Chapter 120

The sound of muffled arguing emerged from the kitchen, most of which held the noticeable soprano of Tori’s voice. Every few seconds, I could hear Kady’s mom snap back in a venomous tone.

Even Garrett was perfectly content with letting them argue, considering he was still processing all that I had told him. He hadn’t moved from his position on the couch, his chin resting in the palm of his hand.

The same rush of emotion had once washed through me and even now, it was hard to believe that things were changing.

Julian sat at his side, unable to conceal the wide grin that stole his face. The exact opposite of his brooding and severe brother. It made him look younger, even though the lines etched into his smooth face were a testament to his age.

He leaned forward on his haunches, eyes sparkling. There had always been something feral about Julian. Still, he was more approachable than Garrett. “How’d you kill him, kid? Did he beg?”

My stomach soured

Jane Doe

Hey everyone! I recently took some time off to visit family, but I am back and ready to write! This is not the last chapter of the twin's! <3

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Dawn Cochran
Jasper is sooo awesome lol
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Annie Ash
I hope there will be a sequel
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This book has been so much fun to read

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