A Slave To Submit [Alpha + Omega Romance]

A Slave To Submit [Alpha + Omega Romance]

By:  Kadia Knight  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Have you learned your lesson?” “Yes Alpha,” She replied monotonously. “Hmm? What did you learn?” “Not to go into places that are off limits to me… but I didn’t even know-” He tsked, “Ahta-ta. Don’t argue with me.”  “Yes, Alpha.” “Good girl.” ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ Tired of being treated like a worthless slave by her entire pack, Liora plots to escape. The timing was perfect, especially since all female omegas would have to compete to be given as a mate to the Alpha. She would rather to become a mindless beast than to have her will controlled by someone so powerful and dangerous. Heavy is the head that wears the crown- and Alpha Ronin is carrying a dark and twisted secret. When his council suggests that he takes an omega to sate his destructive wolf, he never imagined that the runaway omega would be the one thing he desired the most. She was the perfect omega, born to submit him. He was a broken Alpha, destined to destroy her. With vengeful enemies and opportunistic contenders closing in from all sides, their only options are to bond to save the pack... Or renounce each other forever and watch it all burn. ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ THE ORDER OF LYCAON SERIES BOOK 1 Chapters To Be Released: ~90

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44 Chapters
Chapter One
“Kneel.” The command was abrupt, spoken on a faint condescending whisper. Liora instantly sank to the floor. Cursed with an Omega designation from birth, her wolf seemingly had no will to resist the tauntings of her trainer, Nerissa. It was a daily routine: Nerissa would drag her before the other female omegas and use her as an example as to how they should behave- with complete and unquestioning obedience. Liora was the only one of her kind in Pack Arcadia. All the other omegas were assigned their designation at age 12. All except her. She was born an omega. Born to submit. To do everything her superiors wanted without question whenever they pulled rank. As a result, most of the other wolves in her pack took advantage of her every chance they could. Similar to what Nerissa, a second-rank gamma wolf- was doing to her that very moment. “Good doggy,” Nerissa chuckled, looking down at the top of Liora’s dark brown head. Her blue eyes gleamed coldly while the rest of the omegas wat
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Chapter Two
Ronin placed his family emblem and seal flat on the table so his fellow council members could see it. There was no mistaking the brilliant white gold plaque featuring a formidable wolf. It seemed frozen in time as it charged forth from the image.It was a symbol that he, Ronin Ashenthorn, was the helm of not just Pack Arcadia, but the entire Order of Lycaon. His bloodline was a legacy of warriors who paved the way for all the many privileges that the elite werewolf society now had.Privileges that allowed even his council to be bold enough to dictate to him what to do. With the seal out in the open, everyone paled. Obviously, they had crossed the line with the suggestion, but it was too late to take it back now.“What did you just say to me, Thad?” Ronin stroked the light stubble on his chin, “Did you just tell me that I ‘need’ to get a party pup?”“The absence of your Luna counterpart for so long has caused your wolf to become more unstable,” Thad leaned forward, resting his elbows
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Chapter Three
Liora tried with all her might to pull her arm away from Thaddeus’ grip but the stupid thing would not obey. Her feet walked on autopilot as he carted her back into the camp. Back to being everyone’s little bitch. Or more specifically, the Alpha’s chew toy. She had no idea the Alpha was so troubled. What’s worse is that Gamma Thaddeus threatened that she would be given to him. If only she had run a little faster. As they walked through the omega camp everyone looked at her with disdain and condemnation. It took a few moments for her to realize that the Gamma was taking her to the detention cells. There’s no way she would be able to escape now. “So you’re just going to send me to my death with no remorse?” She quipped. “Don’t be so dramatic,” He huffed in reply, gesturing to the guards to open one of the cells. There was someone huddled in the corner. She quickly realized it was Callie. Callie’s head whipped up at the jangling of the keys and her heart sank when she saw Liora.
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Chapter Four
Ronin stalked towards his mate, his eyes black as sin. For once in a very long time, he and his wolf were on the same page about one thing. Biting this omega and knotting her right fucking now. Liora couldn’t cross the distance fast enough and all but launched herself into the arms of her Alpha. He caught her, wrapping her slender legs around his waist with one hand and using the other to grab her hair and yank her head back. “Mate!” He rasped, “Yield!” Liora gripped his shoulders and exposed her neck in wild abandon. Ronin growled in satisfaction then dropped his head to bite into the racing pulse at her neck. Suddenly, he was yanked back and Liora was pried from his body. Caius held him by the collar of his tux while Thaddeus held Liora. “Let me go Caius or I’ll rip your throat out!” He growled. “Are you really going to do this in front of all your guests?” Caius hissed. Ronin paused and took stock of his surroundings. He was still in the ballroom at his party, and everyone w
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Chapter Five
