168 Hours in Hell

168 Hours in Hell

By:  Iqra Mohammad  Completed
Language: English
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Eloise Muir is a young, energetic woman. She has everything in her which makes any man kneel to her. Working in a News Firm, she had encountered many admirers and turned down their proposals elegantly. But, her one co-worker, David Cooper was reluctant to accept her refusal, hence, he kept finding every way to please her and help her in anything she wanted no matter how cold or indifferent she would act to him. After Eloise's trip to Germany, she was supposed to return alone but she returned with an unexpected boyfriend who soon turned into her loving husband. After the delightful rollercoaster of events in Eloise's life, she returned to her work as a Married Woman looking more sexy, confident, and beautiful, but she didn't know that there was someone waiting eagerly for her return. On her first day at her job as a Married Woman, Eloise and the seven members of her staff got kidnapped by none other than David. He felt betrayed by Eloise and was eager to punish her, to make her realize that no one except him could give him the best pleasure of her life. Seven Days, Seven Hostages. One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Hours, Will Eloise be able to survive in those terrible hours and days of her life? Will she be able to resist the temptation of David and betray her husband? Will she be able to make wise decisions that would save her and her colleagues' lives, or would she be drowned in David’s lustful games?

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94 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Come on, one dance.” The people around us cheered asking for another dance. I looked at my handsome husband. He was wearing an open-neck silk shirt, tailored slacks, and a well-cut jacket.My handsome man gave me his beautiful charming smile, stretching his hand towards me and then bowing in respect as I took his hand, and again we were in the center of the stage dancing.“They just can’t get enough…” My husband chuckled, and I let out a small giggle while looking at the bunch of people we had invited for dinner before I would start my work again as a married woman.I had been working in a news firm, writing different articles and covering breaking news. That's what I do. I went to Germany for an interview with a high-end man, where I met Theo. Theo worked for a well-known software engineering company. He is an engineer, a well-built, educated, intelligent man.I was not someone easy to please but he had swept me over with his charms. In just two months, he proposed and the other wee
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Chapter 2
“Hmm…” I moaned in my sleep, something wet and warm circles my c**t, and I am thrown over the edge, I don’t know if it was a dream of mine or reality.“Ahhh…” I moan louder when I feel soft strokes penetrating me and I squirm from the sensation.BLINKI opened my eyes, bewildered, and when I look down I found my dear husband eating my pu**y, such a lavish sight for my eyes.I sat up, detaching him from my hot entrance and he groaned unhappily.“Come back.” He demanded grumpily, sitting up when I suddenly push him down on the bed and sit on his face rubbing my wet c**t on his mouth, “Now, it’s better.”He smirk, sucking on my c**t, while I rubbed my hips in sync with his face, God, How am I going to stay without him for a whole week, those thoughts gave a pang of sadness in my heart, ruining my intense orgasm.****“I’ll be in touch.” Theo kissed my forehead before leaving and I tried not to cry in front of him. “I am going to miss you,” I tell him in a low voice trying my best to not
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Chapter 3
I heard rustling sounds, keys fidgeting, wailing, crying…With difficulty, I opened my eyes. I am in a room with a few people whom I do not know well but they all work in the News Firm, I have seen them there.My head hurt, I held my head and groaned from the pain, it felt like someone had hit me hard.“Arghh…”“Mommy… Mommy…” I heard a cry, a familiar voice, instantly I looked up and saw George, his face covered with fear and anxiousness. I approached him staggeringly and then blinked my eyes multiple times. Finally, I saw Lily lying on the floor unconscious and Geroge shaking her looking worried.“Lilly… Lily…” I patted Lily’s cheek trying to wake her up. She didn’t move, I tried to look for her pulse and thankfully, I found it, but she is too weak.“W..a..t..e..r…” She murmured and I looked around eagerly, “Water… Does anyone have water? Water… Please?”I yelled but everyone seemed to turn a deaf ear as no one responded to me, just looking at me with tight lips. Are they all ghosts
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Chapter 4
Slowly, he took predatory steps toward me making my heartbeat accelerate with each of his steps which was bringing him closer to me.I watched him firmly, trying to not show my fear but somehow my trembling body made it unable for me to hide it.Within a few steps, he stood in front of me, his eyes glued on my dress, he kneeled and I took a step back cautiously only to get my back banged into the wall.F**k, no !!I stare down at him, he pulled my dress up not touching my body at all, and then slowly pulled down my stockings, and then my panties, I shivered when the cool air got across my c**t.“Ahh…” I gasped when his palm was placed on my entrance.I looked down at him in fear, wanting to slap his hand away but somehow his aura wasn’t letting me do anything, I was trapped by his dark eyes, or bewitched by his aura, I have no words to explain anything.He stood up, and then showed his phone which had a timer, “Smile…” He whispered in a low dark voice.I gulped down nervously and then
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Chapter 5
