Chapter 2827

When Charity was discharged in the evening, Larissa and Freya helped her with her luggage.

Charity had fruits in her hands too.

When the elevator door opened and they were about to enter, they saw a nurse inside with a patient’s bed. The person on the bed looked familiar. The patient’s face had a yellow complexion, pale lips, and thin cheeks.

Only upon closer look did they realize that the patient was Chester.

Ken and Madam Jewell were standing at the entrance of the elevator.

When Madam Jewell saw her, she got upset. “How dare you still show up in front of my son? Look at you, about to get discharged comfortably, yet my son still has to stay in the hospital for god knows how long. Get lost, b*tch. I want to hit you every time I see you.”

“Mom…” Chester said softly, “Don’t put her in a difficult spot.”

“I think you must’ve been bewitched by that woman.” Madam Jewell almost spat a mouthful of blood. “For her, is it worth it? Has she come to visit you when the pain kept you a
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goodnovel comment avatar
My guess is they’re weaning us: we’ve seen the resolution and love story for every possible character in the book, these two are the last ones. Unless they miraculously find Liam, there’s no hook left. I’d prefer a bunch of final chapters though. Lacking the immersive experience of reading through
goodnovel comment avatar
Janine May
So sick of a few pages which don’t get us any further in the story just paying large amounts for filler chapters for a book that’s already ridiculously long as it is plz go back to actual chapters worth reading I’m not the only reader that is ready to stop reading If it doesn’t get any better

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