Dimitri and Nikolai: Rejecting Fate

Dimitri and Nikolai: Rejecting Fate

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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PART 1 - NIKOLAI AND NOVA: Nikolai is the youngest brother of Kai and Konstantin Volkov. Since his torture and kidnapping, he's become a cold, distant shell of the man he used to be, making a name for himself as a Ripper. The only light in his life is Nova Lorelei, the mate he rejected while he was under the control of a demonic entity. But even as he yearns for her, he knows she's better off without him in her life. So he keeps to the shadows and watches over her. This worked out fine until he saw his mate being abused by another. Will Nikolai be able to keep his distance from Nova, or is the Mate Bond stronger than his willpower? ----- PART 2 - DIMITRI AND ARYA: Wracked with guilt at nearly killing his human mate four years ago, Dimitri Volkov let Arya go so she could live a normal life. He didn't feel worthy of a mate or happiness after almost killing her and betraying his entire pack, so he settled to living a life filled with blood and pain as his brother and Alpha's Lead Enforcer. A trip to Brooklyn changes everything for him when he finds his way onto Brooklyn Bridge only to see his mate about to commit suicide. He saves her again, but the Mate Bond Sighting clicks, and the traitorous Gamma finds himself in quite the position: reject Arya or accept what Fate has given him? Book 1 - Alpha Kai Book 2 - Konstantin: The Heartless Beta **Can be read as a standalone as I delve into what happened in the previous books**

