Let's Try Again, Ex Wife

Let's Try Again, Ex Wife

By:  Phoenix_10  Ongoing
Language: English
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It has been three years since Hailey and Knox signed a marriage agreement. It was an impromptu agreement where everyone got their share of the deal. Knox got a beautiful wife to please his grandmother. However for Hailey... Her father's crumbling family business was revived. The only reward she was getting out of the deal was the clause where it was stated that none of them was obligated to perform sexual marital rites towards the other. But, Knox's grandmother died and the contract was no longer valid. However after the divorce, the man was beginning to feel the void left of her presence in his life. He began to notice her more. Until eventually, he found himself falling in love with his ex wife.

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11 Chapters
The King Family's Matriarch Is Dead!
New York City Cemetery… It was the rainy season. Therefore, even though it was mid afternoon, the sky was gloomy and dark. Rain fell in torrents, soaking the ground in water. The cemetery was crowded. However, even so, it was all quiet and the atmosphere was filled with gloom. People of different classes and genders stood across the well dug grave as the corpse bearers approached with the casket.Hailey Smith was amongst the crowd of people. She stood at a far end, away from others. She was putting on a black maxi gown coupled with black flat shoes. Due to the rain, she was also holding an umbrella like the others. As she watched the bearers lift the casket and approach the grave, her gaze constricted and she tightened her fists. A lone tear silently slid down her face which was pale due to the cold. Her heart felt heavy and several memories flashed through her mind at that moment.It was just like yesterday when the Old Madam had welcomed her into the King family with wide arms.
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Let's Get A Divorce.
Prime Manor, New York City… Hailey adjusted her pajamas before taking a seat on the sofa in the living room. The TV was on and was currently showing a reality show. She couldn't recognize any of the guests in it so she eventually picked up the remote control and tuned away from that program. She eventually stopped at a news channel. Since it was currently ten in the morning, the newscaster was still reading the morning news. To Hailey's surprise, it was talking about the King family. It had been more than a week since the death of the Matriarch of the King family. However, the depressing mood that came with her death was still as it was. It was as though she had just died. Countless obituaries filled the streets and posters. Even the news and broadcasting companies talked about her death in their early morning news. This was no surprise since she was a prominent figure in the entire country. In fact, the whole King family was an influential family in the country that was not to
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You're Getting A Divorce, Right?
Hailey didn’t reply. She didn’t instantly say anything. In fact, she had zoned out and was thinking about what he said. It was true that they had agreed to divorce after his grandmother’s death. The marriage contract stated that they would only be together for four years since the doctor already said the Old Madam wouldn’t live past four years. Hailey wasn’t that surprised that he called her to talk about. It. After all, it was only expected that he’d deal with it now that his grandmother was dead. Hunter saw that she didn’t say a word and waited a few seconds for her to digest his words before he cleared his throat and said, “Hai…” But, she cut him off midway. “Ok.” Her reply was short and discreet. It instantly took the man off guard. After all, she hadn’t said anything for a few seconds after he announced his wish. So, he initially thought she had something she wanted to say. But regardless, even though he was surprised, it only took a second for him to recover. In fact, hi
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The Fashion Show 1
Hailey’s fingers which were initially dancing on the screen paused. She adjusted her head on the pillow and pursed her lips slightly.The Old Madam was dead and it was only right that the next thing to do was to get a divorce. But, why was he having second thoughts about it? Her mind kept veering to thoughts of how it'd be like to keep the marriage. Even though, it was only a marriage of convenience, why was the feeling so uncomfortable at the thought of parting ways.Had she gotten used to the life of being married?Hailey had no idea what was wrong with her. But, she knew better than anyone that the marriage had to split up. She knew they had to get a divorce no matter what.After all, within the past three years, she hadn’t lived the life of a person at all. She was holed up in the house alone and didn’t keep any company except for the constant chats between her and Ivy.It was only a few times when there were gatherings at the King manor or when there are events being held by the
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The Inhumane Third Uncle
King Family Manor…Knox had just entered the manor and was pulling his shoes at the door. The butler, Uncle Tim pulled out a pair of comfy home slippers from the upper cupboard fitted into the wall at the main door. He placed the slippers on the floor and looked at Knox.“Welcome home, Master.”Knox put on the slippers. Then, he straightened up and pulled off his suit. A rare smile appeared on his cold face as he turned to Uncle Tim.“Thank you, Uncle Tim. For everything you’ve done in the past few days.”After the Matriarch's death, Knox had been disoriented and he wasn’t in the mood to handle anything. But, the people at home were different. The person who had been able to keep them in check all these while was dead.They couldn’t wait to show their true colors. Knox wasn’t in a good mood and was still shaken due to his grandmother’s death. Moreover, he still had to deal with the formal things and maintain the forces that would try to attack the businesses from outside. After all,
