Rejecting The Playboy Billionaire

Rejecting The Playboy Billionaire

By:  J. Tarr  Ongoing
Language: English
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***The CEO's Second Choice Spin Off*** Cameron 'Cammy' Westwood is the beautiful, cold, hard-as-nails CEO of Westwood Architecture. Every businessman seems to underestimate her since she's a curvy, blonde woman - and she loves proving them wrong. The night before an important merger of her company with Somersett Incorporated, her best friend takes her out for a drink to unwind. Who should she meet but Elijah Somersett, fresh from cutting off his long, blonde hair and looking unrecognizable? The two, unaware of the vital role they would be playing in one another's business lives, get into an argument that culminates in Cammy pouring a glass of wine all over Elijah's head and storming out. What will happen when she walks into the boardroom the following morning and finds out the flirting womanizer is in fact the man who could help save her company... and that he has an irresistible proposal for her?

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    33 chapters
    1. A Woman In A Man's World
    CammyWhen you’re a woman, they tell you to toe the line. You’re groomed to be polite and to speak when you’re spoken to. Get married, have kids, open your legs to your husband when he needs you to and turn a blind eye to his faults. Be happy this man chose you to be his wife; he will take care of you. AND SMILE!I always spat in the face of people telling you how a woman should behave. It is why my mother won’t take my calls anymore; she hated the fact that her eldest daughter grew to be ambitious like the man who left her for another. I can only laugh at this notion since I am currently staring out over the London skyline from the 11th floor of my building.My name is Cameron Westwood, a 33-year-old self-made businesswoman and CEO of Westwood Architecture and Design.This company is my baby, built from the ground up by my blood, sweat and tears. I managed to repay the business loan I took out from the bank within
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    2. Everyday Is A Repeat Of The Previous
    ElijahEvery day is exactly the same; the same women, the same faces, the same meetings. Apart from my son, I don’t see these people as anything important in my life, the same as the woman in the shower right now. Sighing while feeling the beginning of a migraine, I pick up my things and walk out of the hotel room without so much as a goodbye to her. Not that it mattered anyway; I had forgotten her name the moment I walked in here last night.Things are easier this way; meet up, have a passionate tryst and leave before the other can get attached. No strings, just sex. Getting feelings involved in anything is just a waste of time; besides, why would I give my heart to someone again when I already have everything I could ever want?However, everything has become so mundane as of late. There’s no spark to my day, no excitement at all. I am positively bored with everything lately; no one poses a challenge or fight. It is all yes sirs and
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    3. A Wine Shower
    Cammy “Oh God, you’re right,” I say, suddenly feeling flustered knowing someone has been staring at me. Cassy looks at me with wide eyes, then looks down. “Okay, don’t freak out, but he’s walking over here,” she says, calling the bartender over for another drink. My heart sat in my throat and I start kicking myself for feeling so stupid. Since when do men intimidate me? I’m a damn CEO with my own business which I built up from the ground with my own blood sweat and- “Evening ladies, mind if I join you?” he says with a voice as smooth as silk. I turn around to face him and notice that he has put his face mask on again, but his baby blues were twinkling. “Being safe, thank you for that. How can we help you?” I say with a smile as I sip my wine. He removes his mask again and smiles showing sexy dimples and leaving me a bit blown away at how attractive he is. “I try, trust me but how will I get a chance to talk to such a beautiful woman with this
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    4. The Worst Day
    Cammy I look up at the Somersett Incorporated building and let out a low whistle. Mirrored glass finishings with silver balustrades made for a gorgeous exterior. The interior matched the beauty of the outside, showing just how much Elijah Somersett has put into his building. The receptionist is a pretty young thing and greets me with a black mask emblazoned with the Somersett Inc name in the lower corner. “Cameron Westwood, I am here for a 7 am appointment with Mr Somersett,” I relay to her, and she nods when she sees my ID before gesturing to the lift. “You’re to go to the boardroom, which is on the 31st floor. The receptionist there will lead you to the correct room,” she says with a smile which I return. I have everything expertly rehearsed and all the questions revised. Somersett Inc. can make or break me today, and they are quite aware of the hold they have. After the lockdown, Elijah has the rights to all the most significant city proje
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    5. Do-Over
