the wall when I remember him what he said. I’m pouting while recalling what happened. Why he have to do it?  “No, baby… they don’t have the right to say those words.”  “No, baby… they don’t have the right to say those words.”   “No, baby… they don’t have the right to say those words.”   Read more
Chapter 8
As we grew older we became more mature to our feelings. We already know how to read between the lines. We think first and internalize the actions of other towards us and think for it for a long time. We became too cautious and too protective to ourselves.  As we grow old we guarded our hearts from people. We were no longer the young teens prioritizing love, begging love…mostly be easy on love. If a certain person shows any attention to me, I would leave right away.   But one thing I haven't learned in all these years is that I don't want to speak up or say what I want. I'd rather keep my mouth shut than say something hurtful to that person. Maybe that's why my ex-girlfriend found it so easy to used me and hurt me because she knows I won't hurt her no matter how badly she hurt me. That was also why she left so easily, because she knew I'd rather let her go than keep her with me, even though I knew
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Chapter 9
People in the area were busy dancing and mingling with the audience. After my out, I texted them the group production team I met earlier and I agreed to go out today since it’s not bad to socialize to others.    I didn’t tell or inform boss to it since it’s wasn’t work related anymore.     Margaux is beside me, as are all the men from the production team who I met in the elevator hours ago. Margaux simply raises her lips and smiles at me before turning her gaze to the four boys alongside her, while the man who keeps staring at me solemnly remains by me, still staring at me, but since we're in a public area, others may believe he's just looking around or perhaps he is.  Is it normal to someone that stares linger long…like perhaps twenty or thirty minutes?   <
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