Chapter 14 Mr. Summers Is Too Handsome

“Sis-in-law, you…”

“Yvonne Frey, what are you doing outside?”

Henry’s cold and displeased voice rang out inside the office!

He didn’t expect Yvonne would be so bold to flirt with someone else in front of him!

He had given her a hint when they were outside the police station last time, but this woman didn’t seem to take it seriously at all!

Though they were only husband and wife in name, did she not have the consciousness of a married woman?

“N-Nothing!” Yvonne snapped back to her senses and quickly distanced herself from Shane. She glanced at him apologetically, then passed the documents in her hand to Henry without further delay.

“Mr. Lancaster, this is all the information I have compiled. Please look through it. If there’s nothing else, I’ll excuse myself now.”

Henry flipped through the document and his face turned sour. “Are you sure you’ve checked these documents?”

“Yes, I've checked them all.” Yvonne was taken aback. “Is there any problem, Mr. Lancaster?”

“Then you should really recheck them again!” Henry snapped the file close. “The contract with Chromatic Entertainment hasn’t been officially signed as we are still working on the details, yet you marked the document as completed? You didn’t even carefully check the details! Are you going to take responsibility if there’s a problem in the company’s account later?”

“M-My apologies, Mr. Lancaster! I’ll recheck them again!” Yvonne paled and was going to take back all the documents.

“Hold on.”

Henry stopped her, then gestured to the office desk with his chin. “Take care of those documents on the table too.”

Those were all the contracts that had been signed.

Due to the former upper management’s negligence, most of them were not classified properly. He was taking this opportunity to sort them all out too.

“All… of these too?”

“Yes. What are you standing here for?” Henry frowned at her.

“But Mr. Lancaster, there are too many documents here. I’m not sure how long it will take me to deal with all of them alone, I…”

“Weren’t you quite free to be standing around here and eavesdropping on conversations? Why are you suddenly too busy to be doing real tasks? Maybe you don’t need to come back to work tomorrow.”


Yvonne choked on her words and lowered her head. She came forward and quickly moved all the documents away. “I’ll get them done right away, Mr. Lancaster.” What would she do if she lost her job before paying him back the seven hundred thousand dollars that she owed?

“Watch your step, sis-in-law.”

Shane was going to help Yvonne when he saw the huge pile of documents in her hands, but he could see Henry’s face turning darker out of the corner of her eye.

He raised his eyebrows and closed the office door after watching Yvonne leave, then sloppily poured himself a cup of tea. “Henry, I hope my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, but did you misunderstand something just now and got jealous?”

“Can you stop letting your imagination run wild? I’m not interested in women without much brains.”

“Is that so?” Shane asked meaningfully. “If you really don’t like her, then why keep her by your side and even choose her as your secretary? I just can’t wrap my head around your actions.”

Henry snorted softly. “Are you too free today to be paying attention to a nobody?”

“Nobody?” Shane repeated Henry’s words, then suddenly smiled. “I don’t have time to care about these things. I just wanted to remind you to be mindful in your actions, lest you regret them in the future.”

“I know.”

Henry squinted his eyes and could vaguely see the secretary’s office through the blinds.

Yvonne left the door open and was sorting out the documents, looking vexed. Her beautiful eyebrows were tightly knitted together.

She didn’t have an exquisite face, but her fair complexion was pleasing to his eyes.

Henry’s face slightly darkened when he recalled his unusual behavior just now. There was no way he would fall in love with this kind of woman!
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last phantom
He’s totally jealous! Unreasonably so.
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last phantom
That’s not flirting! That’s trying to go about her job and your pal startling her! Ego much?!

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