Chapter 2624

However, Levi had investigated Eliza’s background information before. She did not look like a person who was hiding her identity as a finance tycoon.

He found Eliza mysterious.

He thought that with Eliza’s current financial ability, she did not need the meager earnings from the entertainment industry at all.

Nevertheless, Levi had self-awareness. Everyone had their private matters. As long as Reborn was willing to help Ferra Film Group, Ferra would have more confidence and funds to expand on a large scale.

Did Felix Media not have their confidence that day because of the capital behind Chester?

“Money makes everything easier.” Eliza signaled Skyler to make some coffee. “Ferra Film Group’s development hasn’t been as good as Felix Media’s for the past years. You should be aware of the reason. The celebrities under your company are taking on low-quality dramas for money. You can buy high-quality scripts and invite popular big shots when there's money. You can also produce your ow
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