Ebony's Pack: Fated to the Ranger Wolves

Ebony's Pack: Fated to the Ranger Wolves

By:  Klaira Blains  Ongoing
Language: English
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What is a girl to do? Ebony is the last sister of her litter to find her mate. It’s difficult when you’re a forest ranger in the depths of a provincial forest to find a mate. Her station’s been vandalized while she’s away visiting family. Video evidence proves a wolf did the damage. She knows the shifter’s male, because no mundane wolf is that size or can open a can of soda and leave it on a table. She gets news the next morning. Three new rangers are headed her way. She’s got six weeks to get them acclimated to the job and location. What is she to do? Three new rangers, and an unknown number of rogue wolf shifters in her domain? It’s a recipe for disaster. What she doesn’t expect is the rangers are the rogue wolves, and they have designs on her, not her domain. Benedict, Franco, and Peter. They do everything together. They work, live, and love together. They aren’t looking for their own mates. The one mate they are looking for is a red ranger wolf. How will Ebony deal with the knowledge there are three male wolves determined to share her charms for the rest of her days? Will she choose one? Or take them all? Does she have a choice? All while training them on the job. There are hot days and steamy nights in the forest where the shifters find their passion.

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31 Chapters
Back to Life in the Big Woods
Ebony Rose Kilburn returned to her beloved station after visiting for a few days with her family. She was eager to look at the new video footage of the local wildlife. But she got a rude awakening. The door was open, her things scattered everything. The red-haired beauty growled and cursed in annoyance. She was deep in the provincial park for the work of vagrants. There were two kinds of people. Both types were bad news, poachers, or rogue shifters. Officially, rogue shifters weren’t an explanation. As a wolf shifter, she was well aware of their existence. The reason she believed it wasn’t a pack of roaming raccoons is they don’t go into your fridge, take a can of cola out, open it, and leave the empty can on the table. She’d have to report this. Ebony looked at the door. She knew she locked the door. When she left for more than a few hours, she locked it. They didn’t force the door open. That most disturbed her. How did they get in? Ebony reviewed th
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In Walks Trouble
Ebony was awake before dawn as normal and ready for the radio call in the meeting. Her boss, Alan Dover, called her promptly at eight am once a week. Today’s call, was a safely check and update her on several things. “Tower Twelve, Ebony you there? Come back.” “Home Base, Alan, I hear you. How are things?” “Better than expected. We got the funding for you new team. They’re hired and on their way to you. Three new rangers. I sent your satellite link an email with their information. The new supply drop is tomorrow. Details in message. You have six weeks to whip them into shape and have them caught up to speed.” “That’s great. I need to report that Tower Twelve was broken into. Nothing appears stolen, so I will keep a close eye out. Nothing out of the ordinary on the trail or security cameras. It will be in my next report.” “Noted. Anything special you need?” “Yeah, more cola. Lots more. That’s all they took.” She heard c
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Fantasy Lover
Benedict watched their mate attempt to track them. He loved the way she wrinkled her nose in confusion, and he knew why she was confused. Benedict, Peter, and Franco had been together for so long that their scents mingled into one. Often pack wolves would their personal scent and a pack scent. The pack’s scent formed from being around each other. Touching, hugging, sharing clothes, and even sleeping with each other. But they took it a step further, and they’d practically lost their individual scents. She’d learn soon enough. Ebony could scene them. That was a good sign. He couldn’t wait to meet her and find out more about her. Gods, she stood there in a barely there tank top and a pair of cargo pants. Comfortable and practical. Hmm… She filled them out to perfection. She’d braided her long red hair. Gods, he’d love to hold that in his hand while he was in her. He could tell she wore no bra as her breasts flowed freely with every step she took. Benedict knew Franco would love th
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They’re Here for Business
The men quickly tossed their packs into a couple of rooms. They were sure that this division of space would end quickly once Ebony was on board with, their unique arrangement. They tromped up the ladder and into Tower Twelve. Ebony was sitting at a table with a heavy duty laptop in front of her. They designed it to fall off sides of mountains. “Oh, good you’re here.” Ebony wouldn’t admit to them she’d just finished reading the file their boss sent her. These three had impressive resumes. “Okay, I was checking the minute details the boss sent over. We’re stuck with the food we have here until lunch tomorrow, when the supply drop arrives. We’ll need to share the chores. I’m afraid I’m no chef. So, we’ll trade off so there’s less chance that I’ll accidentally kill someone with my cooking.” “That shouldn’t be a problem. I assume the drop’s made in the meadow? Peter’s good with food. He can help with the cooking while Franco and I bring the dropped supplies h
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Lies of Omission are Still Lies
