I must look at Fernando Luiz like he's crazy, my mouth open in shock.

Just this morning my best friend and I discussed how we can pick up chicks tonight at the hotel we're staying at. Now this man is telling me I should marry his daughter. I don't even want to get married.

And I don't even know who the hell his daugter is. She could be ugly for all I know and he said frolicking and fornication are out of the picture now. How the hell am I supposed to just agree to take on a wife?

"No, that's not going to happen." I shake my head. "As you know, I live a certain lifestyle, a wife doesn't fit into that, I'm sorry."

"But we just agreed that you will leave that life behind!" Luiz says jovially. "And I can't just give my company over to you for fun."

"I never asked for your company." I remind him. "I admire the legacy that you've built, I think you're a great businessman and maybe I came over here to somehow do business with you, but a wife? That's out of the question for me."

And to a Luiz woman no less? I'll be tied down for life, that's a sure suicide mission. I'll get killed for just looking at another woman.

"Oh this isn't something I thought we had to discuss." Luiz taps on the screen of that tablet, subtly reminding me that he knows exactly who and where the most important people in my life are. "Think of it as a merge. Powerful families have gone into arranged marriages since the beginning of time."

"We live in the twenty-first century." I tell him. "And no woman that I know would agree to marry a guy she doesn't know."

"My daughter knows the deal, she was raised knowing that one day I will choose a suitable husband for her." The man must be crazy, because he's actually grinning. "Like I said, you were hand-picked, I didn't choose you lightly."

"I'm really honored mr.Luiz." Indeed I am. "But I don't have any intention marrying your daughter or any other woman in fact."

"Tsk tsk tsk." Luiz shakes his head and unlocks that damn screen again.

He passes me the device again and on the screen is the names of all the companies that I own, all of my bank accounts, even the off-shore ones along with all the names of all my customers who I have weapon deals with.

It shouldn't surprise me that a man like him has done thorough research of every little thing I do. And while I was only a tad bit scared earlier, I'm full blown terrified now. He has me by the balls, I know what he does to businesses that stand in his way.

"You see, this is one of the reasons I chose you hijo." He says and now I know why he calls me son. I'm about to be the son-in-law of Capo Fernando Luiz. "You don't agree so easily. Other men would have jumped at the oppertunity, but not you."

So I'm basically trapped now because of my personality.

I grew up in the hood. I had to learn early on to fight and to stand up for myself. If I didn't, I would've become shark meat and that same principles I learned there, I take with me to business. So far, it has worked out in my favor, now I'm not so sure.

"You are certainly a thorough man, Capo." I push the tablet back over to him.

"You don't get to where I am by being sloppy." He winks at me. "Now that we have settled the matter of consent, lets get into detail, shall we?"

My back is certainly against the wall and my hands cut off, all I can do is sit and listen to what my life will become from here on out.

"I don't like the arms industry." He states. "I know it's a ludicrous industry and that you've made a fortune from it, but it's too easily detectable by the feds."

I pinch the bridge of my nose to not lose my temper. "I've spent years building up my contacts."

"You have and you've built a great network, you wouldn't be sitting here if you didn't." There's respect in his eyes. "But there's a reason why I don't deal in guns, especially the kind you're dealing with. Sooner or later you will be exposed, so I did you a favor and ended your contracts."

"You did what!" I exclaim, shooting from my chair.

My contacts respected me. I always delivered on time and they paid me generously for it. What the hell must they be thinking now? I'll never get that business again.

"Calm down hijo" Luiz says like I'm some petulant child. 'Like I said, I did it to protect you and your future."

"No offence, but I don't know you from a grain of salt!" I say incredibly. "You threaten my family, my livelihood and now you've ended my contracts without consulting me! I see no honor in that!"

I notice Buff guy standing closer at my outburst but I couldn't give two fucks now. If it's a fight he wants, a fight he will get. Many men have died at the barrel of my gun because they underestimated me. And even if I don't walk out of here in one piece today, at least Fernando Luiz would know I wasn't a man who just rolled over for anybody.

"Then maybe you'll see the honor of the one billion dollars I transfered to an account in your name?" He makes the stop sign with his hand to Buff guy who stops advancing on me, but who doesn't go back to his previous post either.

One billion dollars? I must admit that's a lot of money and Luiz is not a man who would call my bluff, so I know that account exists.

"I'm sure that will cover the amount you would have potentially lost." He smiles again when I slowly lower my body back to my seat. "You will see there's an additional one billion that will serve as the capital to buy the majority shares in my pharmaceutical company."

"Of course you have a pharmaceutical company." I mumble.

He laughs again. "Like I told you hijo, it's a world of smoke and mirrors, you just have to know how to play make-belief really well."

This guy is even smarter than I thought, I don't know if I should applaud him or shoot him.

He gets up from his chair. "I think it's a good time for you to meet Princess now, please follow me."

I feel like a puppet on a string, the last time I felt like that was when my father pitched up at my front door without any warning and upended my life. The feeling doesn't sit well with me, yet I'm now richer than what I was before I entered this property and more than curious to meet my future wife.

I'm going to have a wife. My mother will certainly be happy about that fact, she's been bugging me to settle down for a while now. Granted, my hand has been forced in the matter, but what else can I do now but to go along?

Luiz leads me to a beautiful outside area, situated right on the beach, the pool shining in the rays of the sun. I could have enjoyed the scenery more if I didn't feel like I was attending a funeral.

A waiter stops at our side with two champagne glasses on a tray, and this time I grab a glass without thinking twice.

"I told you we would be celebrating today." Luiz touches his glass to mine.

Usually I keep my cool in business, but this is an unusual situation, so I gulp the glass of champagne in one go. The waiter is right back with another one, but I decide to take it a bit slower. I'm still trapped, I'm going to have to stay sober minded in case I need to do a quick escape.

A woman walks towards us and I look her up and down. She's dressed in a modest business suit with sensible heels, her blonde hair in a tight bun and glasses persched on her nose. Not the type I would usually go for, but she's not unsightly.

"Rachel! Meet Mason Rossi." Luiz gestures to me like I'm some prize.

"Mr. Rossi." Rachel nods her head at me, a slight pink blush covering her cheeks and I grin slyly.

This is going to be fun. I'm already thinking of ways to defile my shy, blushing bride. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Before I can say anything, a vision in a black bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination, emerges from the pool house. Long, dark hair blows in the slight wind, she's tall but have some serious curves, making my mouth salivate.

Large sunglasses hide her eyes and she walks as if she's on a runway.

"Aaahhhh, meet my pride and joy." Luiz's voice is filled with admiration. "Silk, this is my princess."

She removes the sunglasses from her face and shock reverberates through my system because I know exactly who it is.

I'm officially screwed.

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