Chapter 15

Catherine lifted her head, but the server kicked her out of the restaurant before she could take a good look.

A tall and strong man suddenly approached with an aura of the warm sunlight. He appeared naturally elegant in his deep blue double-breasted blazer.

His facial features were unusually defined and good-looking. His dark deep-set eyes and thick long brows gave out an imposing manner.

Shaun Hill…

This took her by surprise. Little did she expect to bump into this man so soon.

Not to mention at a time when she was looking so battered and disheveled.

Oh no, he already disliked her to begin with. He would probably propose a divorce right after this.

Chase stepped forward from the back and instantly recognized Catherine.

He had seen the woman before in other banquets, not to mention she was one of the few publicly recognized beautiful women of Melbourne.

However, it was odd to see her in this distraught state.

A playful tease spread across his face. “Shaun, isn’t this your…”

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Tina White
I have tried this out before and it seems like it's still the same thing the story I'm reading is very good but I'm not getting ready to spend the cost of a book just to read one or two chapters this is a bunch of shit
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Nompumelelo MmaPha
Quite interesting story, plz unlock new chapters
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Genet Belete
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