Saved By Alpha Slade

Saved By Alpha Slade

By:  Cassandra K.  Updated just now
Language: English
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What could a cold-hearted conqueror want from a weak half-blood with nothing to her name except an unending family debt? Alpha Hayden Slade has accomplished almost everything he wants for his pack, except one. For a cursed Alpha counting the days to his death, his greatest challenge is providing an heir for his pack before his demise. But what could be worse than the curse of untimely death? Being mated to a weak Half-blood that has no idea of her identity. A weakling that can never be his Luna. He quickly offers her a deal to bear him an heir, not wanting any form of attachment to a half-human, half-wolf. Catching feelings wasn’t a part of the deal, but a big surprise awaits him when he discovers she holds the key to a possibility he’d long given up on. Aria always believed she was just human. Her Father’s constant gambling habits puts them in debt to a notorious loan shark and they must find a way to pay off the large sum within a short period of time. When an arrogant Hayden Slade comes into her life with an offer to bear a child for him, she is torn between two choices; agree to his offer or sell her body to the loan sharks. Aria is swept into a world she never thought existed. She is beyond desperate to gain her mate’s trust and become part of his pack, But she is totally clueless that the mate bond can bring the most heartless man to his knees, even a man as powerful as Alpha Slade.

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55 chapters
Excruciating pain traveled from my chest down to my underbelly as I stumbled to the floor, but I bounced back up almost immediately and lunged at my opponent, digging my claws into his neck and drawing blood. He whimpers and staggers back but doesn’t relent.I growled ferociously, and the alpha wolf encircling me responds with a growl of his own. He is weak, I can see it, and so is his army. My wolf is bigger and stronger than his. He could have saved himself this humiliation by just surrendering, but no alpha wants to look weak in presence of their pack members.The ruckus around us had now skyrocketed as more wolves joined in the fight, paws paddling on the floor and carrying dust as my warriors battled with his, and the painful howls of his warriors traveled through the air. We are going to win this. All I have to do is end their alpha’s life and Lakewood pack would be mine.The wolf jumped on my back and clutched at my neck, aiming to dig his can
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ONEARIASelfish, negligent, irresponsible, reckless, are just a few out of the many words I could use to describe the man I call father, but I would save my anger for a later date. Right now, what is more important is dealing with the issue on ground.“You told me you were over that,” my mother wailed.“Well, I am, but I have to clear the pending debts. You didn’t think they would just disappear did you?” father says nonchalantly.My mum and dad are opposites. Mum is selfless and loving, especially when it involves her family. How she managed to fall in love and marry a man like my father is still something that baffles me till date.“Two hundred thousand dollars Harry! How the fuck did you manage to gamble such a large sum? What in hell were you thinking?” she screamed.“You most definitely wouldn’t be using that tone if the odds had been in my f
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“Ouch..” my dad flinched as mum cleans the amputated area with saline solution. His hand was swelling already and I fear it may already be contaminated. My mum applies less pressure and once she is done, she starts to cover it in gauze wrap.Audrey returns from the kitchen with a bag of ice and lays it on the table while my mother wraps his entire palms in a waterproof bag and goes on to dip it inside the bag of ice. The care she showed this man, the feelings she had for him, the love she showered him with her every touch.I’m still trying to process all that happened this afternoon. My father lost his tiny finger today, who knows what may happen tomorrow? Or the day after? How do we raise a hundred and ninety grand within three weeks? Even if we sold this whole house and everything in it, it wouldn’t amount to anything, and where would we live after that? I don’t even have a penny saved up anywhere, and it hurt to see Audrey give out her
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“You are not going to sell your body to pay off dad’s debts especially not to that mongrel,” Audrey tries to reassure me.“The fact that he would even suggest it is appalling,” I paced the lengths of our small room. Small as it is, it happens to be the only place I find comfort in this house. I have shared this room with Audrey since we were little, but we learned to respect each other’s spaces.We decorated our sections differently and my side of the room is not as colorful as Audrey’s. We have two separate beds on each side of the room. Audrey always has a pink or multicolored bedspread laid, her medium-sized teddy bear sitting comfortably on the bed, a small reading table where she keeps all her favorite books, and a reading lamp by the side.On Audrey’s reading table is an old family picture. Mum held me cradled in her arms, with dad’s arms around her waist. They looked happy and so much in love. Audrey i
