Swayed by the Charming Alpha

Swayed by the Charming Alpha

By:  Ho_Femme  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alex Redwood your typical Alpha. Strong, impossibly attractive, and funny, yet stern when needed. And Grayson, she's... Well, the exact same. Except for the fact that she wants nothing to do with him, yet he'll do anything for her. Love can be such a strange thing... Will she let go of her hatred for him and allow herself to accept him and love him? Read to find out!

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1
Grayson:I wake up and stare into the abyss for a good 20 min, before finally getting up. I brush my teeth and hair, clean my face, put on my clothes, and grab my bag. Can't forget the most important part : putting on my contact lenses. I don't actually have bad eyesight. I wear brown eye contacts because I really dislike my eye color. Bright, almost neon green. I get stares wherever I go. I got made fun of a lot for it too. Other kids treated me like an alien. A lot of people say it's scary, and hate making eye contact with me. As I grew older, I started to hate it too.Anyways, back to the point. I hop into my car and drive to school, stopping to get coffee even though I'm already late. As I walk into my biology class, I notice that the only seat left is the one next to Alex Redwood. The school's biggest player. He's also a fellow werewolf, just like me. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm a werewolf. Anyways, I plop down on the seat, letting all my books fall onto the desk. The cl
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Chapter 2
Grayson:I arrived at the soccer field, and take out my soccer equipment from my bag. I notice that I'm the only girl here. Great...As I tie my shoelaces, I hear someone say:"Oooh, so that's the girl playing soccer. Man she's hot," I look up and see a group of 4 men, staring at me, all smirking except for one."Fuck you," I mutter, taking my shin guards out of my bag. They all chuckle, except for one, who just stared at me."Pretty little mouths like yours shouldn't curse like that," Another one of the men says."Well I'd like to fuck you too..." Another one says with a creepy smile while walking closer towards me. I quickly grab a dagger from my bag and throw it at him. It goes through his leg, making him fall down, groaning in pain."Shit..." I mutter. That was the worst throw ever. Well, I haven't practiced my knife throwing in a while..."Hey, you have no right to attack us like this!" The man that was just staring at me says. I roll my eyes."Actually I do. I'm allowed to attac
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Chapter 3
Grayson:"Good morning!" I say. "More like good afternoon. It's 3:00 PM!" She exclaims. "Prince Gabriel's ball is today. You have to be ready by 6:00 PM," She reminds me."Actually... I met him at the soccer match yesterday..." I say."Really? Is he your mate?" She asks excitingly."Ex-mate. He rejected me! Isn't that great?!" I exclaim joyfully. Her eyes went wide."Rejected you? What?" She asks in disbelief. I nod proudly."So that means I don't have to go to the ball, right?" I ask. She shakes her head."Nope, you are going young lady. You can find your second chance mate!" She says. I groan. "Nope, I'm not going," I declare. She glares at me."Grayson Ember Vasquez Lopez!" She screams. If you're wondering about my last name, then lemme explain: My mom was white, and my dad was half-Hispanic and half-white. So I guess I'm a quarter Hispanic."You are going to the ball whether you like it or not!" She yells. I roll my eyes, grabbing some bacon strips and going upstairs to my room.
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Chapter 4
Grayson:Oh! It's the magnificent Prince Gabriel. Please note the sarcasm. "Bruh, I thought you found your mate already!" I say. He just glares at me."Yeah, it's you. I, Gabriel Daemon Lupa hereby accept you as my mate," He states. Ew, no."Nope, I'm out. Peace!" I say, walking towards the door. He jumped in front of me, blocking the door. "Come on, I thought we were cool, man. I thought you rejected me, and we were going to live happily freely after," I say."Sorry, but I changed my mind.""What if I reject you?" I ask."Pffft... I dare you," he says.​​​​"Well, a dare is a dare... I,-" I started, but was cut off by him jumping on my and covering my mouth with his hand. "No, if you reject me, I will not hesitate to mark you right here," He growls. I try to respond, but my voice is muffled by his hand."What's your name?" He asks, removing his hand."Uh, Francesca," I lie. He furrows his eyebrows."Are you saying the truth?" He asks suspiciously."Yeahhh..." I lie again. "I can
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Chapter 5
Grayson: So now, we're sitting in Prince Gabriel's room."Hey, wanna play 20 questions?" He asks me."Ok fine, I start. What's your wifi password?" I ask, pulling out my phone. He sighs and takes his phone out. After scrolling through some stuff, he says:"C43 98S MW1," He replies."Ok my turn. Can you tell me your name?" He asks."Yes I can. My turn, how old are you, like, 30?" I ask, smirking. He glares at me."I'm 18... And you didn't answer my question," He states. "Yes I did, you didn't ask me what's my name, you asked me if I can tell you my name," I say. He rolled his eyes."What's your name?' He asks."My name is a noun. Just like every other name," I say, smirking. He groans in annoyance."Do you have any siblings?" I ask."Yeah, Lilly and Micheal. Lilly's 5 years old and Micheal is 12," He says. I nod understandingly."How do you spell your name?" He asks. Wow he's really desperate to know my name..."With letters. Duh.”"Fuck it," He says. I smile in victory."What's your
