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We are two forbidden parts of the same whole the Mussolini's are a family no one messes up with. The most powerful gang in the city of Chicago ever since AL Capone and that's exactly the way Vincent seats it. The next generation of Mussolini's rules the school instead of the city like there fathers and everyone fears them up until a newcomer and his gang want to take over. The Catalino's and there leader Giovinna are lookin' for trouble and Vincent and Mussolini's boys are always down for a challenge but when they are forced to get along because of there dads. Vincent finds that he and Giovinna has a lot more than hating each other ...... But Vincent can't be gay ...... He is a Mussolini.... He hate him didn't he ....

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21 Chapters
“Move!” I shouted as the skinny little blonde boy stood in front of me. His eyes widened and he shot over to the other side of the hall his chest pumping up and down in search of air he had somehow lost in the time it took to realize he was blocking my path. Smart kid that he was, he knew not to stay in Vincent Mussolini’s way for longer than a few seconds. No one- I repeat- fucking no one, gets in the way of my family. We are the Mussolini family. The next generation of the most powerful gang in the city of Chicago ever since Al Capone; known for the destruction, the distribution, and the driving of the city. “Maybe you should be nicer to people, Vin,” Sammy said from beside me. My head snapped over to the side setting my eyes in a glare. He knew his place and he knew just how tolerant of talking back I am. We walked in a block watching boys squirm and girls fawn. No one interested me at this school because I had no fucking time for that bullshit. My dad is always making me worry ab
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"What the fuck are we gonna do about these Catalinos? Sammy seethed with venom in his usually calm voice. His dark eyebrows were furrowed down as he paced across the gym like a caged tiger. My head was thinking the same question along with some ways I could kill Gio without my dad ever finding out it was me. He had taught me well enough how to dispose of a body.“Vin?” Ralph said. I looked up from where I was bench pressing with sweat cascading down my body. Ralph gave me a look so I put the heavy bar back on the posts. Sitting up, I looked at all of the boys. They wore the same pissed off expressions that almost made me laugh.Almost.“Pops said we can’t do shit,” I stated. “But I ain’t about to let some new bambino come and take my place.” They all grunted and nodded. “We can’t kill him, though.”“Damn! I come in here and you guys are already talking about
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 As I stared straight ahead in my second period, looking but not really seeing, Gio’s face popped up. I can’t explain why it did but it had. His cat like green eyes that glowed when he was smiling or in his case smirking because that is all the cocky boy ever freaking did. The way his honey brown hair swept across his forehead barely touching the surface of his dark, flawlessly sculpted eyebrow. His straight nose that lead down to two plump lips that could rival any girl’s and day. I wonder how they would feel pressed against miii- What the hell am I thinking!?I jerked up out of my seat and stared down at it as if it were the reason for my corrupted thoughts. “Mr. Mussolini, do you have a problem?” my teacher Mr. something said.I have a problem, I thought. One about five ten, beautiful green eyes, and a body that could rival my own. I grabbed the sides of my head an
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“Where the fuck were you!?” My heart let up into my throat but I turned around and found my little brother instead of my pops. His brown eyes were glowing with worry as he grabbed the front of my shirt and yanked me into his arms. “I was so worried.”I held onto my brother with my good arm and kissed into his hair. Brothers usually don’t have the kind of relationship me and Tommy have, but they also didn’t grow up like us. Tommy is my life. Without him I would be just like my pops and that is….terrifying to even think of.“I’m sorry,” I finally said.“Where were you?” he demanded as he pulled away.I stared into his eyes and couldn’t help but think that he got those eyes from dad. The only difference between them was that Tommy has that sparkle while my pops’ have been soulless for a long time. He is cool at moments and I love him for it, but he
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 I busted through the doors of Tino’s and was immediately greeted with the smell of pizza. Instead of the warm feeling I usually got my stomach turned sour, threatening to spill everywhere. My eyes searched the crowd until I met Sammy’s huge green eyes and then I fell to my knees.“Vincent!” Sammy and Sam screamed as they charged at me. I barely heard them or felt them as they picked me up and carried me to the back. My feet drug across the floor because they refused to work with me. Nothing wanted to work with me.Not even my ears.“Pops is gonna kill me,” I muttered. “Hide me. Hide me. H-hide me.” I babbled like this for a while as my mind went on a wild goose chase.I fucking hurt Gio’s pops. I hurt him because of a guy I said and begged myself to believe that I hate. I wanted- no- needed to protect him. In those few moments I
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 “Get your ass up, Vinnie!” Tommy screamed. I could feel myself hitting the bed repeatedly as if he were jumping on it, but I was too sleepy to care. His foot connected with my ribs however and then I cared. I grabbed the little brat’s foot and then pinned him down to my bed.“About time you woke up,” he said with a smile. The sparkle I loved in his eyes was as bright as ever. “It is seven-thirty. If you don’t leave in like ten minutes you will be late for work.” I groaned and fell back on the bed.So last night had not been a dream. Gio and I really had- oh fuck me. “Gio is getting out of the shower now so-“I threw Tommy off of me and then picked him up and tossed him out of my room. I grabbed a blue V-neck, grey jeans, and a pair of black boxers. I walked to the bathroom door with a lazy smile.He needed clothes, didn’t he?