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“Master, this is your tea,” a servant of the family said with a bow and placed the saucer on the table before him.Knox gave Lance one more glance before saying to the servant, “Thank you.”“It’s my responsibility, Master,” the young girl immediately replied with a bow even though Knox’s attention was no longer on her. Then, she scurried off into the inner part of the mansion.Knox grabbed the saucer along with the teacup. There was a spoon beside it. He folded his long legs and stirred the tea slowly with the spoon.Then, he looked up in the direction where Lance half sat, not daring to sit comfortably. Lance looked up when he sensed his gaze on him and when his gaze met with that pair of cool obsidian eyes, he shivered and lowered his gaze tensely.Lance’s friends had long gone the moment Knox gave the order for the guards to lead them out of the mansion. So, at that moment, there was only Lance bearing the brunt of Knox’s cold aura.Knox released a half-smile. Then, he lifted the t
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Knox himself wasn’t meant to be at the manor too. He was occupied at the company and his pattern of living had been to work, eat and sleep in the office. But, he needed to get the contract agreement and his home registration papers at the old house. He had brought it when he married Hailey to prove to his grandmother who was still skeptical that he was married.He didn’t want to carry it around so he simply kept it in his room, tightly secured away from a place where other people could find it. In reality, he wasn’t truly worried that anyone would trespass into his room.None of the other family members would. Especially the younger generation who were wary of him. He had shown them hell during the times they were all living together in the old house. Even though, he was considered young amongst his age class, he had been a tyrant since young. Moreover, the Old Madam doted on him a lot because he inherited a bit of her father’s looks when he was younger. He was also good at pleasing
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We Are Here To Get A Divorce
The Civil Bureau Office was bustling with activity. The building was filled with people going in and leaving at intervals. It was a tall building that stood tall in the city center with an inscriptive banner hung at the top.Cars of different brands were parked in front of the building. They were within the road bounds. Along the trail of cars, a black Maybach was parked along the railing in the street bend. It had tinted glass windows and it was conspicuous and easily noticed.Knox sat alone in the backseat of the car and the space beside him was empty. He was putting on a black three piece suit with a white center pleat shirt underneath. He was also putting on a pair of fine textured black pants. His attire was simple and corporate. However, they were all designated with a similar branded logo at the hem.There was a tablet in his hands and he scrolled through it with his index finger. He seemed focused and concentrated at that moment. After a moment, he retracted his gaze from the
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Consider It A Severance Pay
The clerk ran an inquisitive gaze over them. Knox was putting on a suit and a pair of pant trousers. He was tall to begin with and he had an impressive figure, so he looked even more eye catching. Coupled with the cold but calm aura that emanated from him, he seemed majestic and noble.The clerk couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He seemed like a man every girl would dream to have. Except for the cold expression on his face as though someone owed him money.Then, she looked Hailey's way. Hailey was dressed causally and simply. She looked even younger than she was. She was full of youth and vibrancy. There was light in her eyes and she didn’t seem like she was a naggy or troublesome woman.The clerk clicked her tongue. She gestured for them to sit across her. There were two chairs opposite her desk which the two sat on.After they sat, the woman braced her palms. She narrowed her gaze and asked, “Is there a reason why you want to divorce?”Hailey and Knox were taken aback.When t
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She Couldn't Afford To Show Any Weakness
After departing the Bureau Office, Hailey returned to Prime Manor, the villa where she stayed during her three years of marriage to Knox. It was quiet and empty since no one else was there. As Hailey stood in the middle of the living room, she looked around with emotion.She was sentimental. It had been long since she lived there. She lived alone so she was more closer to the inanimate things in the house. It felt sentimental to leave.But, she had to. She shook her head and turned around, dragging her suitcase along with her. She walked to the front door and licked the door before stepping out of the manor while dragging her suitcase along.The manor was in an estate in the suburbs so there was hardly anyone around. The roads were empty and everyone where in their homes. It was even harder to get a cab if you had no means of transportation.So, Hailey already hired a cab on her way to get her luggage. As she stepped out, the man who was initially leaning on the car hood, instantly
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