SCARRED HEARTS (Book 2 of Precious Series)

SCARRED HEARTS (Book 2 of Precious Series)

By:  Klayz Abun  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when two scarred people meet? Will sparks fly or will there be healing for them both? A Ruthless Businessman who doesn’t take No for an answer Varrick Devlin or Devlin to his colleagues or associates is a rich and successful businessman who rose to the top from sheer will and determination. He started from the criminal underground from a very young age. His success in business comes from his ability to take whatever he wanted by hook or by crook but why can’t he take one woman to be his? A Philophobic Woman Maeve Blake or Mabel to everyone who knows her has a painful past that she never discussed with anyone, not even her best friend and cousin, Ami. This experience made her wary of men, especially Devlin. He personifies Mabel’s fear. He wants to conquer her but will he be conquered in return? Their blossoming friendship is threatened by a past that can both destroy them. Will both surrender to destiny or will their scarred hearts break some more?

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22 chapters
     “Brick, bring your lazy ass over here! Bring us a beer and some food too and make it quick. Here, Tire, sit with me and tell me what you did yesterday.” This is what Devlin has heard most of his childhood life, from the moment he wakes up to the time he is allowed to sleep. Well, he decided as he turned 12 today, no one even bothering to greet him, he will change all that. The man who stole him from his family in Ireland and brought him here to New York told him, he is his biological father and the other boy, older than him by two years is his half-brother or so he’s been told by Muckie, shortcut for Marcus. Muckie seemed more appropriate as he is a monster just like his namesake, an Irish mythological water monster. He also looked like he had been drowned and resurfaced because he’s so bloated from lack of movement. He lorded over the two boys. Tire or Tiernan was a quiet boy, he looked timid but he’s
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     “Dev, darling, come back to bed.” purred Alina, a Russian boutique owner in New York. She had been Devlin’s on-off lover for quite some time now. She was never married despite living with another business tycoon who actually introduced her to Devlin. He told him he did not mind sharing the Russian beauty. At first Devlin was honored and felt lucky but after some time, her allure to Devlin has dimmed. She is beautiful, he can give her that but after meeting his Emirati partner’s PA in the UAE, he wanted no one else but her. He could still remember her jasmine cinnamon scent and that memory caused his shaft to stir after pleasuring Alina mere minutes ago. Unlike before though, his shaft had not sustained its rigidity despite Alina’s exaggerated moans and gasps. During their first time together, Alina indulged his fantasies and he reveled in it. This time though, his interest had waned thanks to that siren he thought. He was frustrate
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     The day before Mabel was to go back to the UAE, she received a frantic call from her cousin, Ami. Her cousin Rain’s bride search party was held the night before.     “Hey gurl,” answered Mabel happily and then her tone changed when she heard Ami crying. “What is wrong, cuz, Didn’t Rain introduce you as her bride-to-be?” she questioned. “I heard him wrong”, answered Ami. I was so stunned yesterday that I only realized today what he actually said. He actually said he will introduce her to me today. How can I be so stupid Mabel?”      “Oh I am so sorry cuz. Where are you now and what do you want to do?” asked Mabel with concern in her voice “      “I am at home but
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     Devlin could have stayed in a hotel in the city proper if he wanted to but he preferred to stay in the villa. For one, both he and his partners could have a meeting anytime they want, second, he could keep an eye on his elusive prey who proves to be becoming more elusive by the day. Though she is present during their meetings, as soon as they are done, she just disappears. He couldn’t say she is being lazy because he always receives the minutes of the meetings on time. Since he also is looking to expand his business in the Middle East, he is almost always out and meeting with potential partners. However, luck must be on his side because Ami’s birthday came up and they went to Ferrari World to celebrate it. As usual Ami’s partner was Ali while Mabel was with Mansour, again. This time though, he tagged along. The elusive lady had no choice as he was invited by Ami and he grabbed the chance. When they reached the Amusement Park, Ami w
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     Twenty minutes after the first call for prayer the next morning, Devlin went in search of the sheikh. There was a mosque nearby so it did not take long for the male Muslims in the villa to have their prayer. As he suspected, the sheikh was already in his office.unlike most of the sheikh’s counterparts, he always likes to work early. The sooner you start, the faster you accomplish something is what he told Devlin one time when he was curious enough to ask. Before he could stop himself, Devlin blurted out      “Where’s your PA?”      “She does not come in till 8 am. Even if we work here most of the time, I make sure she comes to work not too early unless necessary. Why do you ask?” The sheikh raised his brow at Devlin.      “Nothing, it is only that e
