My Werewolf! Let Love Take Away All This Pain

My Werewolf! Let Love Take Away All This Pain

By:  Jin Stephen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jake was the last werewolf surviving, he could not forget the moment the whole family was murdered. Amy was originally a human being, but was cursed by a werewolf, she had to fight to hide her identity. The meeting between werewolf Jake and Amy was determined to be painful. Amy loved Jake, but Jake always plotted to take revenge on her, hurting her. Because Amy's grandfather used to kill the Jake family. Love and hate alternating makes Jake and Amy always live in suffering and no happiness. In the end, will love overcome hatred?

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35 Chapters
Chapter 1. It's a fate 
In a palace deep in the jungle in Oklahoma, lived a large clan of werewolves. The king of the palace is Joe Allan Anderson, who has a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. The whole clan lived apart from humans. Joe loves his wife and children very much. Life is peaceful and warm. Joe's eldest son, Jake Allan Anderson, is a smart, energetic, mischievous kid. Later, Jake will inherit the werewolf family. Although living separately from humans, Jake is always curious about how people's lives are? So one day, he went to the human realm alone. Seeing his son playfully wanting to go out and explore, the father just shook his head and smiled, waving goodbye to his son, the mother smiled and instructed: "Son, be careful on the road." Jake smiled happily goodbye to his parents and ran away quickly. Little did he know at the time, that was the last time he saw his parents and younger sister. In the evening he returned to the palace, but from afar he saw a chaotic scene. His heart beat
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Chapter 2. Fear
Looking at those weak pained eyes, he finally brought the little girl back to the palace.The nanny didn't see him all day, but in the evening saw him bring back a little girl covered in injuries, the nanny curiously asked: "Who is this girl?"He did not answer, he first carried the little girl into the room, laid it on the bed, then replied in a low voice: "I don't know."He looked at the little girl once and then continued: "I found it in the forest, I was seriously injured, had a high fever, and was delirious. She wiped her body with warm water and then rubbed her wound with medicine."After saying that, he left, leaving the nanny standing still looking at the poor girl lying on the bed. She thought to herself, he was so cold, to save this little girl, what a rare thing.She was getting ready to work when Lily, her niece, happily ran into the room and asked: "Grandma, I heard that Mr. Jake is back, right?"She smiled gently, patting her granddaughter's head. She knew that Lily had
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Chapter 3. Chance meeting
Although she was exhausted and in great pain, she bit her lip trying to make a sound.Her efforts finally succeeded in getting the other man's attention to her. He turned to look at her with cold red eyes. Before she could rejoice, she was scared when she looked him in the eyes.His eyes were bright red like blood. Not only that, he is as emotionless as a wild animal. Could he be the beast of legend?Apart from his fierce eyes, his face was too perfect. This was the first time she had seen such a handsome man. So beautiful that a little girl like her had to stare blankly. The mysterious beauty combined with the cold red eyes is even more attractive.She knew now was not the time to look at that man. She was going to die anyway, so she immediately showed him her pitiful and weak form, hoping that he could have mercy on her and save her.He stood looking at her for a long time, it seemed that she had no hope of surviving. But fortunately, a minute later he slowly walked over to pick he
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Chapter 4. A little smile crossed his lips
Hearing him say that, she suddenly averted her gaze from staring at him. She shyly waved her hand to start a conversation: "Can your eyes change color?" "Why do you know?" She did not hide it: "Actually last night I saw your eyes were red." Last night he thought she was unconscious, and probably wouldn't remember anything. But he guessed wrong, she did not lose consciousness but still remembered everything clearly. Because he is a werewolf, when he walks out in the dark, his eyes will turn red. It seems that she has doubts about his identity. She already knew anyway, he shrugged: "Just as you thought." "Huh? What do you mean like that?" He repeated: "I said as you thought." "What does that mean? I don't get it." "Are you stupid?" "Nope." Hearing her answer, the corner of his mouth curved into a smile he didn't know. She looked at it with passion, his face that was cold and emotionless was already beautiful, and now his smile is even more attractive. She involuntarily laughe
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Chapter 5. Rip up the past
He stopped abruptly again. This time she was more agile, slowing down to run up beside him. She giggled proudly: "Do you think I'm good? I won't touch your back this time."He must have had another thought when he saw her smile. He didn't think that when she smiled, she was so beautiful, her dimples, and bright eyes when she smiled, brightened her whole face. That's what he says in his heart, but on the outside, he says otherwise: "I'm not wrong to say you're stupid.""I'm not stupid.""Ok. What do you want to say?"She took his hand: "Can we go somewhere else to talk?"He withdrew his hand and said: "Okay. Let's go."She led the way, and he followed her. She led him to a large tree. There was a rusty swing near the base of the tree. The scenery here was beautiful during the day, now the sun going down the mountain is even more beautiful. This was the place she had accidentally discovered yesterday while walking.She happily asked him: "Do you think this place is beautiful?"She was s
