The abused Alpha

The abused Alpha

By:  Amy T  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vladimir has been abused for over fifteen years for killing a female from the Silver Pack. His wolf, Derayu, is feral he can't be trusted, and Vladimir struggles to keep him locked inside his mind. But what will happen when he finds a way to break free from the prison Vladimir put around him? Elena is strong, confident, and the best vampire huntress from all over Romania. Her wolf, Mia, falls in love with Vladimir soon after she meets him. Will her wish come true, and one day, she will mark her mate? Or will Elena's past knock on her door and force her to decide to be with Vladimir or get her revenge? What will happen when Elena and Vladimir meet? Can two different persons find peace and love and accept each other the way they are? Join Elena and Vladimir in a story that will take on adventures while they try to resolve some mysteries from the past.

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15 Chapters
Chapter 1
Vladimir When I think of my life, my past, and what I would change if I had the chance to do it, many things come to my mind. But I would never regret loving her. Every moment I spent with her was a gift.My mind goes back to that fatal day, and when I remember all the blood, the cup I am washing slips from my hand and falls on the floor with a loud noise, shattering. I look at it. This is how I am right now–broken.I hear him growl behind me and my heart starts pounding so fast in my chest, and I am already trembling with fear. I know what is going to happen, and I close my eyes. I deserve everything that is happening to me. For I am a criminal.The Alpha first punches me in the nose and then in the stomach, hard, making me bend from the pain. Blood is dripping from my broken nose."You worthless piece of shit! You always break something! And every time you break something, it costs me money. How are you going to pay for what you just broke?" Alpha Max spits his anger at me while he
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Chapter 2
Vladimir When I open my eyes, I find myself in the stables, laying on my back on my mattress with my thin and dirty blanket is covering my body. The scent and the neigh of the horses are familiar and comforting to me, as I have been sleeping in the stables for many years.I am not sure for how long I have been unconscious because it is dark in the stable, and I know it is during the night.My body throbs with pain, but after years of torture, the pain has become part of my life. But my life hasn't always been like this. There had been a time when I had a family, and I lived in a Rogue Community. There had been a time when I was not a slave or part of the Silver Pack. It's not a big pack; around a hundred werewolves live here. We live close to Târgoviște in Romania.As I shift on the mattress, I wonder who brought me here because the last thing I remember is being in the kitchen, Alpha Max beating me until I blacked out.I try to get to my left side, and a hiss of pain escapes my lips
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Chapter 3
Elena As I look at the burned buildings of the Mountain Pack, I tie my hair in a ponytail. I frown while I try to assess how much the repairs will cost. Of course, some buildings will have to be rebuilt.Mark moves to my left, but I don't say a word as I keep looking at the Pack House. Half of it perished in the fire. I frown while I try to think how the pack members will live until they have the new buildings.Less than sixteen hours ago, the Mountain Pack was attacked by a pack of rogue wolves. I still don't understand how the rogues managed to do so much damage to this pack."How many dead?" I ask Alpha Dan, the Alpha of the pack.From the corner of my right eye, I see how Alpha Dan scratches the back of his head before talking, "Ten dead and twenty-three wounded.""And what the fuck were the Enforcers doing? Play fucking cards while the rogues attacked?" I snap at the Alpha.Each pack of werewolves has at least ten Enforcers or more, depending on the size of the pack and the terri
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Chapter 4
Vladimir Like most nights, nightmares haunt me. For fifteen years, night after night, I relive that day when I took her life. After that, I dream of being tortured by Alpha Max. His father was cruel, but Alpha Max is ten times crueler.I wake up breathing hard, and I feel a body pressed to me, and I try to get away from whoever it is. A hiss of pain escapes my lips as I fall from the mattress."V? It's Ana!"When I hear her voice, I relax. I know I am safe with her."Sorry," I mumble. "I had a nightmare."I grit my teeth and crawl back on the mattress. When I am lying next to her, Ana asks me, "The dungeons?"Between Ana and me, there are no secrets. She is the only one that hasn't treated me like a criminal. The only one that never harmed me. Her and her family."Yes," I say in a flat tone."Every time I remember what they did to you in there, my blood boils in anger!" Ana says.Even if Ana is four years younger than me and was only eight years when I was brought into the pack. She w
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Chapter 5
Elena For about four days, Mark, William, and I visit packs from Sibiu and Brașov. No matter how fast I move, the rogues and vampires are two steps ahead of me.As we leave the last pack that was attacked behind, a growl escapes my lips."Every time you growl, I feel like hiding. You are scarier than an Alpha male," Mark says.I look at Mark. He is driving the car."Scared of a female, Mark?"William, sitting in the back seat, laughs, "Dude, you are not just a female. You are Elena."Mark chuckles, "Packs use your name to scare little pups. I am scared of you, and I am an adult."I look out the window and look at how the sunlight filters through the canopy of the trees before I say, "It does not matter who I am if I can't stop Mihnea."'One day, we will kill him,' Mia, my wolf, says.While I talk a lot and say what the fuck I want, Mia is quieter and thinks before she speaks. But she had been my other half since the day I turned fourteen, and I would not change anything about her or o
