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She needed the money for her father's hospital bills she would do anything for money including selling her body. But she didn't expect to fall in love with him. He was dark, dangerous and made her doubt everything she knew, and her body reacted to him in a way she didn't even know existed

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Joanne Patron
I'm loving this book can't wait to see what happens in the end
2023-12-13 22:32:27
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Overall, it’s a decent book. However, when they switch and start talking about the second brother, it kind of feels like they switched into a totally different book. The character of Nate being described after his brother shows up, seems like a totally different character then the one at the start.
2024-01-01 16:58:04
user avatar
i was enjoying the book then we jump 5 years & its a different plot. Nate becomes Steve, Mira is Fran & Nate was also Taylor. nothing makes sense after the 5 year switch up. I'm so confused an tired of deciphering who is who. the characters, their jobs, personalities, even features seem off.
2024-03-23 09:15:45
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Julie-Anne Andrew
This is a confusing book, I so did not get it!! Was really enjoying it then wham the whole story line changed ... just didn't make sense, sorry
2024-01-24 18:46:36
73 Chapters
Chapter One
He was perfect, the right mix of class and secrecy, or so he seemed sitting alone in the lounge where the nightscape beyond the window poured in, bathing him in the faintest city lights. Mira had kept her eye on him for the last twenty minutes, as she nursed a beer at the swanky hotel bar. For a Sunday night it wasn’t crowded, though guests of the hotel wandered from the bar to the lounge, drinks in hand, eager to find a cozy nook to enjoy their nightcaps before migrating up to their rooms. She expected any number of women to walk up to him, whether for a pre arranged meeting or because they were feeling bold. Every time one of them passed his table, Mira’s chest tightened with disappointment. When they veered away, she relaxed and took another sip of her drink. He wasn’t waiting for anyone, and if she wanted to claim him, she would have to get off this stool and make her move. Leaning her elbow on the bar, she scanned the lounge, making sure he was the best option, though in the b
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Chapter Two
When the door opened, he indicated for her to step out before him then quickly passed, making his way up the hallway as he pulled his key card from his wallet. The presidential suite was lofty with a living area, full bar, and four poster bed through an open set of French doors. He placed a “do not disturb” card on the outer door handle, and as soon as he locked the door he stalked towards the bar and began fashioning two cocktails. Mira edged into the living area, as he worked. She took notice when he shed his suit jacket and draped it carelessly over the bar, but for the most part she was thinking about her prior conquests. There had only been three a bartender in Cincinnati, a graduate student in Northern Florida, and a marketing manager who worked at a start-up in Silicon Valley. Other than this ritual of bedding a stranger before a high stakes demonstration, Mira rarely found time to date. She’d had one boyfriend in undergrad and had made no attempts to improve her love life si
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Chapter Three
“Touch my clit.” I said breathlessly. He smiled. “You are one of those?” “So what?” Finally, he took hold of her ass, squeezing gently and controlling her rhythm so that it was smooth and slow. She moaned, melting into his command and letting her thighs relax. He was strong and held her up easily, working her back and forth as his dick slid in and out, stirring up the most incredible friction. “You have never come just from a guy’s dick?” he asked. “Does it matter?” she said on a long breath. “Do you want to?” She smiled. “Oh you think you are going to open up my world?” “I think I can find the angle.” He shifted, lowering into the couch and pitching his hips up, as he held her flush to his lap, his erection angled deep inside. The position set his pubic bone hard against her clit, causing an electric burst in her sensitive spot, and Mira immediately moaned, nearly collapsing onto his chest. “Oh, right there,” she said, as he helped her to grind into him. He let out anot
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Chapter Four
The construction site was an ugly tangle of cranes and bulldozers, cylinder pipes and scattered materials, all along a ten-mile trench where construction workers barked at each other over the growl of their idling machines. Mira spied the corporate executive trailer through her binoculars. She could see shadowy figures through the drawn blinds and not much else, so she scanned the trench, surveying the progress that the Starlight Energy Project had made. It never failed to boggle her mind how quickly projects like this could get underway. In less than two weeks, Starlight had dug the trench where the pipeline would be assembled then buried over. According to their timeline, the pipe would be laid and gas would be flowing in less than three weeks if she didn’t shut them down. The sun was creeping up the horizon as she lowered her binoculars and turned to face her team, a twelve person environmental group called One World, which she had founded the year after graduating college “We s
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Chapter Five
“Why haven’t you called the police?” she demanded. Mira was seated in a chair inside the trailer, staring up at two security guards who only glared at her. “Where are Carter and Layla?” she asked. Finally, one of them spoke. “Calm down. You are lucky you haven’t been arrested.” “Well, why haven’t I?” “You will be,” he sneered, “but not until our CEO gives us the go ahead.” Mira knew the executives were outside. She could hear them through the trailer’s walls, arguing with the construction team, whose union wouldn’t allow for them to work in an unsafe environment. When she had heard the sirens, she had assumed it was the police rolling in, but apparently the Starlight security team had police equipment, cruisers with sirens and armed guards. “For what it’s worth,” she said, “I didn’t approve of blowing up your pipes. I tried to stop them.” “Save it,” said the other guard. Mira heard a knock on the door, and one of the guards padded over and opened it a crack. “Mr. Montgom
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Chapter six
Convincing One World that she would be in a position to negotiate privately with NateMontgomery if only they packed up and left the site felt strangely like a lie. In the past, Mira had always fully disclosed her negotiations with her team and never backed down from a fight. The fact that she was ordering her group to retreat without explaining the full picture made her feel conflicted, but she had no choice. If the executives found out that Nate was slipping into the throws of an affair, he would surely cut it off and kill her chances of shutting down the pipeline. And if Mira’s team found out her negotiations would include canoodling the handsome billionaire, she would lose all respect. As conflicted as she felt about telling half-truths and dodging prying questions, she pressed on, and within an hour, One World had completely vacated their site twenty yards off from the Starlight trench and were holding steady in their motel rooms at the Travel Lodge on the north side of Bellevue.