Ebony sent the guys out to get comfortable with their surroundings of the camp. She’d already ensured they knew all the communication equipment. Where to first aid kit, and other equipment for their various jobs. The satellite radios they’d carry were charged, and they ensured we’re working so they could contact her if they had questions or got lost. But she got a funny feeling this wasn’t needed. If they got lost, they could get themselves straightened out. With time to think, she returned to the male wolf. He couldn’t have moved on because she could swear his scent was stronger. When she entered the cabin, its air was warm and on the verge of stale. Ebony entered only when she needed to. But it quickly became obvious to her that his scent was there, too. But she’d locked it like the tower. The door wasn’t damaged when she checked. His scent was stronger now in here. Ebony couldn’t figure it out. She couldn’t shift to improve her tracking skills. This was one
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Letting Off a Little Steam
Benedict was the last one in the tower. Franco punched the tabletop. “She hates us. What were we thinking not to approach her as wolves rather than humans? Benedict, what were you thinking coming here and breaking into the tower?” “I wanted to know more about who she was. Her likes and dislikes. How do you think I found out she’s, our mate? The moment I lay down in her bed, and was surrounded by her scent. Gods, the way my body reacted so fast to it. I knew she was ours. I couldn’t control my reaction to her scent.” “You didn’t.” Benedict raised an eyebrow. “Oh, I marked her bed, so she’d know who was coming for her.” “Benedict, you came on her bed. Gods, no wonder she’s pissed at us. You need to apologize to her.” “I can smell her in here. Everything Carrie’s her scent.” Peter mumbled as he sat in a chair. He’d opened his pants. “Think she’s orgasmed right here.” His hand rubbed the front of his pants. The other two men watched him
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Ebony’s Run and Disappointment
Ebony ran a short way. It wasn’t enough to run as a human. She shed her clothes and shifted. Leaving her satellite phone with her clothes, she ran on four feet. Just ran for a few minutes. When she’d calmed enough, Ebony slowed and noticed her surroundings. She picked up scents and thought about what happened. Should she send them packing? They were the first team she received in four years. If she fired them without a reason, she might not get another team for a long time. Or she might not have a job. It wasn’t like she couldn’t tell Alan about them being shifters. This wasn’t pack lands. Even if she felt territorial about it. Maybe she was tired. She’d not slept well. She caught their scent in her nose and it struck the right cords to give her some kinky dreams. She’d dreamt of several wolves in different scenarios taking her. Some they were wolves and others faceless humans taking her willing body until she woke up sweating as her body throbbed from her climax. There
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Back to Work
Dinner that night, Ebony sat with her laptop, going over the pictures she took of the campsite. “Benedict, your discovery of the poachers. Do you know how many there might be that we’re dealing with? I can’t find anything at the camp that tells me definitively how many there are.” “I wish you’d taken one of us with you when you went back. As for numbers, I would hazard a guess of two to four, but I could be underestimating. You know how they work in big operations. With several camps and smaller groups.” Benedict said this while he ate. Peter was still at the stove retrieving seconds of a stew he made earlier that day. Franco was eating and listening. Clearly, they were staying out of this conversation for now. She was feeling if they commented she’d be placed in at a disadvantage. “They were long gone. I made sure of that before I came back for my camera.” “Still, if one of us was there, it would have been a second set of eyes to find more evidence.
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Dreams filled with Pleasures
Ebony lay asleep by the time Benedict went on shift. She was dreaming. Dreaming that, she got out of bed for a drink and as she returned to her bed; she found it occupied by three hunky wolves. Their bodies entwined provocatively, and Franco looked up at her and smiled. “What took you so long? Come join the party.” All three were naked, with a smooth skin over bands of muscle. Benedict’s hands were toying with Peter’s balls lazily and Franco lay back against the headboard toying with himself. “Come here. I want to taste you. Lie down right here.” He pointed to the bed before him. As if on autopilot, she moved to lie down. Somehow, she was naked when Peter parted her thighs for Franco and held them open. Benedict reached out to caress her breasts, teasing her nipples to hard peaks before his hot lips tasted them. Suckling them to swollen, needy things. As he did that, Franco’s face disappear between her thigh and then she felt him. Gods, she felt him. His tongue licking a
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Back to Work and What ails her
Ebony got back to sleep and awoke to her alarm, which was a rare occurrence. That meant she needed to get up and get herself going. She was running late. Then she remembered she wasn’t in the tower alone. There were three others about. Dang it. Three men who were probably still asleep, too. When she peaked into their room that the three were sleeping in, she found only Benedict asleep. It was now nine in the morning, late for her starting the day. He must have been asleep for only two or three hours. He needed more than that. So she left him sleeping and, once she was dressed for the day, Ebony went to the tower. Once she opened the trap door quietly as she dreaded interrupting another intimate moment. The smell of breakfast cooking hit her like a physical barrier. “Morning. I was just coming to get you for breakfast. You’ve got perfect timing.” Franco smiled down at her. Peter was at the table setting out breakfast. It seemed all so normal. Peter wa
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