Chapter 740 Flogging

Yvonne nodded."A little. The medicine made me a little drowsy."

"Go to sleep then. I'll be here." Henry patted her.

Yvonne smiled lightly and closed her eyes.

After a while, her breathing gradually became longer.

Henry knew that she had fallen asleep, so he got up and went to the balcony to make a phone call.

The call was made to the hotel, mainly to order them not to arrange food for Mandy.

Although he was not ready to do anything to Mandy yet, he was not going to let Mandy live comfortably.

Obviously, the hotel fully obeyed his orders and did so.

Only then did Henry put down the phone with satisfaction and go back to the ward.

The next day, Elliot got the old man's whip as promised.

Yvonne took the whip in her hand and took a closer look.

The color of the whip was bleaker compared to a few years ago. It had been through quite some time after all.

Elliot leaned against the wall and looked at Henry with a smile. "I heard that Grandpa used this whip to beat you a
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