Chapter 121

Two Months Later

One deep breath, and then another.

“Relax, Aurora.” Zayne’s flat voice sounded from a few feet in front of me, icy eyes pivoting across the lounge to meet my own. Ever since his father’s death, there were moments where he seemed carved from ice. The only one able to thaw him was currently waiting along with the rest of the crowd. “Whether they know it or not, they’re looking for a leader, someone better to replace Marcus. Speak with confidence and they’ll listen.”

“He isn’t wrong.” Brandon Fox shrugged. The only similarities between Jaspar and his eldest son were the piercing eyes and lazy grin. Everything else, including the golden hair, came from his mother.

“Still, she is not wrong to be worried. There are some that won’t be happy with this decision.” Isaiah chimed in, the voice of reason as he stood second in line.

“What do you think?&rdqu

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Renee Kigoda
Yes missing parts on tori and Zayne the other counsel members
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Renee Kigoda
Who is Isabelle
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Kigoda
What happen to Sebastian

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