    Elijah Shaking my head as the minx walks out of the door, and I sit back down with an amused smile on my face. So Cameron Westwood is a female CEO with her own company, not a male who squandered his own business to the ground. I must admit that I was being a tad bit harsh with her, but I treated her as I would any business owner. Last night’s wine in my face didn’t bruise my ego, and I am sure she would assume this is the reason for my comments. But as I went over her resume and proposal, I saw something terribly amiss with her company. She should have had enough money to survive the pandemic, even with the billions worth of products bought. Her Asian contracts were willing to put things on hold until after 2021 then continue at a slow pace, but they cancelled for some reason. I need to find out the cause.The ugly truth is that someone is skimming from her reserve, and she is none the wiser. I let out a sigh and lean back in my chair; if
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    6. The Fated Dinner Date
    Cammy“Wait, WHAT?!”The same line has been repeating in my head since Elijah left my office four hours ago. Why is he interested in my company, and why did he need to invite me out to dinner to discuss it? I suppose that I should have asked him this when he was here, but at that moment, I was too dumbfounded to think clearly. Cassy looks at me as if I have lost my mind, and clearly, I have. “I know, I don’t understand it, either,” I say, picking at my fingernail. “Bloody hell, I suppose this is good, then? If Elijah thinks our company is worth saving, then he must have a plan in place already, don’t you think?” She asks, leaning forward and lacing her fingers together. I shake my head. “I still don’t understand why he would be interested, seeing how we ended things last night.”“Maybe he doesn’t care about last night and truly only cares about investing with us?
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    7. Mutually Beneficial
    ElijahElena and Sebastian showing up here at the exact moment as me must be a coincidence. There is no way they could have known that I would be here with Cameron. Then again, knowing Elena’s penchant for putting her nose where it didn’t belong made me wonder if she asked Leo what I would be doing this evening. Whatever the case may be, I hope they don’t think of this as anything other than a business meeting. God knows that’s all it is to me right now.Sighing, I resolve to put it out of my mind and focus on the gorgeous woman sitting opposite me. Cameron truly dominates every shade of the colour red from her lips to her dress, which accentuates her every dip and curve.I ordered us wine and tried to gather my thoughts and the reason I brought her here. My proposal will raise her eyebrows, but it is the most effective way to get her business associates talking. My name holds a lot more influence than hers, and I have be
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    8. Tit For Tat
    CammyWhat is he thinking, drawing up an agreement like this?!The cocksure grin on his face has my blood boiling even more. “Is this all a game to you? Is my life some sort of sick joke you can get off on?” I ask, shaking my head as I throw the papers down. He shakes his head. “No, not at all. I am deadly serious about this arrangement.”“Call it what it is, Elijah, a bloody contract marriage!” I exclaim, knowing the other guests in the restaurant can hear me but not giving a damn right now. Who did this bloke take me for?“Cameron, when I drew up that contract, I took everything into consideration, including your pride. This will purely be a business arrangement between the two of us and nothing more. Yes, I can buy your company from you, and solve all your problems, but how will that make you feel in the end? That this company isn’t yours anymore. Am I correct?”I wouldn't sa
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    9. Agreed Upon
    ElijahIn the next few minutes, Ms Westwood will be walking through my office door with an answer for me. Truth be told, this idea seemed preposterous to me in the first place, but I couldn’t resist putting it out on the table. Cameron might hate me, but her love for her company overpowers that hate.And I am hoping she plays into my hands.When I told Leo about my idea, he thought that I had gone mad. Why would I want to be married again and this time to a woman who despised me? Well, as I have said before, I love the chase. I will get my little minx to bend to my will, be it through wooing her or helping save her company. She is in no way a perfect fit for my lifestyle anyway - she’s too harsh, not ladylike at all, and to be frank, she reminds me of myself too much.Not to mention that I do not see her as a mother figure to be around my son. Yes, this will be a temporary arrangement between companies, but I am more intereste
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    10. The First Day
    CammyDressed to kill in a black pantsuit and mile-high heels, I am ready to conquer.It’s my first day at Somersett Inc as Elijah’s so-called wife, and when I walk into the building, everyone greets me with respect. Were they informed of the agreement between Elijah and me? No, it can’t be since the actual deal would only be known between the two of us. Elijah must have informed them I would arrive; this is the only thing that makes sense.I am told to head up to the 50th floor where Elijah’s offices are and to ask for a Mr Leo Smythe, as he would lead me to my new office. When I arrive on said floor, a youngish guy walks over to me with a kind smile on his face.“Shall I call you Ms Westwood or Mrs Somersett?” He asks with a grin, and I feel the smile slip from my face. “Uhm.. I…” I stammer, watching the amused smile grow wider. “I jest, Ms Westwood, you don’t need to go
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