CLICKI didn’t know how long it had passed when suddenly we all heard an announcement in the room which startled us all in unison.“So, Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s time to clean your dirty asses…” A dark yet robotic voice came from somewhere in the room and subconsciously I looked up at the camera knowing that that kidnapper is watching us all the time.“So, now get into pairs…” He laughed maniacally and it sent chills down my back in fear.I am terrified to face this man again.As soon as his voice vanished, everyone started to make pairs. The two old men made their pair, and the two young men made theirs, Miranda made a pair with Lily, while I, George, and another young man left behind.George stuck his body with mine, terrified. It’s hard for the little boy, he's hardly nine.“Looks like I’m left alone.” The young man said in an obvious manner as his eyes averted from George to me.“He’s scared,” I told him, holding George tighter in my arms letting him know that he is safe in my em
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Chapter 6
The black-mask-face man turned his head towards me giving me his full attention. He withdrew his gun from the young man’s throat and started taking predatory steps toward me in a slow time-consuming manner.I took a step backward unconsciously, his aura was as expected dark, his eyes shone darker than before and somehow my body started to tremble from the deep fear of his darkness.“Stop…” He commanded and instantly my brain obliged his command as I haltered my retreating steps.“Play a game, if you want to help.” He said in his dark robotic voice with a hint of melancholy.I pressed my eyes closed remembering the awful experience of him assaulting me before for a water bottle.When I opened my eyes, I saw the young man still weeping terribly, this assault could save a human life. I thought wisely and then taking a huge breath that would embrace me with strength, I agreed to his demand in a firm voice, “Okay, I’ll play.”“Hmm.” He nodded in appreciation and then walked away from me. H
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Chapter 7
“Aunt Eloise … Aunt Eloise …” I heard faint voices from afar.BLINK … BLINKI tried to open my eyes and my eyelids felt heavier than ever when my vision got a little clearer I saw George’s face which relaxed my nerves, and as I turned I groaned from the pain.“Ahh…”“Aunt Eloise.” George rushed to me after hearing my voice and then a water bottle was placed near my lips. I took small eager sips, feeling too thirsty as though all blood and energy were drained from my body.Finally, when my senses returned, I tried to sit up.“What happened to you, Aunt Eloise?” George asked, his eyes showed worry as he touched my cheek with a light hand and I groaned from the pain.“Ahh…”“I am sorry,” George quickly apologized and retreated his hand with an apologetic look on his face.I shook my head to tell him that it didn’t hurt but the words were not able to get out of my mouth. I leaned my head back at the wall, my body hurt, and so did my face, I don’t remember what happened to me.I closed my
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Chapter 8
My mind was again filled with various questions taking away the panic and fear from my heart. I stood up and walked towards the mirror which I hadn't noticed before in here.I looked at myself and frowned when I saw a bruise on my cheek, so that’s the reason why my face was hurting when George touched it.But when did I hurt myself? A question was raised and then I remembered the time when the kidnapper hit me with his gun on my face.BOOMI shook my head not wanting to cloud my head with those bizarre memories. My makeup was all smeared and I looked weird and pathetic. I took some soap and started rubbing my face nicely, it hurt like hell whenever my fingers pressed at the bruises with much force or rapid movements.“Arghh”I squealed in pain a couple of times and then suddenly the door opened from the outside making me jump all of sudden.“F**k…” I cursed under my breath.The masked man stood at the door staring at me in silence and then after a moment when I intended to lift my foo
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Chapter 9
On the third day, we were rewarded with tiny cupcakes as an honor for surviving for more than 48 hours. George ate his food heartily while I ate with difficulty. Lily's condition was getting worse and I needed to do something to save her.At least, I could try.I kept pondering in my heart about what I should do, and when I went out of options I simply stood in the center of the room and then opened my mouth nervously, “The masked man…” I acknowledged him, “If you’re listening, then please help the woman here. She has a fever, high fever, and she needs medical help.”I said it out loud and then sat back in my place. I know there is no way I could argue with that man or order him around.I buckled my knees to my chest and then started praying in my heart silently for Lily. Hours passed but there was no movement at the other side of the door. I knew the kidnapper wouldn't help her, my request meant nothing to him until it was a game for him…Suddenly, my mind clicked and I stood again,
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Chapter 10
“You won’t be wearing them anymore.”It took me a while to resolve his words completely in my mind, and I looked at him in horror, “Please… Give me back my panties… I can’t go back there like this.” I started to plead.I saw the way those two young men stared at me, how could I sit panty-less in that room full of predators?The masked man didn’t listen to my pleas, dragged me back to the locked room, and pushed me inside with cruelty.BOOMAs soon as I got inside, George rushed to me asking about his mother, “How’s mom doing? Is she fine, now?”“She is getting medicine, she will be fine soon,” I told him as I caressed his hair and then walked toward Miranda.“Hiss…” As my butt touched the ground, I hissed from the soreness, that Bastard had sucked on my c**t so hard, Thankfully, he didn’t bite me there.I frowned from the uneasiness when suddenly Miranda turned to me and asked anxiously, “What happened, Eloise? What game were you talking about… What’s happening out there?”Her eyes lo
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