Chapter 2829

“Charity, I told you I can wait–” Max was struggling helplessly.

“Max, you see life as too simple sometimes.” Charity looked at him seriously. “Perhaps this has to do with the environment you were raised in. Your family might not be considered well-off, but your parents love you. You’ve also been living in a healthy environment, and now that you’re older, the only hardship you’ve faced is on the battlefield.”

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Yes. Of course, there is. Think about it. If I insist on being with you, will your parents like me? Even if our families used to be on good terms, they’ll hate me. How nice it would be if I hadn’t shown up. Then, I wouldn’t have interrupted your life, and you’d surely be able to marry a rich lady who would be helpful to your future. With time, not only will there be a conflict between your mom and me, but you’ll also have a falling-out with your parents. You may think it doesn’t matter simply because you’re not mature enough yet.”

At the m
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Dawn Preciado
Author not sure where you are going with this, but I really don’t want to see Charity be alone or Chester. I think they both deserve to find their happiness whatever or whomever they may be. Cheste was also a victim as well from Sara . All the men did some very hateful things because of her as well
goodnovel comment avatar
Marilyn Munroe
not exciting, cannot see what else will happen apart from repeating what has already happened with the other characters previously... ...

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