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92 Chapters
Part 1: Chapter 1
Nova What’s worse than being a Rogue? Being a Rogue rejected by her destined mate and yet still feeling the Mate Bond Pull. I know I told people that I expected my mate, Nikolai Volkov, to reject me - and I did. But the mere fact still hits me so hard that I feel breathless at times. Being rejected feels like shit. It hurts you right to your core, even more so because I’ve been an orphaned Rogue all my life. Well, I’m used to being on my own with no one at my side. However, Alpha Cain took me in and now I’m in a pack again. But my Rogue Blue eyes are still there since I don’t have my wolf yet. Every now and then my mind drifts to Nikolai. How he rejected me so casually and how his attitude did a complete reversal when we met up again. He scented me and said he wanted me at his side and would prove that I belonged to him. But that was four years ago. Since then, I haven’t heard a word from him, and my heart breaks a little more
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Part 1: Chapter 2
Nikolai “You know if Kai finds out about this, he’ll make you claim her.” My brother, Dimitri, says before he drives away in his Maserati. We've just come back from another torture mission and the last thing I want to do is go home. “I fucking know that,” I murmur to myself as I look up at the flashing neon sign of the seedy bar in Hell’s Kitchen. I know I shouldn’t be here again, I know I should head home and resume the mission Kai has sent me on, but I can’t help it. The pull is too strong; HER pull is too strong. I should probably just reject her for real this time and get on with my life, but staring at temptation for so long only makes me crave it more. Nova is my mate, and I want her more than I feel the need to breathe. But with what’s going on between the Five, I cannot risk her life. It’s been nearly four years since I spoke with her, four years since I caught her scent and promised to win her over again… and four years since I’ve done jack shit about it. Trust me, it’s
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Part 1: Chapter 3
Nova I felt his hardness pressed up against me after I told him I didn’t have the money yet, and a hit to my nose caused my glasses to crack and fly from my face. He’s going to punish me right here in a back alley, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it, half-blind and in mile-high heels. I slammed my eyes shut, knowing what would come next and hoped it would be over quickly so I could get back inside the bar and continue my shift. This is humiliating. I fucking hate this. As tears stream down my face, I wonder what I’ve ever done wrong to deserve everything that has been handed to me. A sudden growl snaps me out of my haze of self-pity, and the scent of smokey bergamot and mint causes me to perk up. I feel a splash of warm liquid on my back, and when I turn around, a sense of terror overtakes me but quickly dissipates when I see his familiar face. As bad as my eyesight is, I will never forget his scent. “Nikolai?” I whi
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Part 1: Chapter 4
Nova “Alpha Cain,” I say and get to my feet. The sight and angry scent of my Alpha immediately made me feel ashamed. He walks towards me with his arms crossed and breathes out a sigh. However, his features soften before he wraps his thick arms around me. “Nova,” he says my name and that dam finally cracks. Four years' worth of anger, shame and resentment come out as he rubs my back. This man trusted me, and I broke his trust by not coming to him for help, I know he will see it that way. No matter how I look at it, this is ultimately me not trusting in my Alpha. Fifteen minutes pass, and I finally pull away from him, wiping my tears away and sniffing. “I’m so sorry,” I say, peering up at him with half-blind eyes. “What exactly are you sorry for, little Nova? You’ve done nothing wrong.” He says, leading me over to my couch. “Will has been abusing me for the better part of a year, and I didn’t come to you with it. He’s fo
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Part 1: Chapter 5
NikolaiI’ve been sitting on my motorcycle outside The Slip for the last twenty minutes, too terrified to walk inside. Kai is pissed off with me. I can smell the anger on his scent all the way out here, and it is close to knocking me out cold.I messed up tonight, I fucking know that, and now my older brother and Alpha will make me pay. He’s been going easy on me lately, but I have a feeling that this is the last straw. Not only that, but I came across as unfeeling and cold towards my mate. She was in shock and hurting, and I couldn’t even push my ego aside to ask her if she was okay. What the hell is wrong with me?!/“I know you’re out there, Nikolai,”/ Kai suddenly says through the mind link causing me to cringe internally. Fuck, I guess it’s now or never.Taking a huge ass gulp of air and bracing myself for a shitstorm, I tuck my helmet underneath my arm and make my way inside the club. When I
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Part 1: Chapter 6
NovaWhat the hell is wrong with me? It’s been close to a month, and Nikolai has disappeared yet again. I keep setting myself up for this, but whenever I try to reject him, the words die in my mouth. My heart aches whenever I think about it, so much so that I feel breathless at times.I want Nikolai, and I want him to crave me as much as I do him, but I know he never will.Tonight it’s busier than usual in the bar, but I know the reason why; the full moon is tomorrow, and the unmated males are nearing their rut. Not a good thing for an unmated female like me, especially since I can feel my heat approaching./“Nova,”/ Alpha Cain calls me through the mind link at about 8 PM. /“Close up early and go home; I don’t want Nikolai Volkov killing anyone else in my territory because you’re nearing your heat.”/I blush beet red when he says this and relay the message to Estie a
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Part 1: Chapter 7
Nikolai I should have prepared for this and listened to Kai, but I upped and walked into enemy territory out of sheer fucking anger. Alder Grey, Gamma from the IronCrest Pack, has had it out for me the last few months, and by killing three of my bookies, he’s succeeded in luring me out of BloodCrest territory. And into his fucking hands. Surrounded by him and two of his pack warriors, I fought them off as best I could, but what I didn’t expect was to run into fucking hunters on my way out. Granted, Connecticut is Alpha Bastien lands, but now I have a feeling he’s aligned with hunters to keep enemies out. I tell Kai this over the mind link and hightail it out of there on my Ducati, needing to breach our own border. But a few blocks away from Hell’s Kitchen, the wheels slip on the slick tar, and I crash into a fucking store front. Kai won’t like this, I know he won’t, but right now, I can barely think as the wolfsbane makes its way into my system. I allow Knight to lead me to a s
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Part 1: Chapter 8
Nova “Thank you again, Nova,” Alpha Kai says before leaving with Nikolai in tow. I couldn’t help but notice how pissed off Nikolai looked as soon as he saw his older brother. Did he not want Alpha Kai to know about his injuries or something? Oh, well, not my circus, not my monkeys. I’m about to lock the bar when I look up and see Nikolai’s grinning face on the other side of the door. “What are you still doing here?” I ask, confused. I’m pretty sure I saw him getting in Kai’s car earlier. He grins, then stretches out his hand. “Give me your cell phone; we haven’t exchanged numbers, and we’re supposed to be fated mates.” My eyes widen at this, and I can feel a blush coming on again, but I hand him my phone anyway. After inputting his number, he rings his cell as well and then hands mine back to me. “There, now you can give me your answer later,” he says, but as he hands me my phone, he grips my wrist and pulls me into his arms. “Hmmm, I can’t wait to make you mine finally.” He
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Part 1: Chapter 9
Nova What a long ass week. I’ve been itching to get out of my damn apartment, and now that my heat has passed, I cannot wait to stretch my legs. Who knows, maybe it will be my last heat as an unclaimed mate. The thought made me smile like an idiot, and I shake my head as I unlock the door to my apartment. I’ve decided to go to one of my favourite coffee shops and enjoy myself for a change since I never think of myself. To say that Will’s death and Alpha Cain’s chat changed me is putting it lightly. I know my worth now, and I’ve grown somewhat of a backbone - none of the wolves who used to eye fuck me even dare to anymore. I needed this, needed the trauma and pain to realise that I’m not anyone’s doormat. Now I just need to get a bit tougher in the fighting department. “Hey, Nova. I haven’t seen you in ages!” One of the baristas, Owen, greets me when I walk in. I wave and give him a slight smile before taking a seat at the back of the cafe. I didn’t come here to chat with anyone,
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Part 1: Chapter 10
Nikolai I need to calm down and not piss Nova off, but I also need to know who that fucking guy thought he was. I would have ripped his throat out if she wasn’t there, maimed him and made him cry for his mother while- “You can ask me, Nickybabe,” she suddenly says, calling me that nickname that makes my heart stutter and cutting through my violent thoughts. I look over at her in the passenger side of my black SUV. She’s smiling and shaking her head, then she turns to me again. “I know it’s killing you.” “Damn right it is,” I grumble, turning back to the road. “However, you’re allowed to have friends of your own, Nova and I won’t be the guy to keep you from that.” I can tell that this surprises her, but truth be told, I had no right to tell her who she can and can’t be friends with. I won’t be the abusive asshole who keeps her from living her life the way she wants to - I can’t be that guy. “Thank you,” I hear her saying softly before she sighs. “But he was only an old friend fro
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