Chapter 20

I finally woke up around one in the afternoon.

My sleep had been the most pleasant part of this entire weekend. The twin's had vanished from my mind and dreams. I forced any and all thoughts of them from my head. I was left with a dull and sometimes excruciatingly sharp pain in my chest. It honestly felt like a chunk of my soul was missing, but it doesn't help to dwell on what could've been.

My plan to leave was officially set into motion. I would leave Friday night. That gave me an entire week to work, and pick up my check Friday morning. I had a little over twenty five grand in my bank account. While it wouldn't sustain me forever, it would be plenty until I found myself a job.

I had everything planned out. Friday night I would catch a bus to Atlanta, Georgia. From there I'd get the soonest plane ticket. My destination didn't matter. I wanted to be far away from Georgia, somewhere no one would look. Once the plane landed, I'd find myself a job and
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Sharon Harvey Henry
love this book
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It's really a bummer that the chapters cost so much and are so short. It's a good story but it costs a lot.
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When I was young I got betrayed by a friend & my first love. When opportunity to work far from home came, I accepted it believing I will be able to move on if I'm far/run away but I learned its wrong! Getting back after years, its same. You can only move on, move up to the very place where you fall!

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