Chapter 739 Yvonne’s Decision

When she first knew that Mandy had those kinds of feelings towards Henry, she should have taken action to nip it in the bud.

However, because she didn’t want to be like Jacqueline, who acted like a mad man and took action against people ruthlessly, she let Mandy go again and again.

Now, it seemed like she was a fool!

"Where’s Mandy?" Yvonne looked at Henry.

Henry replied, "She’s locked in the hotel."

"Okay. I want to see her," Yvonne said with murderous intent in her eyes.

Henry was not surprised by Yvonne’s thought of wanting to see Mandy, but he disagreed. "No."

"Why?" Yvonne's face sank as she looked at him, slightly dissatisfied. "You can’t bear it? Or do you want to take her side?"

Henry frowned and his face sank. "Why would you think of me that way?"

Yvonne's eyes flickered, and she turned her gaze away. "Sorry, I didn't mean it, I just..."

"I know." Henry's expression became softer, but there was also a hint of pain amidst the softness. "Shane told me that yo
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