Chapter 18

Ethan’s thin lips opened and closed elegantly.

Catherine had heard him saying sweet words countless times. This time, however, she was heartbroken.

“Yeah, I’m awful. So are you here to take revenge against me on behalf of your fiancée?”

“You still haven’t realized your mistake at this point,” Ethan furiously added, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones are already discontented with you. Why can’t you behave yourself? People out there are calling you small-minded.”

“Yeah, I’m small-minded,” Catherine admitted it openly. “I’m not a saint either.”


Ethan could not help but knock on the car with his fist.

“You’ve really let me down. I’ve been trying hard to endure for the sake of our future, hoping that I’ll be able to take over Lowe Corporation soon. What about you? Look at what you’ve done. Not only did you leave Summit and end up being jobless, but your reputation has also been ruined. Can’t you push yourself a little harder?”

“I’m working hard.”

‘I’m working hard to consolidate my
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goodnovel comment avatar
teary eyes ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Lola Lee
cathy doesn't have a strong personality she's too week
goodnovel comment avatar
So far I’m liking this story. Let’s see where it’s going to take us? I get so emotional for the heroine when those evil people do their evilness and always waiting for justice to prevail.

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