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Chapter 6
Gabriel:When we arrive to the room, I lock the door and stand infront of it, making sure she can't escape."I'm tired," She states. "Well let's go to sleep then," I reply, sitting on the bed."Uh, nope. I ain't sleeping next to you," She says. I sigh."Fine. You sleep here, I'll sleep somewhere else," I tell her."Sure, just lemme get my pajamas- Oh right, I don't have anything to sleep in," She states. "You can wear one of my shirts," I say, opening my closet and grabbing a plain black shirt, throwing it at her. She catches it, and looks at it."Ok, but what about pants?" She asks."I think that shirt will be enough," I reply, smirking."Are you saying that I'm short?" She questions. "Well, you are," I state. She huffs and walks over to me, stopping right infront of me. The top of her head came up to the level of my eyes. I have to admit, she's taller than other girls in this pack."I am not short," She states. I roll my eyes."Whatever you say, midget," I say to annoy her. She g
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Chapter 7
Grayson:"Please? I'm not even going to sleep in the same bed as you, I promise," Prince Shithead asks for the millionth time. I groan, throwing my head back."Fine." He lets out a sigh of relief, smiling. I walk to the bathroom and close the door. I just got convinced to sleep in the same room as him. That means... I can't escape tonight... I'll try again tomorrow; I'm dead tired from all that running. By sleeping here, I have to take a big risk. I take off my contact lenses, throwing them in the toilet and flushing them. I stare at the mirror: nope. This is all kinds of nope. I hate my eyes. I walk out the bathroom and immediately go onto the bed, so that Prince Shithead can't see them. I know I hate him, but no one deserves to see these hideous orbs. "Can I sleep on the bed?" He asks softly. "Sure thing, just lemme go back home to sleep in my own bed," I reply. He sighs, and walks over to a couch in the corner, turning off the lights. I could feel his stare burning holes in my
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Chapter 8
Gabriel:Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.I groan as my alarm goes off. I turn it off, before realizing that I'm in my couch. I glance over at my bed and see her sleeping, on her stomach, all spread out. Her... I don't even know her name. I got up and walked over to her. She looked so... I don't know, pretty, I guess?"Our mate isn't just pretty. She's beautiful," Gavin says. "Yeah but, isn't it too early to call her beautiful?" I ask."She's our mate! I already knew she was beautiful before we even met her!" Gavin exclaims. I roll my eyes and check my phone. FUCK, I'm getting late! I don't even have time to shower! I quickly ran ran to my closet and threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt before running to my office to do some Alpha shit, grabbing some coffee along the way. So much fucking paperwork to do! Sometimes I hate being an Alpha. But hey, all the girls go all over me for it. After finally finishing my work, I walk in my room and close the door behind me, dropping my bag
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Chapter 9
Grayson:So now we're driving back to hell the castle. I'm repetitively hitting my head back on the seat."Don't do that," Prince Shithead growls. "You'll hurt yourself, love," He adds in a softer tone. I stop hitting my head on the seat for a second, and started hitting my head on the window instead. "Grayson," He says in a deep, threatening voice. I look at him, still hitting my head on the window. "I'll make you sit on my lap if I have to," He states. I roll my eyes."You'll make me sit on your lap if you want us to die in a car accident," I reply sharply. He sighs."Why do you have to be so complicated?" "Hey! I'm not complicated! I just like having freedom," I state. I'm still hitting my head against the window."You'll get your freedom when I know that you won't run away from me."After a while of driving, he abruptly stops the car and unbuckles my seat belt. Before I have time to react, he pulls me onto his lap, with my legs in between his, and starts driving again. I look up
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Chapter 10
Grayson: "Let's go to sleep," Prince Shithead says."Not on the same bed, alright?" He frowns."Please?" "No.""Mates are supposed to sleep together," He pleads."But we're not-" I say, but get interrupted by him:"We are mates, we'll sleep on the same bed.""Hey, what if like, we meet a human. Like, what are you gonna say to that person?" I ask."What do you mean?" He asks."Like, how are you gonna say that we're 'mates' to them?" "I'll say that your my girlfriend," He says. I furrow my brows."I'm not your girlfriend.""Yes you are. End of discussion," He says."No I'm not," I argue."Well that's too bad. I'll only let you watch the UEFA EURO 2016 Final if you agree to be my girlfriend," He says, smirking. I huff."Fine. You're my girlfriend.""Wait, what?""We're girlfriends. End of discussion,""No that's not what I m-" He starts."-You said that you'll lemme watch the Final if we became girlfriends," I cut him off."No I said if you become my girlfriend," He responds."I am yo
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