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Chapter seven
Mira was getting swept up in the lusty logic. She knew she was clean, as well, and the thought of feeling him, hot and hard, thrusting into her with nothing in between was intoxicating When she hesitated, he asked, “Are you on the pill?” “Yeah, but is this a good idea?” “It feels like a good idea,” he groaned as she lowered, helping his tip slightly penetrate her. “It does feel too good,” she moaned. “Baby, I need all of you,” he said, holding her face and making her meet his gaze. “So if you want a condom, you are going to have to get it in my wallet.” “Where is your wallet?” she asked halfheartedly as she lowered further, expanding around his hard shaft. “Oh, God.” “Mira, God,” he groaned. “I’m holding myself back from pulling you onto me all the way.” “Me too,” she said, rising up a fraction, but the shift stirred up a burst of heat and felt so good that she had to lower down again, helping the friction build. “I’m not going to try to convince you. Do what you think is bes
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Chapter Eight
When the door slid open with a ding, she stepped out onto the rooftop garden where lounge chairs were clustered around various glass tables and a bartender was waiting eagerly behind a long, oak bar. The hostess, a young woman wearing a black cocktail dress, her blond hair slicked up into a high ponytail, greeted them then escorted them to a table near the glass wall that lined the perimeter. As they sat, Nate asked her for two coffees, and Mira mentioned she would like cream and sugar in hers. The hostess returned with their drinks a minute later. “So did you want to start, or should I?” she asked. “Ladies first,” he said with an amused smile. “Good,” she said, gathering her thoughts and trying not to get sucked into his alluring looks. He leaned back in his chair, tilting his head and eyeing her with interest that seemed to go far beyond the points she was preparing to make. “The Starlight trench,” she began, “runs through Bellevue, weaving between schools and residential home
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Chapter Nine
Nate didn’t want to let her go as he walked her across the red carpet outside the Escala and helped her into the limo, but it would be selfish to try to convince her to stay, and quite frankly, he was disturbed by all that she had brought to his attention. As someone who used to save lives on the operating table, the possibility that his pipeline could be detrimental to the health of an entire community was jarring. He closed the limousine door, pained to see Mira disappear behind tinted glass, and then watched as the limo rolled off down the street. It was a long ride up to the fiftieth floor, and when he reached his suite, Nate heard giggling through the door. Entering, he found his father, Porter Montgomery, fixing himself a drink at the bar in the far corner of the room, while two women who looked like models passed a cigarette between them from where they sat on the leather couch “What are you doing here?” Porter straightened his back then turned, facing him. His white hair w
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Chapter Ten
“Where have you been?” Carter filled the doorway of her motel room, his dark eyes probing her for an explanation. She had barely scurried from the limo to her room, breathless with anxiety as she made sure her entrance went unnoticed, and had changed into her jeans and a tee shirt before Carter had knocked and opened the door. “I had a meeting with the CEO of Starlight,” she said, feeling decent to be telling the truth. Her thoughts skirted over Nate his lips, the firm wall of his chest that she’d caressed, the way he felt inside her, the wild impulse they’d both succumbed to in the back of the limousine. “I got him to pause the project for the rest of the day.” “Meaning?” “Meaning, he’s going to review the possible hazards of the materials and reconsider.” Carter snorted a skeptical laugh. “Possible hazards? It’s common knowledge Davey uses toxic materials.” “To us it’s common knowledge. You know we’ve been fighting an uphill battle to prove as much. This is a good sign, Carte
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