Chapter 18

"I got you." A familiar voice murmured, lifting me from the ground.

I felt weightless in Carson's arms. My mind was swimming numbly, struggling to form any kind of coherent thoughts. All I knew was something was desperately wrong with me. My limbs refused to respond, and if they did it was incredibly delayed.

Carson carried me somewhere. Sights and sounds I had experienced multiple times were now completely foreign.

I was thrown on something soft. My mind couldn't comprehend what it was. My fingers twisted in the soft material slowly, winding and unwinding.

"She didn't even notice." Carson's voice rang out, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I could hear the words clearly, but I couldn't understand the meanings.

In the midst of the absolute cloudiness of my brain, something else was happening inside of me. At first it felt like little pinpricks. Like something hitting against a brick wall. The feeling was like an itch
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nibbi halu
Love this book
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That's what i think !
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Your an Idiot if you won't tell on Grace, she already hit you yet still wants to ruin you!

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