The Betrayed Omega and her Triplets

The Betrayed Omega and her Triplets

By:  Nelly Jay  Updated just now
Language: English
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Nora, an omega hybrid born to an Alpha king and a high priestess falls in love with Alpha Klaus, the son of her father's sworn enemy and her one true mate. When betrayal from Klaus causes the death of her parents and siblings, she tried to commit suicide but finds herself in the human world. Five years later, Nora becomes a thriving medical doctor and a mother of three beautiful children who were a product of a one night encounter she had with Alpha Klaus on the night he betrayed her. Nora's world comes crashing down when her children are kidnapped and she is posed with three tasks that would secure their release, tasks that involves her revisiting her past and meeting the man she hated most in the world. Failure to perform each task as she was informedwas informed by the kidnapper will lead to the death of each of her children. What would happen when Nora goes back to the werewolf world and makes shocking discoveries that would cause her to realize everything was not really as it seemed? What choice would she make when she would have to choose between the alpha who had betrayed her and the alpha who had been there for her in the past five years during her stay in the human world? What would happen when she discovers an enemy within who had played a vital role in the mayhem that had befallen her? When faced with the indecision of saving klaus pack, would she use her powers as a high priestess or rather watch them die as a way of exerting her ultimate revenge? Find out in this thrilling and captivating werewolf romance novel, "The betrayed Omega and her Triplets".

