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Stems from the crime of Casey Stoner's father who was corrupt in the company owned by Mrs. Felicia Dimitri, In the end, Rudd Stoner was reported to the police, Rudd Stoner didn't want to be in prison, he made a pact with Mrs. Felicia and vend her daughter to give birth to a descendant of the Dimitri family. Wasn't Mrs. Felicia looking for a woman all this time to marry her son? Mrs. Felicia agreed, she gave a deal and asked Rudd Stoner not to look for his daughter anymore and the relationship between father and son had to end after Casey Stoner became her son-in-law. Aldric Dimitri initially refused the marriage, because he felt that the marriage would only put him in a commitment he had been avoiding. but Ms. Felicia still forces Aldric to marry Casey Stoner and stop going to nightclubs. Aldric looked at Casey Stoner with hate, he vowed to hurt her until she left his life

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5 Chapters
One Night
"ahh, faster baby..yes, good"Sound of sighs held in made a woman's voice sound extraordinarily weighty.Aldric quickly inhaled and closed his eyes after experiencing a satisfying climax.Aldric fell next to the girl and covered some of his body with the blanket after that. Anne pulled out a kimono, opened a dresser drawer, and pulled out a cigarette.It was a chilly night, Anne got out of bed and opened her bedroom window before taking a breath of fresh air.she lit a cigarette with a match and looked across at Aldric, who was sipping wine."This is your wedding night, why are you here, when you should be celebrating with your wife? Isn't she one of the women who will bear the business's heir," she questioned.Aldric sipped the wine while shaking his head.He set the wine glass on the table and stated, "I don't love her, it's futile if I try to force my heart to embrace that woman."Anne laughed.She also doesn't give a damn about the man's marital status because, for Anne, what ma
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Aldric Dimitri's hatred
"Why are you still sound asleep in your room at seven o'clock?" He said annoyed.Aldric is a handsome man with brilliant blue eyes who is also annoying and arrogantAldric pulled the blanket over Casey's mostly covered body,"It's still early," Casey said.the blanket was seized by Aldric, who threw it on the ground."You still think it's still early, right instead of relaxing in this room, you should make breakfast for your husband. you and your father would both be imprisoned for the crimes you committed were it not for the kindness of my family" He spoke "I didn't do anything wrong, it's my dad who's at fault, he's the crook, not me." Casey claims plakkCasey was given a slap on the cheek."Still dare to answer my question? Get up now, then make my breakfast... it's just you and me in this house, and you can't do anything without my permission. I won't let you have fun or go shopping for designer clothes, you are now just my maid, I fired all the maids in this house and sent the
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Wedding night for Casey
Aldric entered the Mansion, he glanced at Casey and called out to the girl"Clean my coat," he said as he threw it at his wifeCasey nodded before quickly entering the room and placing the coat near the cupboard to make it easier for her to wash it later.Aldric said, "Prepare some warm water, I'm going to take a shower."When her husband treats her like a maid, Casey can't help but remain mute, maybe he's doing it on purpose. however, Casey had no other reason to leave this house.she understood that despite being a wife, she was still treated like a maid.Aldric entered the room and took off all his clothes.Casey rushed outside to get Aldric's clothes ready.She came down and put the food on the table when she finished cleaning everything.unexpectedly, Aldric arrived and sat in the dining room 30 minutes later.Aldric sat down, he chewed his food while glaring."Tch"Aldric threw away his food.Casey immediately looked at the man in shock and stood up to give Aldric a tissue.Pla
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Bad Aldric
Casey was currently asleep in bed, helpless and with a pale face.Since moving into Aldric's house a week ago, Casey has not been allowed to leave the house or go to work.Aldric is crazy because he treats Casey as he pleases, making it hard for him to even get some sunlight.Aldric also locked every door and window in the room.Casey opened her eyes, she sat down and took some mineral water from the table to her right,Aldric had been playing the vibrator all night in the private room hours, and it was making his head feel very heavy and dizzy.the man was indifferent to the girl and grinned widely as he watched Casey massage her forehead because she felt dizzy."You're sick, right?" Aldric asked bluntly.Casey begged Aldric to reconsider and let the girl leave the room as he glared at her from across the room."I can overcome this suffering, but I ask for your help to gain my freedom," Casey added.Aldric stood there glancing at her as Casey turned to face him."How much longer are
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The third day in a row that Casey had been reluctant to leave the house for work-related reasons caused her to bury her face in the pillow.Casey decided to keep silent and avoid answering Danielle's question, she didn't even know what had happened to her friend.Casey shifted from the bed to the kitchen, her eyes watering from the amount of crying she has been doing lately.Her eyes perfectly enlarged as she clearly remembered the sexual occurrence.Aldric didn't love her, did he? So why is Casey being treated this way by him? Despite getting married, Casey was scarred by Aldric's treatment.She screamed indignantly, "I won't forgive you, Aldric Dimitri," she hurled the glass on the ground.***Dimitri corporate.Aldric is still deeply focused on his work, and his expression is gravely serious.A little while later, Arthur entered his room and approached Aldric.Aldric inquired, "How is my wife?""The maids also brought food to the room for your wife during her 3-day absence," Arthu
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