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Chapter 6. Amy is sick
The nanny shook her head and sighed: "Originally, he was a cheerful and lively person when he was young. But after witnessing his whole family being killed, his personality completely changed."She was dumbfounded, she didn't expect Jake's past to be so painful. No child can't help but be haunted by the sight of his whole family being killed. At that time he was just a child, losing his family was not easy.His current personality is the result of past trauma. He must have hated the man who killed his family.Now she understood why yesterday when he saw the rusty swing he had such a reaction. It was because she was too careless, she shouldn't have led him there, shouldn't have delved into his painful past.Until the nanny brought the food to the table, she was still immersed in her thoughts.The nanny gently shook her hand: "What's wrong? Where are you unwell?"She woke up startled, shook her head, and said: "I'm fine. I'm just thinking about some things.""Do you miss your parents?"
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Chapter 7. Making friends
On the way back to her room, the nanny met Jake. She bowed her head in greeting: "Mr. Jake.""Yes."She intended to continue walking to her room, but she should report everything that happened today.The two talked for a long time. As for Amy's business, she hesitated whether she should say it or not. Finally, she said: "Amy is sick today, has a very high fever."He glanced at her, rarely opening his mouth to ask: "How is she now?""I gave her medicine, she's fine now."He waved his hand: "If you have nothing else to do, go back to your room and rest."She was not in a hurry to leave, but stopped and added: "I see that Amy's mood is not good."He thought about her words and then replied: "Next time, please pay more attention to her.""Yes. That's my job. Do you have any plans to bring her back home?"Thanks to the nanny reminding him, he soon had to take her home. He can't leave her here forever, she should return to the loving arms of her parents.He stared into the unknown space at
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Chapter 8. Jealousy
As time passed, she waited almost every day for his return. Sit next to each other and talk about everything. She and he became close friends. He opened his heart to her and talked more.She stayed here for three months. This time she was very happy. She has new friends, a loving nanny, and cute bunnies. But it's also time for her to say goodbye to this place and return to her parents.Although Jake made no mention of bringing her home. But she knew for herself that her time here was short.That's why she took advantage of the time she had left, doing things she hadn't done yet, going to places she hadn't been, and staying with the palace. Tell him things you haven't said.However, seeing that he did not mention it, she was also nervous. One day, when it was just the two of them sitting next to each other, she frankly asked: "When are you going to take me home?""You miss your parents?"She nodded: "Of course."He looked into the distance, and nonchalantly said: "If you want to go bac
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Chapter 9. Enjoy life
While playing with the rabbits, she suddenly heard a baby bird chirping in the treetops.She raised her head to look up, the tree was tall, the foliage spread wide, so she couldn't see any bird nests.The young birds chirped again, and she relied on the sound to find out which branch they were on. If she had binoculars now, it would be much easier to find.Unfortunately, it wasn't here, so she could only search in vain. Because this is a big perennial tree, too tall and luxuriant. To find a bird's nest is too difficult.Fortunately, she saw a leaf on a moving branch. She was sure there was a nest of young birds on that branch, perhaps they were in danger or were hungry.Don't know where the mother bird went, maybe the mother bird is looking for food. But with a situation like this, the chicks may not be able to stand it.Now she couldn't risk climbing the tree. She didn't know how to climb trees, but hearing such a loud cry, she couldn't stand to watch. She started looking for a long
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Chapter 10. Jake is angry
At Jake's place for a few more days, Amy was completely healthy, it was finally time for her to return home to her parents.On the day of parting, the sky was overcast, without a ray of sunshine. The people at the palace all went out to say goodbye to her. Although she was only here for a short time, she got to know a lot of people and they all loved her very much.Being here for a while, she didn't want to leave this place. Being here is like the life she longs for, her second home, there are so many memories that she regrets and doesn't want to leave.Before leaving, the nanny who regularly took care of her was very sad. The nanny prepared for her some food to bring along the way: "Take it, I made you some food along the way. If you're hungry, take it out and eat."She took it, her eyes filled with tears: "Thank you for taking care of me all the time." She really couldn't bear to leave the nanny. From the time she was born until now, apart from her family, the nanny was the first pe
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