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 I woke up bathed in warmth. Gio’s uninjured leg was thrown over mine, his arm was secured around my waist, and his head was in the crook of shoulder with my arm around him. I smiled and closed my eyes again so I could just let THIS happen.After our argument last night, I had stayed in the bathroom until he had fallen asleep. I then walked out of the room and went out to the balcony that overlooked the city. Just standing there reminded me of who I was and what my responsibilities were. I couldn’t be with Gio and I couldn’t do things with him. I need to get back on track and that boy needed to be pushed out of my life.Starting after he gets up. Right now I am too comfortable to care.I felt his cool breath on my skin and I looked down to find his eyelids twitching like he was on the verge of getting up. I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing and waited for him to start
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 “I love you, Tommy,” I whispered and slid out of the bed next him. He murmured something in his sleep and then rolled over. I smiled and then walked out of his room silently. I went to go to my room but a hand on my shoulder had me stopping.“Ma?” I said when I met her hazel eyes. She looked like she had been crying so I took her into my arms and held her to me. “Ma, what’s wrong?” She said nothing as she cried. I felt her sorrow and despair like it was being transferred between our touching bodies.“I should have left him when I had the chance and none of you would be like this,” she whispered. I felt her shoulders shake and demanded my tears to stay at bay for her. I had to be strong for my ma and brother. Pops was strong, but he was strong for the sake of people always watching him. He never stayed strong for us…or maybe he did and I
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 “Hey, get up,” Gio whispered to me. I felt the sunlight on my face but refused to open my eyes. I held him tighter against me and nuzzled my face into his neck. “Vinnie, get up.”“Are you whining?” I asked with a smirk.He huffed. “Maybe.” I lifted my head and pried my eyes open to see his messy bed hair and his plump bottom lip sticking out. I leaned forward to take it in between my teeth but stopped when I realized I hadn’t even kissed him yet.“We haven’t kissed,” I whispered. His eyes rolled but then widened when he realized I was right. His eyes went to my mouth and then his cheeks pinkened.“Do you- ya know- wanna….kiss…me?” he asked. His face had turned scarlet now and that made me smile. He looked so innocent like this. His head tucked into my arm, his hair a mess, his eyes wide
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 “You don’t go anywhere without me. Do you understand me?” I said with my hands on Tommy’s shoulder and my eyes leveled with his. My heart hadn’t stop pounding against my chest since my pops said that my little brother was going to shoot up and rob a drug dealers place.“You are over reacting,” Tommy said with a smirk. “You will protect me so I have nothing to worry about. Now,” he said with a smile and his brown eyes glowing. “You go kiss your boyfriend and give him the speech.” I slapped his head and he laughed.“Jack ass,” I hissed but did turn around and go down the hall to my room. My heart was in my stomach about this whole situation, but I couldn’t tell anyone that or else I would be seen as weak. Or maybe the boys would lose hope. I had to stay strong.Gio was in the bathroom when I entered and when
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