Awakening the Rejected Queen

Awakening the Rejected Queen

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“I want you, me...” I grabbed the Lycan King's shirt and pulled him towards me, kissing him passionately. He hesitated for a moment, then held me even closer… I never expected that after being betrayed, slandered, and drugged by my ex-Alpha husband and half-sister, the King would be the one to save me. What surprised me even more was that I ended up pregnant with his child after that wonderful night. When I discovered he was plotting to kill me for his fiancée, I ran away. “Come back to me, Eden,” his Lycan Aura made me shiver uncontrollably. “No!” I bit my lip, insisting, “If you don't love me, you should let me go.” His dangerously captivating eyes locked onto mine, and he said gently, "You broke my curse, how could I let you leave?" Curse? What curse? “That's my secret,” he held my waist, whispering softly in my ear, “and I know yours too, Love. Let me help you awaken.”

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142 Chapters
Chapter 1: Return
Eden’s POVThis is the seventh time I’ve called Alpha Caleb tonight, and as usual, he hasn’t answered.It’s our two-year anniversary, and I didn’t have a wolf, that’s why I had to call my husband on the phone like a human. Then I could only try shooting him text: [Caleb. I know you’re busy. Just wanted to confirm when you’d be home tonight? I’m making your favorite steaks ^^]“Stop wasting your time on stupid phone calls,” The omega maids leader, Alice, said, rolling her eyes, dumping a basket of clothes at my feet. “Make yourself useful. You’re the Luna and you have nothing to give to this pack. No wolf. No kids. The least you could do is help with the laundry.” No wolf. No kids.The words stung. I bit my lip. She was right, I was wolfless. But I didn’t want to be! I wanted more than anything to be a good Luna for Caleb, for our pack.“If I catch you slacking off, I’ll report to the Alpha and have you locked up in the dungeon.” Alice added, her gaze turned malicious. “You know how t
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Chapter 2: Betrayal
Eden’s POVScarlett?But how could that be? She’d been gone for two years now. I squinted to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. They weren’t. It was her, all right. Anxiety washed over me. Questions swarmed in my head. What was going on? When had she come back? And why was she with Caleb? I stood, stunned, able to move. A knot grew in my stomach. It twisted and turned inside me. I had a very bad feeling about this.I shook my head. No. I was just overreacting. There had to be a logical explanation. All I had to do was talk to them. They would explain everything. My half-sister would never…But before I could ask them any questions, they sauntered over to the banquet entrance. They breezed through the security check and disappeared into the banquet tent. I weaved my way through the crowd to the entrance of the tent. Two warriors stopped me.“Name?” they asked, blocking my entrance. It was standard protocol, for security. I peeked around the large guards and saw Caleb and Scarle
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Chapter 3: Rejection
Eden’s POV“You can end the marriage now. I’m back,” Scarlett said. “And unlike her, I have my wolf. A strong one. I’ll give you children, Caleb. Lots of little wolf pups. True heirs. Unless you want her to have your children.”“As if I would ever let Eden have MY children!” Caleb scoffed. “She’s the daughter of a traitor! I can’t let a traitor’s daughter give birth to my bloodline!”Scarlett giggled at his cruel words, and I was shocked. He was my husband! How could he be so cruel? He smeared my mom's name, calling her a traitor!I had to stop them! I didn’t want to hear any more of this. But just as I was about to rush out, I heard their continued conversation.“So, dear, why did you suddenly leave me?” Caleb coaxed. His voice was so gentle. He never talked to me that way. “It's okay, darling. You can tell me.” “I was poisoned by wolfsbane. It was awful, pure torture. I wasn’t even conscious! My parents sent me to the Solace Pack since they’re the strongest pack in werewolf medical
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Chapter 4: The Black Wolf
Eden’s POVThe wolf approached me slowly. As I saw him clearly, my whole body trembled. He was bigger than any wolf I’d ever seen: stronger, with muscles that bulged under his thick, black, shiny fur that blended in with the darkness of the night. Everything inside me screamed ‘run’! I tried to, but the wolf followed. He was agile and swift, and his shiny fur gave him an air of regality as it fluttered in the wind. With lightning speed, he lunged at me. I didn't dare look back again, but I could sense his presence; he was right behind me, gaining ground. I dodged under branches, my heart pounding.But then suddenly, thud— The wolf pinned me to the ground with only its right paw. My cheek pressed against the earth, and I panted heavily. Was this the end? Despair washed over me.He rolled me over and pressed my arms over my head. He stared at me with an intense gaze. I could feel his heart pounding against his chest.“Open your eyes,” he commanded, his voice majestic.Trembling, I o
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Chapter 5: Sold Out
Eden’s POVIn the dark forest, danger never ceased. It attracted the very worst of the worst, cruel rogues with no morals. I needed to get out of this forest, to find somewhere safe. But even as careful as I was, the rogues lurked everywhere. I soon came face to face with two rogues.“See?” one of them said, clucking his tongue. “Told you she was pretty.” They both lifted their noses into the air. “I’m the Luna of the Sequoia Pack,” I said, trying to steady my trembling legs and intimidate them. “If you lay a finger on me, the Sequoia Pack will come down hard on you.”“You? Hahaha...” the other burst into laughter. “You don’t even have a wolf.”They knew I didn't have a wolf! Of course they did. I was foolish to believe otherwise. Any werewolf could feel it.“What kind of Alpha would want a Luna without a wolf? Pathetic,” one chimed in, joining the laughter. “If the Alpha of the Sequoia Pack found out you were damaging his reputation, he’d waste no time killing you.”Kill me?His wo
