Chapter 117

“It is within all of your best interests to stand down.” Jaspar Fox’s voice rang throughout the crowd, strong and very much alive. The wolves he had brought with him twitched their tails in irritation, we were evenly matched now. I could see shimmering eyes deep within the forest, watching and waiting from the outside. “Defy your Alpha and take your own life into your hands, because soon Marcus Novak will be dead.”

Jaspar looked towards me and somehow, I was able to decipher the words within his pale colored eyes. He was asking me a question, a simple yes or no. It took only a few seconds, reaching out with my magic before I had the answer.

Disappointment and acceptance flashed in his eyes as I shook my head ‘no’.

Many of the warriors here were loyal to Marcus, and radiated waves of hostility as they barely managed to keep themselves still. I could feel that so many of them were desperate for a way out, but the fear that

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goodnovel comment avatar
Thalia hasn’t been in the story for a while. She was very vocal at first but she’s gone completely MiA since aurora came back from running away.
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Libby Florey
Me, too! Slow chapters!
goodnovel comment avatar
Amanda Womack
spent 45 dollars and still can't finish reading

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