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Chapter 6
VladimirAna insists we escape, and to be honest, in the last few days, I have started to think more and more about freedom. After the beating Beta Stefan gave me, I made sure not to make any more mistakes. The first two nights after my last beating, Ana brought me more food, but on the second night, after she left the stables, Alpha Max almost caught her, and she stopped coming to the stables.I spent a lot of time cleaning and decorating the Pack House for the Alpha's birthday. Tables and chairs have been put in the big dining room, while in the kitchen, food and drinks that have been prepared are waiting to be served. "You should eat something!" Mrs. Radu says and puts a plate with food on the table.I remember what happened the last time she gave me food, and I a take step back."I am fine," I say.She pulls a chair. "Alpha Max is too busy to notice you. So eat everything; you need your energy for tonight!" Mrs. and Mr. Radu know about Ana's plan to escape the Silver Pack. We wi
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Chapter 7
Vladimir Three Enforcers drag me to the dungeons while four pack members take Ana and her parents. I try to free myself from the Enforcers, but one of them takes out a taser and uses it on me until I stop struggling. Fortunately, they don't do anything to Ana or her parents. When we reach the dungeons, we are taken to different cells. There are bloodstains on the walls and the floor of the cell the Enforcers take me to. A pole dressed in silver is in the middle, and a male removes my t-shirt and ties me to it with special zip ties. After that, I am left alone in the cell. I struggle to get free, but the harder I pull, the more the zip ties seem to cut into my wrists. Derayu tries to speak to me, but I block him. Screams coming from Ana and her parents start a few minutes later. Son of a bitch! Alpha Max will make me listen to how he hurts the only people who care about me before torturing me. Nothing would have happened if I had insisted to Ana that I didn't want to escape. "T-T
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Chapter 8
Elena The trip to Silver Pack takes more time than I expected. We were on a lonely road when a group of vampires and rogues attacked us. Between Mark, William, and I, we killed them fast. After we got rid of the bodies, I saw that one of my bolts got stuck in one of the car tires. While Mark and William changed the tire, I thought of the slave. The rest of the way to Silver Pack, I keep thinking about Max and the phone call, and it makes no sense. Slaves have been a commodity for many generations and were usually humans, members of enemy packs, or rogues. In the beginning, the slaves were treated like Omegas, but with time, Alphas and other werewolves started mistreating the slaves. Females were given to warriors and used for pleasure and breeding, while the males were put to do most of the work inside the pack. After many years of suffering, an Alpha and Luna Supreme decided enough was enough and abolished slavery. Of course, there were still Alphas that chose to do the opposite an
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Chapter 9
Elena William does not waste any time, and with a strong kick, he breaks the door. Inside, two males are behind a desk and are staring at a laptop. I am positive the one with black hair is Max, while I don’t recognize the one with brown hair. They are so absorbed by what they see on the laptop they don’t hear the noise caused by the broken door or me getting inside. Close to the desk, sitting on a chair, is a young female. From her scent, I know she is an Omega—not that I care about ranks. Her palms cover her face, and her shoulders are shaking. While no sound is coming from her, I know she is crying silently. Her clothes are ripped and torn and full of blood, and she has injuries all over her body. “Morţii mă-sii,” (His/Her mother’s dead relatives) William swears before he removes his jacket, walks over to the female, and puts it over her shoulders before lifting her in his arms. It is only then that she notices us. Her eyes fill with fear and more tears. Her mouth parts, and her bo
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Chapter 10
Elena Stefan is out of my reach; otherwise, I would have slapped him into the next week. William growls so loud I hear his chest vibrating, and Stefan takes a step backward. “Let me guess, that is the slave. Call off the wolves and have the male brought here!” I ordered Max and snap my fingers. Anger flashes in his eyes before he does as I ask him. “Stop the chasing!” he yells into a microphone he has on the desk. The wolves obey, and from what I see on the laptop, the male falls to his knees as soon as the wolves stop running. They shift into their human form and drag the slave after them. I watch the laptop a moment more before my attention turns to Max. “I want the slave’s file!” I say. I know Max does not want to give it to me, but he puts a hand in his right pocket, takes out a set of keys, unlocks the top drawer of his desk, and reluctantly gives the file to me. I open it and look at the only page that is inside. My eyes scan it fast, and I have a strange feeling, but I shr
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