My Alpha, My Demise

My Alpha, My Demise

By:  The Black Daisy  Completed
Language: English
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Jude: Despite being an alpha with a destined mate somewhere, I wanted nothing to do with her. After everything I have witnessed since I was a boy I learned one thing, to love is to destroy. That’s what happened to my father and I'll be damned if I let history repeat itself. My father raised and shaped me into the ultimate alpha. One who doesn't put anything above his pack, not even a mate. Elijah his wolf: My human buddy here is full of shit. Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t even know what love is and he's sitting here giving you stupid advice on it. He turned his heart to stone and decided to turn his back on our mate. Stick with me and you will know the true meaning of love because as soon as I lay eyes on her, I'll give my life to protect her. Yeah that’s right, screw you Jude. Move over it’s time for me to take control now. Davina: A mate? Yeah more like a heart stabbing BASTARD! At least I had my pretty convincing reason to try and kill him. But what the fuck was his excuse? Why not reject me and send me on my way? Why such cruelty? Rowena her wolf: Ok so I know it’s pretty bad that our mate tried to kill us, but on the bright side, his kind hearted wolf stopped him. He'll take care of us now. I know it from the bottom of my heart. You’ll see Davina, we'll be safe again. Two human mates hell bent on killing each other for their own reasons. Their two wolves hell bent on taking control and mating to each other like they're meant to be. Which side will win?

