Chapter 2621

Eliza laughed to herself. ‘I never once thought you were interesting, you idiot.’

After entering, she took her luggage and stuffed all sorts of branded clothes and bags inside it.

When Chester passed by with his cup in hand, he mocked, “Didn’t you say sleeping with me didn’t benefit you at all? Aren’t those clothes, accessories, and bags bought with money?”

Eliza blinked, pretending to be confused. “But my other sugar daddies would give me clothes and accessories when I sleep with them too. Also, they’ll give me many resources, houses, and luxury cars.”


Eliza’s reply put the usually harsh Chester at a loss for words.

After packing everything, Eliza stood up, and a car key to a Lamborghini accidentally fell out of her pocket.

She picked it up hastily and glanced at Chester innocently. “I’m sorry. My new sugar daddy gave this to me.”


Chester’s grip on his cup tightened. He even had the urge to strangle Eliza. “Eliza, if you keep rambling on, believe it or not, I’l
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Dawn Preciado
Hahaha Chester is so stupid he got played. His arrogance blinds him

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