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Chapter 6: Why Lycans Here?
Eden’s POVMy cell door swung open. “Put this on,” Kate hissed at me. “It’s time for auction, you filthy bitch.”I’ve been locked up in this cell for a few days now. Kate threw me in here. She said since I don’t have a wolf, and I’m not even an omega, the Lycan King wouldn’t want me. So they didn’t take me to the square. They’ve given me barely any food and water, but at least my bruises have healed, more or less.I fingered the beautiful silk gown. I put on the dress and she came back. She brushed my hair and put make-up on me.“Now smile nicely,” she instructed me. I shot her a satirical smile. “NICER!” she yelled. “They want to see pretty girls. And pretty girls SMILE.” I flashed her a fake smile. My ribs were still sore from the beating. I didn’t want that to happen again. At least if someone bought me, I could get out of this cell.I was then led to a large stage. The audience was full of men, mostly Alphas I assumed. I was instructed to stand in line and wait my turn. I watched
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Chapter 7: The Mysterious Voice
Eden’s POV“Lycans?” The auction house broke out into exclamations. “Is it true? Are they Lycans?” Everyone whispered, wide-eyed at the thought. Anxiety and confusion rippled through the room.But then, the man at the table calmly took off his coat. Everyone watched as he hung it on the back of his chair, revealing a crisp white shirt and navy suit vest. He strode to the stage, letting loose a powerful Lycan aura. His air of nobility was palpable. His aura emanated from him and spread out through the room, passing over everyone, one at a time, and as it did, each person felt like they had been hit by an invisible force. Then his aura settled over them, like a heavy blanket. They were powerless under the suffocating pressure of the Lycan’s aura.I watched him, transfixed, as his aura hit me. It was like a lightning bolt straight to my heart. My heart raced and I began to breathe quickly. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, even though I knew that making eye contact and staring at him lik
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Chapter 8: Slade
Zane’s POV“Tear this place down,” I turned to my Beta, instructed. “And then burn it. Leave nothing of this auction house save for ashes.”The girl in my arms shrank back in response to my command, she clutched at my shirt.‘Easy now, Cookie,’ I thought to myself. ‘You’re safe now. You’re mine.’I took in her scent. Bread cookies. It was her. I had finally found her. ‘All will be well now, Slade. We found her.’Instantly, Slade, my wolf, calmed down. My mind flashed back to the first time we met.I was 21 years old, in wolf form, when I was ambushed by rogues. They caught me completely off-guard. They seriously injured me, slashing my legs and my stomach. I was so badly hurt that I couldn’t return to human form. I managed to escape, but just barely. I was forced to hide out in the forest, doing my best to camouflage my black wolf form with the dead of night.She found me one day while I was sleeping in a small brush clearing. Full of curiosity, she climbed over the bushes. She was yo
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Chapter 9: Who is She?
Eden’s POVI was the talk of the town, or so I heard. Rumors of the Lycan King bringing back a ‘rogue girl’ spread rapidly through all the packs. I had been here a few days, but everywhere I went, the omegas whispered. The news even spread out into rogue territory. Everyone was guessing who I was. What was my true identity? Why had he chosen me? I was asked to meet some of the omega maids in the bathroom. Apparently, they wanted to help me wash. I didn’t really want their help, though. They were a little on the rough side. But I was told I had no choice. But before I went into the bathroom, I overheard the omega maids talking. They were whispering about all the gossip spreading through the packs.“I heard the King fell in love with her at first sight, so he brought her back here. That’s what an omega from Red Stone pack told me she heard,” one maid whispered.“Nonsense. Why would he fall in love with a rogue? And an ugly, wolfless one at that?” another maid scoffed. “That’s
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Chapter 10: Wolfless
Zane’s POV She approached the lavish table, clearly nervous. I was already there, waiting. I motioned for her to sit, across from him. Her hands were shaky. I fixed my eyes on hers and watched as she took her seat. She was quite graceful and looked lovely in a long silk dress. I nodded my approval. “It’s okay. You can relax. I won’t bite,” I said, trying to put her at ease with a joke. “I…I didn’t think you would,” she answered in a serious tone. Clearly, she had missed the joke. So I changed the subject. “Do you enjoy salmon?” I asked. I looked down at my plate. Salmon in a white wine sauce. One of my personal favorites. Decadent and delicious. She nodded. “Then bon appetit,” I said. I took a big bite, motioning for her to do the same. She smiled appreciatively. Good, she likes salmon, I thought to myself. Then I decided to address the question on my mind. “Don’t you have a wolf?” I asked. The question must have caught her by
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