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     When they all got back to Abu Dhabi, Mabel couldn’t help but notice the change in Devlin’s attitude towards her. He no longer tries to corner her, instead he avoids her. For some reason, Mabel missed the aggressive Devlin. However, she wasn’t complaining as it made her life easier, though less exciting. One morning however as per her normal routine, at 7:45 am she went inside the Sheikh’s home office only to discover her boss and the partner having coffee again. It seemed a normal occurrence but she didn’t mind as Devlin just gave her a passing glance. Deep inside though, Mabel was longing for the times he stole kisses from her. Did he already got bored or was he able to find a woman who satisfies his needs? That thought caused a tightening in Mabel’s chest. Before, she always catches him stealing glances at her, now it seems the opposite. He was dressed impeccably, although not a normal businessman’s suit. He’s wearing a whte polo
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      At the dining hall that evening, although Devlin was the first to be there, it was Fidelo who caught Mabel’s attention to the former’s consternation. Probably because Fidelo immediately approached her as soon as she arrived while Devlin was playing it cool, confident that after he gave her the gifts, she would automatically soften toward him. He watched while the two seemed oblivious to the growing crowd in the dining hall who were chuckling at the two people’s antics. They were charmed, but he wasn’t. He was annoyed and jealous. When Mabel passed by his side of the table though, she gave him a shy smile. That appeared to be a balm to Devlin’s senses. He smiled back and wanted to snatch her and make her sit beside him but of course he couldn’t do that. She went to sit next to Ami who was busy chatting amicably with Ali who looked so besotted to her. What have these cousins done to most of the male in the villa excluding the sheikh
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     Befriending Mabel seemed a very good idea at first but as Devlin found out, it was harder than it looked. Although he continued giving her flowers and chocolates, she still seemed wary of him. On the day of their promised date, he gave her the book she wanted longingly. She was hesitant at first but when Devlin reminded her that it might not be available again as it was a bestseller, she accepted it graciously by giving him a peck on the cheek which made Devlin’s day. As it was still summer and too hot outside, he took her to the new Al Reem Mall. As they sat in a glass paned balcony overlooking the sea, he asked her what was bothering him for a long time.      “Mabel, do you mind if I ask you a question?”      “Not at all, what is it?”      “Why ar
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     Two weeks into the cruise, the Al Fahezi entourage was called back home due to an emergency concerning the youngest child of Sheikh Abdullah and Sheikha Mariam. Farinah has gone missing. Devlin was supposed to meet up with the entire entourage in Greece a week before but due to an emergency occurrence in his businesses in the US, he had to fly to New York instead and then fly back to the UAE because of what happened to Farinah. Pursuing Mabel was the least of his worries as he needed a clear head to figure out the kidnapping incident. Knowing the authorities in the UAE, he was somewhat frustrated because news of these cases were blocked. If not for an insider who was friends with the family, Devlin couldn’t have figured out who was behind the kidnapping. While he was busy with his new business in Abu Dhabi, it appeared that his half-brother was busy trying to destroy his businesses. Devlin was at a loss because as far as he is conc
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     A week after Ami was released from hospital, Devlin was not working in the villa anymore. Since he got his office in downtown Abu Dhabi, he stayed there most of the time. As Ami did not want to be coddled, and after reassuring her cousin that she will be alright, Mabel accepted the post that Devlin offered, Her first week went well as it was only a matter of setting up Devlin’s office which to her opinion is already set up just fine. At first she was apprehensive because she thought Devlin’s partners would be sharing his office space. Her apprehension was gone when she saw the office. There was only Devlin’s desk and hers which was directly opposite his. On her first day she wore a skirt suit which hugged her body and Devlin nearly expired from his seat. Although her desk has a smoked glass paneling, with the light from behind her, Devlin could glimpse her sexy legs as she crossed them although he scolded himself for looking below
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