Chapter 2762

Charity pushed Chester. “Move away. This is the corridor. It’ll be troublesome if someone comes over later.”

If she stayed there and a waiter saw them, her plans would be ruined.

However, Chester refused to budge.

In that case, Charity had no choice but to scratch his chest hard.

Chester hissed in pain and grabbed her wrist, dragging her to the emergency exit behind a door.

“No one will see us here.” Chester pressed Charity against the door.

His bright, handsome eyes were filled with bewilderment.

“Let me go. I want to go back.” Charity did not want to get involved with him anymore. “Chester, I told you very clearly last time. Let’s just go our own way, okay? I believe you can do it. After we broke up, didn’t you have lots of fun over the years and so many women by your side? You can continue to do that in the future.”

The dark stairway fell silent for some time before Chester said in agony, “But whenever I close or open my eyes now, all I see is you.”

Charity stared int
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