Chapter 118

Kade’s rage became him, heating his blood until it boiled as it pumped throughout his form. The violent emotion overtook him completely, giving his increased strength a savage edge.

Alec’s head was a different story, the same book but in another format. He could see and breathe through his rage, using it to propel not himself, but his thoughts forward. Strategies and plans flitted through his head, disorienting and at rapid-fire. Many of them looked like football plays, marking where Ariana, the Hound, and the two guards stood.

I tried not to give into the sinking feeling that overtook me, when even Alec couldn’t produce a plan of action. We were outnumbered, exceptionally considering I couldn’t use my magic while Ariana was in the room, and my combat training was strictly lodged in the beginner stage.

Still, I hadn’t come this far by giving up. Through pain and blood, I’d give everything I had. With my mates at my side, both identical and different in every

Jane Doe

This book is not yet finished, and I will be working on all of my ongoing works this weekend! :)

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Betty Strait
im sry you get so many negative comments about updates! i love this story, am absolutely enthralled w each story i read of yours ...
goodnovel comment avatar
I agree with that. Some characters name went confused with another book she wrote and this last chapter miss a whole part when Aurora give into her power during the last battle with Arianna.
goodnovel comment avatar
This chapter is confusing and hard to follow.

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