Liora felt someone slapping her cheeks harshly when she finally regained consciousness. “Wake up, mutt,” Nerissa sneered. Liora opened her eyes and tried to recall what happened to her. When the memories came flooding back, she all but jumped off the bed.“The Alpha is my mate?!” She squeaked. Nerissa looked at her scornfully, towering over her until she had no choice but to sit. Her eyes darted around the lavish room but they were alone. She was cornered by Nerissa, no doubt to endure another round of torture.“Don’t get any ideas. He doesn’t want you.”Of course, he didn’t want her, she thought bitterly. Who would want an omega like her as a mate?“You’re weak,” Nerissa continued, “Pitiful. You are not fit to be a Luna. I’m glad our Alpha had the good sense to realize this before making this cosmic mistake permanent.”“Our Goddess doesn’t make mistakes,” Liora huffed. Her wolf was clawing to get back to her mate. It was sweet and sickening at the same time. She had never felt so m
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Chapter Six
It was a race against time to save Ronin’s life. The mansion had a fully equipped medical wing but was too far from the fighting pit. Instead, Ronin was brought to one of the many cabins used by wolves during long periods of training. Caius kicked open the door and heaved Ronin onto a wooden table in the center of the kitchen. A tall lanky Delta rushed in with a medical kit, Thaddeus and Lucien in tow.They surrounded Ronin, staring at the ghastly canyon that was carved into his chest. It was barely held together by Caius’s pale hands. Any deeper and they would be able to see his heart.“You have to remove your hands, Caius.”“Doctor Reynolds, I can’t.” His golden eyes glowed with pain, “ I think he nicked something major.”“Caius. The doctor can’t help if you’re in the way.” Thaddeus eyed the corners of the wound that showed minuscule signs of healing, “See? He’s already begun to heal.”Caius growled, feeling Ronin's heart fluttering against his palms, “Okay. On three.”A quick count
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Chapter Seven
Liora knew where she was without having to open her eyes. The cold hugged her until her skin was taut with goosebumps, a thick musty odor wafting into her burning nose. She lay there for a while on the cold hard ground, grasping at the mangled thread of her bond. She reached out, searching earnestly. Liora’s body relaxed into the cold concrete as she felt Ronin on the other end. Thank Goddess– he was still alive. Barely, but alive. Her soles tingled as she got to her feet, reminding her of the ritual that nearly broke her. Seeing Ronin in his own blood rivaled that pain so much so that she checked out from reality. If she could guess, his wolf was against the whole thing and lashed out. Ironic that she found herself trapped alone in a dark cold cell. She felt utterly alone on that platform. None of the wolves tried to stop the ritual or pleaded for her. Why would they? She was an omega. Expendable. Replaceable. “You’re awake, mutt?” A cold voice jolted her from her thoughts. S
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Chapter Eight
“The Alpha has requested that you move into his den.”Liora squeaked, the tall glass cup she was holding crashed to the floor. Her heart leaped into her throat and her wolf chanted the delightful ‘M’ word between her two reddened ears. ‘Mate-mate-mate-mate-mate-’“Calm down, pup.” Thaddeus chuckled at Liora’s reaction to the news. “It’s hard not to intrude on your thoughts when you think so loudly.”“I’m so sorry,” She shook her head, gesturing to the broken glass, “I’ll clean this up right away.”“Don’t touch that. I can’t have you injured before we get to the mansion.” He waved her off, “ It’s a good distance from here so we have a car outside waiting to take you.”Liora couldn’t believe her ears. She was going not only to the Alpha's den but to his mansion?! If only Callie could see her now. The Alpha was messed up, not quite right in the wolf- but damn- she couldn’t suppress the excitement of seeing him again. It felt like ages since that awful day on the platform.She didn’t hav
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Chapter Nine
Liora walked down the stairs in a daze as blood continued to drip from her neck. The hurtful words Alpha said to her repeated in her head over and over. ‘Lower staff. Nothing more.’ Nothing more. Nothing. She left a blood-red trail in her wake but she was in too much agony to care. No doubt they’d make her clean it later. She didn’t stop walking until she was back in the laundry room. Delta Rhonda, the Laundry Mistress, was hunched over a large sink. She diligently scrubbed the collar of a shirt with a toothbrush. She gaped in surprise when she saw the stream flowing down Liora’s arm. “Goodness child, what happened?!” Rhonda’s freakishly tall gait rushed over, whipping out a white hand towel to staunch the flow. “I’m so sorry I got blood on the laundry,” Liora’s voice cracked as she set the basket aside, leaning against the large granite counter built above the long row of washing machines and dryers. “Oh, hush child. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Rhona brought her over to the sin
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Chapter Ten
Ronin walked briskly to the car that was waiting for him outside. Once he was in and the car drove off, he let his claws come out, shredding the lush leather seat. The taste of Liora’s blood was heavy on his tongue and he hated that he liked it.Hated that he wanted more.This was all so wrong and not at all the plan he set out to execute. He gave himself one single rule.Stay away from her.It seemed to go well the first few days when she initially arrived. At that time, he was still secluded, isolating his wolf from any potential triggers. Then the house gradually filled with her scent. It led him like a moth to a flame- he could barely hold himself back when he spied on her while she did her duties. Ronin wanted nothing more than to bury his teeth into her neck and make her truly his, but the twisted wolf inside him made him think twice. It was a miracle that the bite didn’t take. He wanted to hold Liora, console her- perhaps tell her the truth.However, the truth was out of the q
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