Chapter 22 What Are You After?

Joe seemed to have realized something. He cast a glance at Henry who was fuming, then pushed open the door.

Yvonne stood at the door with her head hung low and her frail shoulders shook with her sobs.

“Yvonne Fr… no, madam, why are you here?” Joe forced an awkward smile on his usually stern face.

Yvonne ignored him. She lifted her tear-stained pale face and gave the man in the study room a wounded look.

The man instantly felt conflicted when he saw her like this.

“Leave now.” Henry waved to his assistant.

Joe was long ready to leave. He picked up his briefcase and quickly left.

Henry went over to Yvonne and glanced down to look at the mess on the ground. Emotions flickered through his eyes. “You heard everything?”

Yvonne clenched her hands and choked. “Why… Why are you treating me like this...?”

“I’m sorry.” Henry’s eyes dimmed.

His apology only made Yvonne feel even worse. She knelt on the ground and started crying loudly.

Henry reached out and wanted to pull her up, but pe
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Marjorie Williams
I would like to know if the husband is a psychic because how does he know Yvonne's bone marrow is a match to the home wreaker .he doesn't know they are related until three fourth way the story
goodnovel comment avatar
He was the one not Yvonne
goodnovel comment avatar
Nafe Nafe
Any better ways to get coins for unlocking the next chapter please?

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