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SLADE Listening isn’t one of my favorite things. I learned to turn a deaf ear to a lot of things, particularly if it is coming from the werewolf council or any of the pack elders. It gets irritating having to listen to the same sermon over and over again when I am even more worried about the situation than they are. My nights are filled with nightmares, and my days with unending pressure.I didn’t grow Dark wolf Pack to be the strongest, largest, and most feared pack only for it to be taken away from my bloodline because of me. I made Dark Wolf Pack what it is today. My efforts brought us here, and I’m not scared of dying, far from it. In fact, if I die, I die a noble man, I die because of the sacrifice I had to make for my pack. I accomplished what I planned for my pack within six years of my reign. Something my father failed to achieve in his twenty-eight years on seat.I took on the role of alpha of Dark Wolf P
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“I’ve been waiting for you, Alpha,” The red head sprawled on my couch licked her lips and caressed her thighs seductively. She is wearing black lingerie with matching black pencil heels, batting her eyelids at me like a cat.I grabbed her roughly by the arms and yanked her off my seats, anger rolling off me, but she squirms like a little school girl who’s just been offered cotton candy.“You know I like it rough, alpha,” she giggles.“What the fuck are you still doing here?” I barked. She flinched, Maybe I raised my voice a little too much, but I made it crystal clear before leaving this morning that I didn’t want her here when I got back.I had a one-night stand with the red head once, and that’s all it was supposed to be, that was our deal. Her name, I can’t even remember, but she wouldn’t give me breathing space after that night. She isn’t from my pack, I know better than to
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ARIA  My eyes scanned the bathroom for the tenth time, checking to make sure I didn’t leave any spot unattended. It looked perfect to me but I doubt Mrs. Brown would be pleased with the result. She is never pleased with anything and I learned that within two days of working with her. I spent the last four hours scrubbing this particular toilet because Mrs. Brown wanted it perfect, as it was situated in the master’s bedroom of her mansion, and she spends most of her time in here than in her actual bedroom according to her. I looked longingly at the bathroom again. What I would give to have a proper shower in a bathroom so luxurious. It is even bigger than the living room in my house! Sweat trickled down my forehead, chest, under arms, and even my thighs. I’m exhausted. Within the last three days, I have taken up all kinds of jobs I could get my hands on to make money, and so has Audrey and
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I thought Pablo and his gang were the scariest-looking men I had laid my eyes on in a long time, but the man standing adjacent to me reminded me of Hercules. He stood a reasonable distance away, yet one could easily see he was brawny. His well-defined muscles hugged his shirt that had a few buttons opened and the top and the sleeves rolled up as if he had come prepared for a fight, but his hands were tucked casually into his pant pockets.“Who the fuck are you?” Pablo brawled.“Leave the girl alone,” He repeated, his tone was quiet but commanding.I take the opportunity to wriggle my arms again in an attempt to get them free, but Pablo’s grip tightened even more. His colleague had released me to move towards the stranger, cracking his knuckles as he did. “You have a chance to turn around and walk away like you didn’t see anything,” Pablo’s colleague warned, but his words do not move this stranger
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“You don’t need to, I can walk,” I doubled my steps, but his strides were way longer than mine, and in no time, I had to occasionally jug to meet up with his pace. There was no use being so strong-headed. Pablo could still be anywhere around here watching me.“Are you not interested in knowing what we need you for?” Marcel apparently wasn’t backing down. I’m not exactly short, but I feel like an ant walking beside him. The offer sounds tempting, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Things just never worked in my favor. Nothing I ever did or hoped for went the way I wanted them and I gave up dreaming a long time ago. It’s almost like the universe worked against me.“What is it I have to do?” I asked casually. My ears were itching, and my mind was trained to receive whatever ridiculous thing he had to say.“We need an heir that only you can provide!” he rasped.&ldquo
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The rumbling sound from my stomach served as a reminder that it needed food. Since I wasn't cleaning for Mrs. brown today, I had to return home earlier than usual, something I wasn't exactly happy about. Being around the four walls of that house was torture, the air around the gloomy environment could easily drive one into depression, and father's surly attitude made it even worse. These days, I hated seeing him. The mere thought of him angered me, and if I had anywhere else to be rather than in that house, then I would gladly go there.Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of friends. No one wants to mingle with a low life like me, rejection was nothing new to me and I can't say I am exactly the friendly type. I learned to keep to myself and maintain my own space as a child because no one ever really wanted to be seen with me. Did I get male advances? Yes, a lot. Nine out of the ten men I meet just want to get into my panties, but I learned quickly to differentiate bet
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