Agreement With My StepBro

Agreement With My StepBro

By:  Witchikels  Ongoing
Language: English
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As the only son, Justine puts so much pressure on himself and set standards that is so high. He wants to be perfect and successful in the future, not only in terms of business, but also if he will have a family. He have two older sisters that were now in a stable life and married which made him feel more pressure. But, he knows he can not do that. He definitely doubt himself. He is known by all as a silent, intelligent and shy guy which makes him safe about his real identity. His real self, the genuine he. Every night he locks himself on his room not to cry, but to deal with his stress and struggles by watching his idol. One day, his world and life suddenly changed when his father introduced a woman which will be his stepmother. His stepmother, Laura, also now only living with her youngest son as her older daughter's and son's job were about travelling. As the time goes by, Justine accidentally found out the dirty little secret of his stepbrother, Joshua, which also revealed his. By that, they got an agreement which is a complete disaster for Justine. How can they handle each other? What will be the life of Justine now that he has an agreement with Joshua? How and when it will end?

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Henry Favour
Yayyy. Looks great so far.
2023-03-11 00:06:22
7 Chapters
JUSTINE'S POVHow can I be genuinely happy if I am not free? Free to live myself of who I am really is.How can I be happy if I am living in a gold cage? Am I indeed a bird or a...---"Butterfly! Yes! I feel like a thousand of butterflies were going wild and crazy inside of my stomach everytime I see him!" my friend Ayen giggles as we were walking to go in the soccer field.I just shook my head in disbelief and I even tsked as I can't take and reach her enthusiasm.We were classmates from grade ten to senior high school and luckily, we were also blockmates this college.We are taking up Bachelor of arts in fashion design and merchandising."We're still freshmen and the academic year was just starting but you are already showing your true colors," I said and laughed a little.She faced me and rolled her eyes. "Duh, the class started one month ago and it's already fine. Come on! Let's walk faster or else we won't see him or them!" She grabbed my arm, lead the way and walked even faster
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JUSTINE'S POVLast night's show was such a legend. He's so hot. I can't stop thinking about him.Most of the time I just imagine what if we were lovers.Actually, if I will be given a chance to met him in person, a simple hug will do or even a kiss on my cheeks. But, if ever that we will share a hot moment, then I would love that, too.Even if he's wearing that silver wolf mask, you can already say that a handsome face is what beneath that.He got that hot body, a beautiful lips and teeth that can make a killer smile and his eyes that can make you melt even if he's just gonna stare at you for few seconds. I really wonder what does he look like. But, absolutely there's no doubt that he's handsome.He's so perfect, such an ideal boyfriend and a man.I accidentally got to know him when someone in twitty shared a hot picture of him where he was topless and his hot seductive body revealed, then I remembered that the caption of that post was his name. That's why, I immediately go to the in
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JUSTINE'S POVThe next day I planned all the things I needed to do and I plan to finish them all by Friday since today is Tuesday.After class, Ayen and I doesn't have enough time to be together since I need to go to work immediately so that I can personally speak to the owner of the cafè and ask if I can take day offs on weekends.I am working on a small cafè and we're just actually three there. Me, then Sam, who is a friend of mine. He's also a gay but unlike me, he is brave enough to show the world who he really is but he doesn't cross dress. Every Friday he goes to different gay bars just to hook with someone. He's twenty years old, second year college, taking up bachelor of science in hospitality management, but we're not in the same university.He is just actually studying at the university, one block after this cafè. So, that means our university is not that far from each other.I got to know him at a bar last year. I was just curiously to know how does it feel to go out by m
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JUSTINE'S POVWhat happened next was just a very quiet trip. I do not know what to really react, I mean, I do not know if I should do some violent reactions for real. But, as we approach our house, I choose to let my father love someone romantically once again."And yeah, here we are," he said after he pulled over the car.Dad immediately removed his seatbelt and so am I but I did it slower than him."Is she already inside?" I politely asked that made him stopped from opening the door.I slowly looked at my dad as he also gazed to me."Yes," he sparingly and slowly replied.I nodded few times."Does she comes with somebody?" I asked."Yes... She will be with her son," dad replied that made me furrowed my forehead."What do you mean?""Her son is not here yet, he'll just arrive later." I just nodded again few times."So, she also had a family?""Uhm---""No, dad, I'm just fine. I'll just ask her my other questions directly to her. Of course with respect." I then smiled that made dad a
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JUSTINE'S POV"What's your course, Justine?" Aunt Laura asked in the middle of our eating."I'm taking up bachelor of arts in fashion design and merchandising," I answered that made aunt Laura nod."Nice choice," she commented."Thank you." I sparingly smiled.Joshua is sitting next to me and I feel like I can't breath.I glance quickly on him and I secretly gulped when I got back to my food.Darn those brown deep eyes of him! That crescent of moon eyebrows! He also got a hawkish nose! Redish lips! Concrete jaw! Defined cheekbones and he's tall!My height is 5'5'' and base on our height gap when we're standing next to each other earlier, he's probably 5'11"!He's so dishy! He's so fine!I hope they doesn't suspecting me for anything. I feel like I'm on a hot seat right now because I'm sitting next to this hunk guy!Luckily, I'm good at pretending and I am showing that I'm just calm right now and does not feel any awkwardness.But, deep inside? I'm trembling already!I gulped when I f
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JUSTINE'S POVAfter that talk we just went back inside and found our parents watching a movie and we just joined them."It's pretty late, I should go." Joshua stood up and about to pack his things."Why don't you just sleep here? Don't worry you don't have to share room with Justine if you're not comfortable, we have guest room. But, I guess it's more fine if you two will sleep together and bond somehow?" my dad immediately asked as he straighten his back from the sofa where he was sitting next to Aunt Laura."Yeah, son, as you said it's pretty late. Why, do you still have some things to do?" Aunt Laura also ask.I looked at Joshua but immediately looked away after he glance at me.I just acted and grabbed my phone from my pocket and act like I was checking something on it."Ok, I'll stay." I secretly gulped at what he said. Though, you can sense calmness in his voice and aura."Great! So, where do you want to sleep?" my dad asked pertaining about my room or our guest room.My heart b
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JUSTINE'S POVI still can't get over about what Grae mentioned on his live two days ago.I know that I shouldn't bother or think anything stupid but I just can't!Especially that it's Joshua and the fact that he's also an indeed hottie.I was just laying on my bed, looking straight in the ceiling and thinking about nonsense stuff!I was already done with my chores yet Grae won't do live later since it was just two days ago since his last live.But, what if?Could I really possibl---"Goodness, Justine! What the hell are you just thinking about?!" I covered my face using my pillow and rolled over my bed to get rid of what I'm thinking right now."How can you think of that!" I slapped my face and I feel like in any moment I could cry!It's just so horrendous! I can't think of it and I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up somehow because the fact that he is my stepbro.I should remember that my father and his mother are in a relationship and we are now considered as one family!Aren't we?
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