Chapter 122

My Luna Ceremony commenced the following weekend, making Carrie even more frazzled as she planned last minute details. Day by day, her buns became just a tad messier. Flower arrangements, guest lists, and food. She had even gone as far to search for entertainment. I had all but forbade her to make an event out of it, but the twin’s ordered her not to listen.

Streamers of cobalt and powder blue wrapped around the light posts in town, hanging brightly decorated wreaths. Storefronts hung lights, and laughter trickled in through the cracks of devastation.

The crowd of guests that cheered when I walked under the pavilion erected in the park made my face flush. The positive emotions made me giddy as I passed from guest to guest, riding the high of happiness and celebration.

As the ceremony commenced, the joy in my stomach turned to worry. Self-doubt lingered at the corners of my mind, fleeing only when the twins came into sight.

Alec had trimmed his hair

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Renee Kigoda
What happen to the bakery ... friends and the twins beta
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Amy White
I need more!
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Karla Cassidy
love it can't put it down

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