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121 chapters
Jude’s POV Prophecies…. I fucking hate them. A single damn Prophecy ruined my alpha coronation when I was eighteen years old, and turned my already stone cold heart into a heart sculptured statue made of ice. Prophecies. What are they? You may ask. Where do they come from? Who may speak them? and do they always come true? You may wonder. Prophecies are predictions about the future. Near future or far? It’s not clear. It can be either. They are not always precise and fully understandable. Sometimes they never make sense even. They come from the moon goddess. The one who knows it all, but loves to drop down a handful of unsolvable mysteries upon her people whenever she’s probably bored and looking for some fun pass time, just to mess with us down here. She has a special bond or connection to only one supernatural species, the warlocks. Warlocks are the only ones who the moon goddess talks to when she wants to deliver a new Prophecy. They are not as common as you may think.
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Davina’s POV“What the hell?” I yelp as I stare at myself in the mirror with wide gaping eyes.I had just woken up from my sleep and headed into the bathroom to wash my face and start the day fresh, when I noticed the weirdest thing on the planet.My eyes changed color over night!“What… the… hell?” I say again in a shocked tone as I try to blink several times in case my mind was playing tricks on me or something.No way!Is this even possible?“Wow! We look so sexy like that girl!” my wolf Rowena purrs in my head.Give it to Rowena to see the sexiness in everything around us.I hear running footsteps, before my twin sister Irena, knocks on the door and says warily “Davina? Are you okay? I heard you yelling all the way from the kitchen”I open the door and show her my eyes, hoping she would tell me that they are the same boring dark blue eyes they
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Davina’s POV“Rise and shine, my little violet eyed werewolf”A soft voice whispers in my ear.I open my eyes slowly, my head was ringing loudly, and my mouth was dry.I was lying on a very hard rough surface.I slowly push myself up into a sitting position. A jiggling sound draws my attention, and I notice that my hands and feet were bound with silver shackles. The middle of my long hand shackles was secured through a hook pinned on the wall behind me.I hissed as the sudden surge of pain started to register within me.The silver was burning my wrists. As my ankles were covered with my long tights, they weren’t able to burn me there.I looked up and studied my surroundings.I was in a large dim cell.The same man I saw before I passed out was standing in front of me. Gazing down at me with amusement.Next to him, stood a short young woman with black braided hair. She was also giving
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Jude’s POV“Alpha Jude please!”I bring my palm down on her sweet seducing ass as I spank her again viciously.She yelps, her pain mixing with her pleasure as I plunger harder behind her.She was cuffed to the headboard of my bed, sweaty and begging for release, but I was no where near done with her.Her being the girl whose name was Caroline, one of the girls who I call upon to meet my hungry, horny needs at night.She knew my rules during sex.No overnight staying.No heart warming love confessions or flirtation of any kind.No disobedience during our fucking.No touching.That was the most important rule.Still, I always take my precaution and just cuff her to my bed.Other rules include enjoying a little bit of pain during our fucking.Put an underline on the word enjoying.And put another one on the word pain.I’m not a sexual abuser. I don&rsq
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Jude’s POVEven after staying half an hour under a nearly boiling water didn’t calm down my nerves, I gave up on it and got out.I had so much on my mind. So many obstacles in my way. I was still searching for a new warlock to join my pack after Anastasia’s unfortunate loss. But it was proving to be a nearly impossible task. Before Anastasia’s death, she gave some locations she believed some warlocks were hiding in, but every single one of them turned out to be a dead end.I couldn’t help but feel like things will soon get out of my control and my violet eyed mate will decide to choose this time to come out of her hiding place, now that I’m one warlock short.Because when has fate ever stopped being ironic?If another pack gets their hands on her, she will side with them, she will become their ultimate weapon and I; along with my whole pack, will be facing our doom. Just like that fucking prophecy said.I
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Davina’s POVHe was trying to fucking kill me!I couldn’t believe this fucking asshole! My mate!My own mate was trying to kill me!Ok I know I came here to do the exact same thing and kill him but I was fucking forced into it! What the hell is his excuse?I’m taken aback by the fact that he was trying to tear my heart out of my chest; like that monster did to my mother merely half a day ago, I don’t react for a few seconds. But as the pain of his claws stabbing me in the chest registers, I use both my hands to hold his from doing any more damage as I stare at him with wild crazy eyes.I can’t believe I was feeling fucking guilty all the way here because I was going to murder him to free my sister, an innocent man.Innocent my ass!I try with all my might to push his claws out of my chest but he was so much stronger than me.His emerald green eyes were staring at me ruthlessly devoid of any
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Davina’s POV Half an hour passes as Rowena and I sulk at different things. I’m sulking over the loss of my mom; whom I still can’t believe was killed right in front of me as I sat helpless and watched, and I’m sulking over the twin sister I left behind. I left her in that cell all alone, with a shallow promise from alpha evil who refused to give me his name that he will not harm her as long as I do my part and kill whoever he wants. My last words to her before I was dragged out of that cell, driven away blindfolded, and dropped just outside the border of this town, played in my head: “I will save you Irena. I will do whatever it takes I promise” I whispered to her emotionally. She looked at me with such anguish, it broke my already broken heart into more sharp pieces. “I know you will Davina. I love you no matter what happens” she said sadly. It almost felt like she didn’t believe I will be capable of saving her, that I will fail and s
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Davina’s POVI burned my hand once when I was fifteen years old.Or rather Irena accidentally burned it. She spelled a freshly made boiling cup of coffee on it by mistake, and I… I was in pure genuine agony then.It hurt so fucking much that words couldn’t describe the feelings I felt then, all I knew was, nothing will ever hurt me as much as that burn did.Correction: Nothing will hurt me more than being whipped with a flogger dipped in wolfs bane.That’s the true definition of pure genuine agony.As soon as the first lash landed hard on my back, I knew I will be scarred emotionally for life.The sting it left after contact remained while another one was added merely two seconds after the first. I kept quiet for merely five minutes as more stings were added until I felt like my entire back was a series of stinging burning lines that never went away. After five minutes of my torture session, I couldn’t k
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Jude’s POV Getting poisoned fucking hurt. More than anything I have ever felt in my life. I was paralyzed in my own body screaming in my own head for what felt like weeks. I only knew pain and saw one thing on repeat. My mate stabbing me with a syringe and injecting me with never ending agony. I hated her with every fiber of my being. Even now more than ever. I wanted her dead before I met her, but now that I actually met her, I kept vowing to myself during my searing agony that I will do anything but that. Death will be a mercy compared to what I had in mind. Plotting her excruciating, unending torment, imagining her screaming, begging me for some relief, for some mercy, is what kept me fighting through that hell that I was trapped in. She is going to pay for this unimaginable pain that she caused, that I’ve been going through, a hundred folds. I finally will my eyes open slowly. No trace of pain left in my system anymore. I felt like I was reborn again. Taking a huge deep b
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Jude’s POV She flinched at the sound of my voice. She turned and rested on her back as she looked at me without any surprise on her face from seeing me alive and well. She must have heard about my recovery, I realized. She was expecting me. I unlocked the cell door and stood in front of it, looking down at her with loath and anger. She was afraid, but she was not showing it. Her increasing heart beat betrayed her. I was torn between getting to her punishment right away, or wasting time on asking questions that needed answering. On one hand I had to take advantage of Elijah’s weakness, so he doesn’t interfere in my plans for her, but on the other hand I knew she won’t be able to speak once I was done with her punishment. I decided to have the conversation, or rather interrogation first. I came closer and sat cross legged right in front of her on the ground. As soon as I settled down, she sucked in a breath, her entire body started trembling, her heart beat was rapidly racing,
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