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Mary Olawoyin
I can't wait for chapter 9 chapter 01-08 is fire ... I think I love the author's writing skill and how well Nora was well explained. let's see how it goes. I hope you continue this way. I got hooked. it's been a while since a book make me feel this way. kudos author.
2024-04-30 17:41:44
42 Chapters
Chapter 1
~ NoraI woke up, stirring my eyes open. The first thing I noticed was the fact that I was not in my room; this was unfamiliar territory. I saw the rays of sunlight sifting into the room from the window.Jerking up from the bed, I looked around. It all came flooding back to my memory—the events of last night. I smiled. I remembered his touch; I remembered the way he made me feel. My body still felt a bit sore from the passionate love he made to me.It was my first time!I had given my virginity to the love of my life after several months of pressure from him.I felt new, I felt reborn.I could hear running water in the bathroom and figured out he was in there having his bath.Klaus, the love of my life, an Alpha's son who had chosen to love an Omega like me.The water stopped running, and out walked the most beautiful man I have ever set my eyes on, the man my world revolves around. He stood 6 ft tall with blond hair and ocean blue eyes. The chiseled planes of his face with deep set f
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Chapter 2
~Nora"Traitor! You are a traitor, Nora!" I heard a familiar voice growl from behind.When I turned, my eyes, tired from spent tears, met with those of Beta Ken. He was my father's best friend and right-hand man. He also was my best friend's dad. I saw Grace standing just behind him, her eyes filled with animosity towards me."Traitor! How could you, Nora? How could you do this to us!? Your parents and siblings are dead all because of you!" he snapped angrily. His eyes were red, evidence that he had been grieving. I could see blood dripping from his side, onto the floor. He was bleeding; whoever killed my family must have done that to him.I was confused at his words. I managed to rise to my feet as I stuttered in a trembling voice, "W..what are you talking about, Beta?""You killed your family, Nora! You gave the map to the location of the hidden treasures to that boy! His father did this using one of our ancient relics! He came here with your boyfriend and a powerful witch who wield
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Chapter 3
~NoraFive years later,"Doctor Nora, a patient was just rushed into the hospital, he is unconscious. He bled profusely before first aid arrived at the scene of the accident; he has lost a lot of blood," one of the nurses rushed to me."Take me to the patient," I instructed.She nodded frantically and darted straight towards one of the wards on the second floor, which I happened to be on. I followed hot on her heels.When I saw the patient lying on the bed unconscious, he was surrounded by some other nurses and his family. I checked his vitals and noticed the wound he had by the side of his stomach had ruptured his large intestine. That was critical; he needed surgery immediately."He needs surgery! Prepare the theater immediately!" I ordered."Okay, doctor!" the nurses replied and left swiftly for the theater.After about an hour, I was done with the surgery. I removed my scrub outfits and left the theater, flexing my muscles and massaging my neck as I headed back to my office. It ha
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Chapter 4
~KlausI rose from the bed, feeling very tired. Just as I was about to stand up, a hand held me back, pulling me down to the bed. I rolled my eyes. "Claudia!"Tilting my head in her direction, I growled, "What are you doing here, Claudia? I have told you severally to stop coming to my room at night until we are married?"She sat upright, blinking her eyes as if she were warding off tears. She was at it again, trying to blackmail me emotionally with her tears. "I am your betrothed, Klaus, as I have been for the last few years! I am a woman with needs! Needs to be satisfied. Why do you keep treating me this way?" she sobbed.I yanked my hand from hers. "Just stop it, Claudia. It is too early for these shenanigans. We will have all the time in the world to cuddle and make out when we get married.""That is all you say. I am tired of hearing that excuse, Klaus. I am your chosen mate. There are a lot of men I turned down for you, and that is because I love you!" she yelled.I sat down bes
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Chapter 5
NoraI stood, staring at Klaus; it all felt like a dream. He had changed so much. He looked more mature than he was five years ago. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, the day he betrayed me, shattering my heart to bits without even an ounce of guilt.I clenched my fist, knowing that I had to put my anger and pain aside if I must perform the task I had been assigned and get my children back safely. Were it not for that, all I wanted was to drive a knife through his heart, to kill him, just as he had killed my parents and siblings. The thought of that night made my eyes well up with unspent tears."Nora? Are you okay?" Klaus asked, seeing my slightly changed demeanor, his voice filled with concern. Of course, I am not okay! I want you dead! I wanted to say but refrained myself from doing so.I gave a slight nod, signifying that I was fine even though I was far from that.I held my head high and stared at him, waiting for the question I knew was going to come.Wearing a co
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Chapter 6
Nora I was a bit taken aback by his words but quickly recovered. He actually thought me capable of murder? Yeah, right, I scoffed inwardly. After what they did to my family, it shouldn't come as a surprise to me that he would think that. Heck! I have often wished his entire family would be stricken down by lightning or maybe even killed off by the moon goddess for what they did. After that incident, as years passed, my anger and hatred for klaus and his family grew. That wound of losing my entire family at their hands hasn't healed and might never do so. Who knows, if the lives of my children were not at stake, I might have actually entertained the thought of killing his father and making it seem as though he died a natural death. Feed undetectable poison into his blood that would snuff the life out of him very slowly. How would they ever suspect I did it? I sighed. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I won't do any of that, and I had to make him understand that. Narrowing m
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Chapter 7
~NoraKlaus cast her a look, one that was not so friendly, making me understand their relationship might have its struggles, not that it was any of my business."What are you doing here, Claudia? And who said you can interrupt me when I am having a meeting with a guest?" Klaus snapped, clearly not wanting the young fair lady to be there.Her name was Claudia? Nice.I glanced at her one more time and could see the hurt in her widened eyes. She must have been surprised by the way Klaus had spoken to her, but something tells me this is not the first time. Her next words confirmed it."You can't keep doing this to me, Klaus! I am your betrothed, soon to be Luna! At least I deserve some respect from you, especially in front of strangers!" she shrieked angrily. His words must have really gotten to her. My mind flashed back to that night in the woods just outside his house when he had said the most hurtful words to me without batting an eye, showing me an entirely different side to him, a s
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Chapter 8
Nora I blinked, my eyes still fixed on the screen as I read the content of the message. "Is there a problem, Nora?" I hear Klaus say, his voice pulling me from my dazed state as I glanced up at him. I shook my head slightly and stuttered, "Not at all." He narrowed his eyes in disbelief, "Are you sure?" I cleared my throat in a bid to get a little composure. "I am fine, Klaus." Averting my gaze to the bed where his father lay, I answered his earlier question, using that as an escape route from the uncomfortable discussion, that was rearing it's head. "Although it won't be easy, I will do my very best to see that your father gets cured, knowing what is at stake." I heaved a sigh and turned around to face him. "I would start treatment on him as soon as possible, but first I need to get settled in and fetch some things that I would be needing for his treatment." He nodded in response. "That would be fine. I would show you to the guest room," he said boldly, walking towards the door.
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Chapter 9
KlausIt still feels like a dream, the fact that Nora is here in my pack. When I apologized earlier for what happened in the past, she brushed it off and hit me with a sleek statement, "I don't want to dwell in the past." There's no way that means she has forgiven me, and frankly, I don't blame her as I wouldn't be so quick to forgive if I were in her shoes.If only she knew that things were not as they seemed, that there was more to everything that happened than meets the eye, then maybe, just maybe, she would approach things differently.I sigh, pushing my thoughts aside as I take long strides towards the entrance of the house with Nora and one of my guards following behind.Just as I'm about to make my way through the entrance of the building, Justin appears with a smirk on his face.He greets me before his eyes rest on Nora. When he asks who she is, I decide to introduce them to each other.Unfortunately, when I introduce Nora to him, he has a shocked expression on his face, one t
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Chapter 10
KlausI leaned back into my chair, my mind wandering back to that night, recalling the events that took place. I rubbed my chest, which felt a bit heavy again as everything came flooding back to my mind. It still feels like it was just yesterday."Have you?" Justin asked, pulling me from my temporary mind drift.I glanced up at him, recollecting what he had asked, "I haven't told her anything."He pulled out one of the seats in front of my desk and sat down, his eyes not leaving mine."Then what is she doing here?" he quizzed as though he was interrogating a high school student who had just been caught doing something bad.Sighing, I stood to my feet and walked to the wine cabinet situated on the left wall of my study. Opening the glass case, I brought out one of my most expensive wines, the Diva Vodka. I picked two glass cups and went back to my seat, Justin's eyes following every movement I made, eagerly waiting for my reply to his question.Now seated, I poured us each a drink and
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