Chapter 26

I cringed, but telling him about Frank was a lot easier than telling him about Grace. Frank couldn't torment me anymore, not with me being forced to live with Garrett. Grace on the other hand could still manage to get to me. 

"Frank likes to drink." I shrugged, "He gets rough. I ran and locked myself in my room. He was trying to break down my door so I climbed out the window and jumped."

"You jumped from your window?" Garrett's voice was calm.

"No." I replied, deadpan. "I jumped from the roof."

"That fact makes no difference." Garrett growled under his breath.

"Look." I sighed, "Don't go playing the caring father card. Seriously, for my sanity don't do it."

This entire conversation was giving me a headache. My heart was being pulled in so many different directions, I wondered if it could withstand all of the torment. 'Only a few more days', I told myself. Then I'd be in the wind, not a single person to worry about.

Two devastatin

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goodnovel comment avatar
Finally, her Wolfs nnam spurts out!
goodnovel comment avatar
Haha, at some point I'm praying too but maybe not since Garret already saw them all for sure...
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Sherry Sookwah
Thought the father wanted to talk to her about her wolf.

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